Carrie Underwear…

Suck it… I’m 12.  I call her Carrie Underwear because then I can giggle like a 12-year-old at a Bieber Fever concert!   She said underwear!!  Tee hee hee… hee hee hee hee hee…  I had almost forgotten that I’d purchased Carrie Underwood tickets many moons and eons ago.  It’s nice having little surprises of your former life of not feeling as cash-strapped (but still cash-strapped… let’s face it).  The concert was this past Wednesday in West Valley City… The Maverik Center!  Woot!  Adventure’s first stop!  

We had 19th row on the floor… which was cool and all, except dances-like-a-freakzoid chic and personal-bubbles-are-not-in-my-vocabulary chic also had a seat on the 19th row.  It wouldn’t have been a problem if Madre had just embraced the backpack in her lap instead of rolling her eyes back into her skull-ium every 5 seconds when personal-bubbles-are-not-in-my-vocabulary chic sat it on her lap!  Seriously, Madre… here’s my briefcase I brought to a concert… would you mind holding it!

The opening act?  Hunter Hayes… the 17-year-old wonder child of talent.  He had more talent in one of his hair follicles than I do in my whole dagnabbed fat flab!  I think he plays every instrument known to man and boy can sing!  Ironically, I saw him on one of the late night talk shows about 10 years ago before he was ever known to anyone.  He was like 5 years old and was singing and playing the accordion like a pro!  Imagine my non-surprise when 10+ years later he popped up as a legitimate country singing superstar!  The girls in the audience (at least those 18 years old and under) were having a swoon par-tay.  I would have joined in, except then I’d been arrested for being a disgusting old woman at a Bieber Fever concert!

To hear an excerpt of my favorite Hunter song, Wantedcheck out a recording I made… legitimately creepy old woman sauce!!

After Hunter’s set, they had an intermission while they reset up the stage for Carrie and personal-space-bubble chic took off her shirt and reapplied same shirt like it was a dressing room at Walrus Land.  Thankfully, she was wearing a tank top under… that would have just been awkward!

Carrie is legitimately classy fabulous… plus she had like 4 million costume changes (OFF STAGE PERSONAL BUBBLE SPACE CHIC), each outfit containing more sequins per square inch than Dolly Parton’s closet at Dollywood.  I’ve been to my fair share of country concerts… most of the folk (especially the men) come out dressed in a ratty old T-shirt they probably slept in the night before and holey jeans that were washed last May.  Carrie brought out the prom, yo!

I’ve mentioned this before on this blog.  But there are 3 different kinds of musical artists out there… there’s your dances-better-than he/she-sings artist, there’s your singer, and then there’s your SANGER (aka SANGS the patookus off of everything)!  Carrie is definitely a SANGER!!  And generally, I only sprout out the money to go to concerts for SANGERS!  Not that the other 2 categories don’t have good musicians/entertainment, it’s just that concerts are expensive and I have to pick my SANGING dance card.  I appreciate a great, great voice!   And it amazes me that she has such a powerful voice, having to sing at top form every night for like 2 hours… my voice would be SHOT!  I’d sound like a smoker hacking up a lung for 2 months straight after one night of that level of sanging!

I had to post this picture because of the background.  Carrie is a vegetarian (she may be a vegan), you go girl and your veggie burger sign!  I see it!  Ironically, when this came up there were several chics in the row in front of us eating cow hyde burgers… Carrie was all like… come to my place!

This was one of the cooler parts of the concert.  Carrie and 3 of her band members were on this levitating stage that traveled the length of the hockey arena.  Of course, we are gloom and doomers and Madre was sure the cables would break and we’d have a mass death on our hands!  At one point they threw out giant bouncy beach balls into the audience and then confetti rained from the ceiling… PAR-TAY!  It goes to show you how uptight I am when my first thought was… I’m glad I don’t have to clean up this mess!   I took the following video of the beach balls, the confetti, and Madre looking like she was having a blast of a time… in prison!

Super fun concert, SANGER Carrie!   Nice to meet you personal-bubble-space chic… NOT!!!  Next time we’ll put you in a sound proof booth with a hook for your backpack/brief case!

If you’re interested… here are a few excerpts I videoed from the concert!

Jesus Take the Wheel

I Told You So

And the following, Blown Away… complete with actual tornado action!

Question of the Day:  Are you a Carrie Underwear fan?  Favorite song?  



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12 responses to “Carrie Underwear…

  1. Avster

    I don’t know if I’ve ever heard one of her songs. :b Obviously I’m not into country. 😉

    I would have had the same thought about cleaning up the confetti mess!

  2. Definitely a huge fan. Have been since “idol,” and she just keeps getting better. Wish I could have been with you!

  3. dessawade

    That was fun re-living the concert. It was over-all fabulous!


    Yes, we like Carrie Underwood.
    I remember watching her on American Idol and then we went to see her that summer at our State Fair ( that was before she got hugely famous ).
    She put on a good show then too.
    I like “Blown Away” – one of her most recent ones.
    I have a couple of her CD’s but my daughter has confiscated them…lol

  5. Wow! Looks like it was amazing!

  6. Lindsay

    FUN! You two crazy girls!

  7. Jen

    What a fun concert. PS I like Dessa’s new glasses. I’ve never seen ’em before.

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