Wake me up when they get to the exciting part!!  Concert numero dos in my quest to become an actual civilized culturey-like human being with my Masterpieces of Music class was last Thursdee.  It was a piano recital by some Dean of Music (possibly former Dean) from Yale University.  For those unfamiliar with Yale… what the heck are you asking me for… I went to Bridgerland Applied Technology College for crying outloud!

So, this dude from Yale… some highly acclaimed pianist came to the little valley of Cache to perform a recital.  I’m sure he did other things like met with the music department, but they didn’t invite me to the luncheon so I couldn’t tell you what brought him to Hickville!

He was mega talented… no doubt about that.  His fingers moved faster over those keys than mine do trying to peel a Snickers bar (that’s fast), but I can’t say I loved the music.  Firstly, let me start with this.  I LOVE classical music and I’m very familiar with it.  I have a playlist on my iPOD full of the stuff… but this stuff was unfamiliar, obscure stuff and one of the songs sounded straight from the score of Nightmare On Elm Street… the portion where the stabbing scenes are happening.  You know the tune… SCREECH SCREECH… hails back to Psycho days.  It kind of freaked me out to be honest… especially since I was alone and there was this freaky-looking student dude who refused to sit in his seat but instead decided leaning against the railing right next to my aisle would be sufficient.  Which would have been fine and all, except he acted like he was going to urinate his pants, he was moving around so much.  It was very distracting and by the time intermission came, I was about to see if I could borrow his pocket knife to act out the Elm Street score the piano was playing.  JOKES!!!!  No one call the police… I cannot be arrested again for bad sarcasm!

Turns out I remember none of it… and now I have to write a 3-page report on stuff I’m obviously going to have to make up since I can’t describe the pee-pee dance happening in the aisle way the whole concert.  Let’s face it… that would be like the best report EVER!!

Question of the Day:  Do you play the piano?  What’s your favorite piece of classical music? 



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16 responses to “Classy-Cal…

  1. jen

    I’m learning to play again. Cruz likes classical music on his baby Einstein movies.

  2. Julie

    Yes, I play, well maybe its safer to say I can read music and tap out a song slowly but accurately. 🙂 I love music by Philip Glass. It’s more contemporary Classic, but gorgeous! Check out the series called Metamorphosis (five pieces written to play one after the other). Very cool.

  3. Avster

    Arrested again? :b

    Yup, I play the piano or at least enjoy pretending I can play the piano. 😉
    Not sure what classical piece is my favorite… Beethoven is good, all do to Shroeder. 😉

  4. cl2

    I do play the piano–not much anymore. You do lose it if you don’t play regularly. When I had my twins–they always wanted to play with me and I just stopped playing. I used to ride in a carpool with 3 guys who loved classical. The one I liked the best was an “album” of Vivaldi that one of my friends and fellow carpoolers had. I don’t know enough to understand what that means.

    • I didn’t know you were a pianist, Colleen! I agree you lose it if you don’t do it regularly. I took lessons for 12 years growing up… now I can barely plunk out a Hymn here and there. I love Vivaldi’s Four Seasons!! It’s amazing how I can pick out which season the song refers to!

  5. Karen

    Had to smile at your comments about Yale. I have a son you is a VP at Yale and applying for Provost. Really! They are a bit arrogant!


    Question of the Day: Do you play the piano? What’s your favorite piece of classical music?

    No, I never learned. My mom took me to organ lessons when I was 13 because she wanted to learn to play. I guess she thought we could learn together but it was slow torture to me. I should have learned when I was young. At 13, it wasn’t going to happen.
    My Dh doesn’t play any instrument either so neither one of us can read music.

    I had our daughter start playing the piano when she was about 7. Our son started around age 8. We stopped last year when we had to go to take care of my dad in his final months of life. We haven’t gotten back into it but I know we need to. The kids still practice about 3 times a week here at home but are still playing the same books and music as last year.

    While doing school, we listen to and tune into Whisperings which is an online station that only plays piano music. It is beautiful, relaxing, and the kids can focus on school because they aren’t trying to sing along.
    I have always had classical music playing lightly at night while they sleep. It is super for brain development and sleep.

    • Oh man… the organ is a WHOLE different beast than the piano! I could not get my feet and my hands to do different things to save my life! It’s nice to be able to plunk out a tune every once in a while… even if one is never meant to be a concert pianist!

  7. 21ladybug

    Why, yes, I do play the piano and I am amazed at all the commenters above who also play piano. My favorite piece to play is Chopin’s Waltz in A Minor.

  8. Deanna

    What an experience! LOL!

    Nope, I don’t play the piano. I actually played the flute for many, many years along with dabbling in clarinet and saxophone as well. Classical music is fine for relaxation and all, but I am not a big enough fan to have a favorite piece.

  9. Phil Berger

    Whitney, I say write the report like you saw it, and honest.

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