Falling For Autumn…

Y’all may remember that actually happened… me falling DURING autumn.  Like, for example, last Sunday I did it twice I loved it so dagnabbed much… the falling thing.   My ankle and knee still hate it… and so do the 8 bajillion bruises I have on pretty much every square inch of my right hand side… all in the name of Fall!

Sadly, I haven’t had much opportunity to get out around the valley and take in some Falley-type things… like changing leave colors and PUMPKINS and rotted out wild animal carcasses and PUMPKINS and the smell of the neighbor’s chimney fire when it’s still 85 degrees during the day and did I mention gourds!?  Oh yes… PUMPKINS!

I did get up early on a Saturday 3 Saturdays ago to drive up through Sardine Canyon.  The picture taking wasn’t ideal since that was the week when the smoke was hanging out like it owned the place… and everywhere I found I could stop without getting flattened by a semi was littered with telephone poles and ugly wirey things.  SERIOUSLY… GET OFF MY PICTURE, TECHNOLOGY!


The smoke haze gives it a muted effect… kind of like shoving a towel into a Tuba.  Not that I’ve ever done that Sky View Marching Band… just hypothetically.

That puff of smoke/cloud formation looked like a geyser… it also made me thirsty… for booze!  Stop it!  😛

Can I move in with your people?

The leaves have all probably fallen off by now.

More muted, stuffed-towel tuba effect!

I need to get out somewhere else and do some leave exploring… before the ghost of winter present blankets my soul into oblivion!  Too dramatic?

Question of the Day:  What do you most look forward to about Fall/Autumn?




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24 responses to “Falling For Autumn…

  1. Diana Davidson

    To answer your question: When I can visit somewhere that’s as beautiful as where you are….not here in Florida in Fall!! Okay, I’ll quit griping. We are supposed to get a humidity break starting today…weatherman says so!!

  2. deannawade@gmail.com

    When we drove through Sardine Canyon I couldn’t believe how pretty it was. I took some picture through a car window, on the go and so I enjoyed seeing some that pictures that actually captured the beauty.

  3. Katbaran

    Your pics are just breathtaking! I love Fall for the changing leaves, the chilly nights to enjoy a wood fire in our outdoor fireplace, (It’s just a little portable thing, not one of those fancy, built-in ones, but it gets the job done!) and adding more covers to the bed and being all snuggly warm! What I don’t like is the dismal, cold, dark, rainy days we get. I try to just enjoy the lovely ones and do mundane, indoor stuff on the dark days.

  4. Avster

    Cold weather for sure! ‘Nuff said!

  5. cl2

    #1 The change from hot to cool. Fall is my favorite season. I just wish it lasted longer.


    Love the pics, Whitney.
    Our trees are just starting to change here.
    The drought killed some ( sad ) but we are getting some changing colors now.

    Question of the Day: What do you most look forward to about Fall/Autumn?

    I love most things about all the seasons but I really do love spring & fall. The days are warm enough and the nights are cool. Our humidity is lower then also which makes it so much nicer. We can have the windows open – which we love. The grass and trees and flowers are so pretty then also. Then there is the fact that there are more trailrides in spring & fall also, so of course we love that too.
    We love the warm foods and warm blankets and fires burning…

    • Cooler weather is a definite bonus!! And yay for less humidity and open windows! Enjoy those changing leaves. We just have the changing tree colors in the higher elevations… mountains and such. Not down in the valleys yet… though I did notice some yellowish tree leaves in the backyard this morning!

  7. I love the crisp air… the smell of leaves, bon fires and wearing sweaters. I’m wearing my first sweater of the year today. I love hot tea on a cold day, and a warm bubble bath before bedtime. I like scenting my house with spiced candles and making dinner in the crock pot. I like pulling the covers up and adding a blanket! I love snuggling up to Kate while she sleeps and enjoying the warmth and taking in her baby smell. I love holding hands while wearing mittens. I like packing thermos’ in the kids lunch, filled with warm pasta or soup. This is my favorite time of year. I got married on Oct 5th 16 years ago and I’m so happy I did, it was the most beautiful day, and now we get to enjoy that weather while taking a walk, sipping a drink on the deck, or taking a bike ride on the greenway. I love the bright orange, yellow and purple mums. I love taking the kids to a pumpkin farm and having a hayride out to the pumpkin patch. Oh, I’d imagine heaven will be similar to North Carolina’s Octobers.

    (Hope you are healing quickly. Please ask your doctor to show you exercises to strengthen your ankles. Those tiny muscles are VERY important in preventing falls. Sounds crazy, but those little muscles help catching your balance when one trips or takes an extra step, etc…)

    Happy Fall, Whitney. I’ll be looking forward to your gorgeous photos soon!

    • Your reply was all kinds of nostalgic, Julie! It made me want to sit in the midst of autumn forever and ever, Amen! Happy belated anniversary to you and the hubby! I have to say October is a great time for a wedding (and a birthday), but I’m not at all biased!

      Thanks for the ankle tips. I will have to Google to find some strengthening exercises. I’ve always wanted to strengthen my ankles because I think it would making hiking down a mountain with all of it’s precarious foot holds much more secure.

  8. dessawade

    I like fall because that is when Whitney was born! I love fall because of the crisp nights and warm days. I love fall because I make recipes with pumpkin and apples in them. I love fall!

  9. jen

    I love the leaves, that crisp cool air, the apples, and the pies.

  10. Beautiful pictures – I absolutely love autumn, so thanks for sharing!

  11. Phil Berger

    Hunting Camp with fresh deer liver.

    • I could get behind the hunting camp thing, but then you went and added in the fresh deer liver part. Oh laws, Uncle Phil… please do not tell me you sautee that sucker up with onions! I’m having flashbacks to my childhood and having to eat liver and onions!

  12. Love the pictures!!! Sorry about the smoke–ick!

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