Aladdin’s Hairspray…

I mentioned in Tuesdee’s post that I went to St. George, Utah this past weekend…since we live in Northern Utah and St. George is in Southern Utah it’s like a 6-hour drive and boy were Lindsay and Madre complaining a crab in a hailstorm about the drive.  They are so averse to all things driving long distance it’s not even normal.  No one in this joint is normal.  It makes me feel better about my non-normalness.

The purpose of the trip was to go see the musicals playing at the Tuacahn Theater.  A little outdoor theater tucked back amongst the red rocks.  We’d actually purchased the tickets MONTHS ago… way back before I turned into a poor miserly mouse-like creature.    First up… Aladdin:

I gotta say I wasn’t too hyped to see Aladdin.  I wasn’t a huge fan of the Disney cartoon on account of the fact that I didn’t really love the music.  Sue me… I’m a SNOB!!  I promise you I tried my best not to make too much of the fact that the actor who played Aladdin spent the first half of the play with his pants split up the back.  I think they’d tried to fix it with safety pins, but every time he ran or jumped (which was the whole first half), I got a glimpse of white underroos.  That was very distracting… I’m just saying.  Disney was not impressed!

Sister Lindsay, Shayne, and nephews Christian and Ethan standing in front of the stage.   It was a fun show… they even had a 3D section where we had to wear 3D glasses to watch part of the play.  The Genie pretty much rocked the kabash of hilariousness… but I was underwhelmed with the rest of it.  Ironically, we took a poll at the end of both plays and this was the nephew’s favorite of the two.  I had a stick up my butt apparently!

Y’all… did y’all know that Jasmine had a GOATEE!!?!?!?!?  For serious she does!

The next night… Hairspray!

Dudes… I loved Hairspray!  LOVED it.  I had seen the movie and loved the movie and knew the music and loved the music, so that helped.  But it’s just a fun, boppy, happy, busy, hilarious production with heart and a life lesson.  The subject matter was right on target with yesterday’s blog post topic as well.  It don’t matter what’s on the outside, be it weight, skin color, etc., everyone deserves a chance.  Don’t be a bully!   The dude who played the mom (for those unfamiliar with the show, the mom is played by a male actor in women’s clothing… it was John Travolta in the movie version) I sooooo recognized.  I was having major deja vous.  Reading the program it turns out he was once a cast member on the sketch comedy show, Mad TV, Paul Vogt.  There it is!  I knew I wasn’t going that cray cray.

On the way back to the hotel, nephew Ethan and Madre got the giggles whilst making up an alternate version to the closing song, You Can’t Stop the Beat.  Pretty sure tiredness and delirium set in because every other lyric was about shooting someone… and then they’d giggle for 20 minutes about it.   Something about,  You can’t shoot your poppa or you’ll pop-a his head.   Now your mother and your brother and your sister are dead and you’re dreaming about a chicken head that tastes good between bread.  

Y’all… get on the horn with Ryan Seacrest, yo… Seacrest out!

Question of the Day:  Have you seen Aladdin or Hairspray (plays or movies)?  Which song(s) are your favorite?  Any Utahites been to Tuacahn?




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7 responses to “Aladdin’s Hairspray…

  1. kim

    My Mom & I have season tickets to a local theater here in CT and I’ve been fortunate enough to see Hairspray at least twice. I agree with you…love, love love that show!! This year I’m looking forward to seeing Menopause the Musical & Hair. I think my favorite of all time so far has been Joseph & his amazing technicolor dreamcoat. The version of Joseph we saw had what I described as a little bit of a gay flair to it and it was absolutely hilarious!!!


    Looks like a fun trip!
    Question of the Day: Have you seen Aladdin or Hairspray (plays or movies)? Which song(s) are your favorite? Any Utahites been to Tuacahn?

    The only Aladdin I have seen is the kids movie.
    I haven’t ever seen Hairspray. Sounds like I am missing out.
    I would love to see Joseph & His Amazing Technicolored Dreamcoat….
    I have never been to Utah but I would like to one day….

  3. Avster

    Aladdin, yes, the movie and didn’t much care for it.

  4. Lindsay

    Oh man that chicken with his head cut off is such a catchy tune since I heard it over and over and it is still being sung around here! It was a fun and eventful trip!

  5. cl2

    I’ve seen the movies. My kids were about 5 when Aladdin came out–so of course we saw it. For some reason, I liked the song “Prince Ali.” Don’t ask me why. Aladdin wasn’t my favorite Disney movie, though–and Hairspray was okay. My daughter LOVED it. Never been to Tuacahn. I remember the first time I ran into it while typing for Dixie Hospital!!! HUH????? What did he say?

  6. Amy

    Tuacahn is gorgeous. I’d love to see some good concerts there- Missy Higgins, Aaron Lewis, 30 seconds to Mars, Whitney sings my fave Christmas songs… Can you imagine the acoustics? Wow. We saw Cinderella. The show was ok. I’m with ya on underoos hanging out. The company of mom, cousins, and aunts was fantastic. I think yall oughtta send in yer chicken song to Hairspray. They may choose to include it next write up.

  7. That looks like so much fun! I’ve never been to Tuacahn nor seen hairspray. I guess that looks like something to put on the ol’ bucket list 🙂

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