My Best Friend… Food…

I read an article the other night… brain cells be durned… something about some wellness coach to the stars.  Pretty usual stuff, but then this quote popped out of the drudge and stuck to me like a cellulite bar after an all-you-can-eat cake parade!

Learn to live with food. Figure out how to make food your friend. You can’t go through life without food or have an adversarial relationship with it. It’s deadly. If you make exercise your constant companion and food your best friend you never have to struggle.

This would be the point when I started talking to my computer screen… Excuse you, lady… food has been my best friend for too many years… that’s how I got to 530 pounds and a death wish!  

But wait a cotton-picking, dagblasted minute here…  All these years I thought food was my best friend… my comfort… my go-to mood lifter… but in all reality, did I misconstrue a friend for an enemy?

How many best friends make you feel miserable?   How many best friends give you diseases like diabetes and cardiac disease and inflammation of the fat flabs?  How many best friends make you feel lonely and vulnerable and sad and depressed and disgusting and peeved at the world?  If any of those things were attributed to your “best friend,” you’d kick that friend to the curb faster than Richard Simmons puts out an exer-saucing video… said Maury Povich’s chair.

I need a new best friend.

Or at least a better relationship with my old “best friend.”

My method of making food my best friend turned into making it my numero uno enemy… and that needs to be turned around… and stat!  Food is fuel… period… end of story.  We all need food to survive… it’s all about finding that happy place… the place where you use food to feel your optimal best… not because of sadness or anger.   Even 200+ pounds later I don’t think I’ve hit that mecca.  Too often I go back to the food as my numero uno worst enemy.  I just need to realize that this will be my constant battle… lifelong… finding coping mechanisms and changing my attitude and view on my “best friend” is a must for survival and continued weight loss/maintenance.  Or my name isn’t Richard Simmon’s fanny pack!

Question of the Day:  How do you view food?  Your best friend or worst enemy? 


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11 responses to “My Best Friend… Food…


    Interesting quote, Whitney.

    Question of the Day: How do you view food? Your best friend or worst enemy?

    I have to say that I see food as both.
    I love food and the satisfaction I feel as I buy it, cook it, present it, enjoy it with my family, and even store it. This gives me the same feeling as a best friend.

    I do believe it to be FUEL. Each one of us ( my kids & Dh included ) have to have high protein in our meals and snacks or we bottom-out.
    We have to choose more high protein & high fiber foods over the empty calorie choices so we eat a lot of whole foods and do a lot of label reading.
    This forces us to see food as fuel /a necessary tool that we can also get enjoyment from.

    On the other hand, I have a list of foods that I do consider to be enemy food. For instance, soft white breads/pastries ( and I do NOT mean doughnuts — I do not like doughnuts ), chips, soda, sweet tea, heavy desserts, and pastas.
    These things I limit but don’t try to cut out completely since …well admit it…they are part of every potluck, dinner out, celebratory meal, and get-together.
    I limit them because they are empty nutritionally, I will have to go through days of detox after consuming them, and work to exercise it off as well.

  2. Avster

    mm… I suppose I see it as both best friend and enemy… I guess it all depends on my mood… right now we’re best friends, but a month ago I’d say we were enemies….

  3. Karen

    Lovely picture in Sardine canyon, but were you in the middle of the road? I eat to live, but do find a few foods comfort foods–like cookie dough and tapioca pudding. I think I was born with a switch that turns off food when I am full. Wish I had one to turn my brain off when I want to go to sleep.

    • Haha, Karen!! I was playing chicken with a semi! I took that one through the car window. I’m definitely not that brave! When you figure a way to turn off one’s brain to go to sleep, let me in on the secret!

  4. jen

    Food is my friend because I enjoy cooking and eating too!

  5. 21ladybug

    What a thought provoking question! I have to agree with other posts above, food, in general, rides the sharp edge of a knife blade. Sometimes we are friends and sometimes not. Although I buy and enjoy whole foods, “enemy” foods seem to be available everywhere.

    A story about enemy foods: I went out on Saturday night with a friend. The menu at the (chain) restaurant listed calorie and nutrition information for each menu item. Many items were well over 1000 per meal. Even though my friend was appalled that the cheeseburger had 1200 calories without fries, she ordered it anyway with fries. I chose a petite sirloin for 340 calories along with some vegetables. I wish I were this successful all the time but alas, I am not.

    • That’s an awesome victory for you! Pat yourself on the back. I always wondered what the percentage would be for people who’d pick something different when faced with the calories for the meal they actually want. My guess is that most people wouldn’t… But, then every once in a while they’d do like you did and make a proud moment out of it.

  6. Well, that is some food for thought 🙂

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