Five-Year-Old Food Day…

You know how there’s that joke going around town (back in 1985) about how poor college kids are so poor they live on ramen noodles?  Because a package of ramen noodles is like 25 cents… for serious!  I ain’t saying they’re the nutritioni-est sustenance in the United States of Collegehood, but when push comes to shove, there are actually about 67 bajillion different things you can make with the suckers!  I have to stay away from the flavor packet they include… A. because they don’t have any vegetarian flavors and 2. because one of those things has enough sodium to salt the sea on a Tuesdee.  For some reason last week when I was making my menu for the week, I had this craving for Spaghettio’s.  HUH!?!?  I don’t even think I ate Spaghettio’s when I was 5 all that much.  You crave weird things when you’re stressed I guess.  So, I came across this recipe for something called “Kicked Up Skettio’s” and I went to town!  That’s a lie… I didn’t go to town… I stayed home and vegetated instead.

You use ramen and then mix a can of Healthy Request tomato soup after you drain the liquid off and then add some hot sauce and a bit of cheese.  It was pretty tastee for 5-year-old food… said the 30-some-odd-year-old chic with fruit loops on the brain.

For dinner on 5-year-old food day, I wanted tacos!  I classed these suckers up a bit and instead made a taco-like salad… with a twist, yo!   Black Bean and Veggie Tacos with Zesty Lime Slaw… try saying that 8 times with a taco in your mouth!

YUM!!  There were a lot of components to this particular dish… and by a lot I mean like 2… but that’s a lot for faux-5-year-old girl with a wedgie!  I combined components 2 and 3 to make it easier on myself… but holy hallelujah these were tastee!  The combination of different flavors… the spiciness of the bean/potato/veggie mixture with the cool limey flavor of the slaw and the crunch of the taco shell (that I smooshed up and put on the plate rather than try to eat it as an actual taco like a civilized adult)… glorious!  I will be making this recipe again.

Dessert time!  Did y’all know they make sugar-free brownie mixes these days?  And I gotta say… still tastee!  Especially if you warm up some frozen raspberries… I like to warm mine up so far that they’re kind of mushy and then I spread them around on the top of the brownie like jam and add some lite cool whip… because I’m addicted to Cool Whip!  Chocolatey-raspberry-sugar-free goodness!  Bring it!

Question of the Day:  Do you ever eat Ramen noodles?  Any favorite recipes?



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10 responses to “Five-Year-Old Food Day…


    Your taco salad and brownie/raspberry dessert looks delicious, Whitney.

    Question of the Day: Do you ever eat Ramen noodles? Any favorite recipes?
    As a matter of fact, I keep a big box of them ( beef & chicken flavors ) in the pantry. They are quick and easy for the kids to make and I like to add stuff to them to bulk them up to more of a meal ( with protein etc ).
    The other night I only had enough chicken casserole left for about 3 people and I had 4 to feed. I ended up cooking up some Ramen Noodles and then added the leftover casserole to it which stretched it just far enough. The kids got out the crackers to go with it, we had fruit salad and a light dessert too.
    It ended up tasting like thick & chunky chicken noodle soup.
    Another favorite with Ramen Noodles is when I make up the beef soup in a pot and add a can of chili and some frozen peas & corn. If I happen to have rolls made up or cornbread – all the better…lol

  2. Julie

    Boil the noodles, drain add bat a tbspn soy sauce, 2 tblsp peanut butter, chili sauce to taste and fresh chopped scallions…. Yum!

  3. Avster

    Yup, I eat Ramen noodles from time to time… I use just a small portion of the flavoring package as a little bit goes a long way!

    I’ve never used them in a recipe though…

  4. Yum! Those recipes look delish!!! I have eaten quite a lot of Ramen noodles in my day 🙂 Still eat them now and again. I like to put them (uncooked) in a cabbage salad with almonds and sesame seeds (and chicken, but you could omit that), with an oil and vinegar dressing.
    In one of my college nutrition classes, we had to design a diet to feed our lab rats for the semester. One group fed theirs only Ramen noodles–they survived the semester, but definitely were the worst looking rats in the bunch by the end.

    • Now see… that there salad sounds holy night DEE-vine! WIll add it to my list. That is too funny about the poor Ramen lab rat. Goes to show you man (or rat) cannot live on Ramen alone!

  5. Anne Davis

    I like to mix frozen mixed vegetables & sesame oil & cayanne pepper & tofu chunks into my raman noodles.

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