Gauhl… What the What?

Just a quick post tonight… a few things I’ve seen recently that made me go… What the What!?  Which is a better phrase than I could have used… you are welcome families everywhere!  When I went to the home shows several weeks back, I saw the following picture in one of the houses… GAUHL.  I was all like, hmmmm… the family who lives here must be named Gauhl… because that makes sense… either that or they forgot how to spell “goll” as in Golly Gee, Opie!   I thought about this stupid word all day… through all the houses I walked through… that night when I got home… when I was eating dinner… when I was trying to go to sleep… because that’s how my brain works.  If something doesn’t make sense, I obsessively think about it until it does.  The making sense of things doesn’t happen too often, so I mostly just have a bunch of random jumbley words/thoughts swimming up around in the brain… thus, the ADD issue!

I finally decided someone really wanted to spell U-Haul… because that also makes sense to have a U-HAUL truck sign decoration sitting up in your household like it ain’t no thang.  THREE WEEKS later, it hit me… DUH!  For serious, Whitney… L-A-U-G-H!!!!  Stop it and go to your corner.   Gauhly Gee, Griselda!

I bought some cashews a week or so ago for a recipe… and because I’m an obsessive label reader, I also scouted out the nutrition facts… as I usually do.

I also check out serving size and how many servings are in a container, so I get my money’s worth… aka I’m a cheap skate and cashews cost like 8 bajillion dollars per nut!  This particular bag’s serving size is 1 ounce… the usual serving size for a nutball… and if we look closely they tell us there are 8 servings in this particular package.   Okay then… someone explain me this:

There are now 8 one-ounce servings in a 5-ounce package!?!?!?!?!?!?!?  By whose math calculations, Einstein?  The nerve of these nutballs anyway!  If I didn’t have a right mind, I’d have opened another package right there in the store to pour 3 more ounces into my package… it’s only fair!  😛

Question of the Day:  What is your favorite kind of nut?  



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17 responses to “Gauhl… What the What?

  1. Diana Davidson

    My favorite kind on nut is my daughter!! Of the food variety it would be pecans.

  2. jen

    That label is very misleading! I like peanuts, cashews, and almonds.


    Question of the Day: What is your favorite kind of nut?
    LOL – Diana took my answer! My kids for sure are my favorite kind of NUTS…{snickering to self}

    Ooo that is one of my pet-peeves though. The whole try-and-sell-you-what-you-think-is-the-same-stuff-but-its-really-less-for-the-same-money trick.
    Or the other one I despise is the make-a-smaller-package-but-charge-more trick.
    They started doing this in a lot of stores. My tuna can is smaller but the price is the same.
    The sliced cheese comes in a smaller package/fewer slices for more money.
    I used to be able to buy a 32oz container of plain yogurt cheaper than buying all those individual serving cups…not the case now.
    Back to the original question because I could go on and one…
    My favorite kind of nuts are almonds, cashews, peanuts ( in the shell ), and pecans.

  4. Avster

    Cashews for sure! Just don’t eat a whole bag of them in one sitting… and I’m talking a one pound bag. I know what happens, but I was not the culprit. :b

  5. Deanna

    Wow! That’s just crazy! I love nuts of all kinds. If I had to pick a favorite though, I would have to say walnuts….or cashews. AAAAHHH! Don’t make me pick! Hehehe!

  6. cl2

    Cashews, but “the boyfriend” has me eating pecans. I can buy 2 pounds at Sam’s Club for $15 or so and they last a long while. They aren’t salted–so are probably the best nut I can be eating and I do like them–like them covered in sugar better–but ya know . . .

    • I ought to try pecans plain. I don’t think I’ve ever really eaten them outside of a dessert. Walnuts give me canker sores, so I skip those… and yes… everything is better covered in sugar!

  7. Great post–You’re a thinker I tell ya!
    Almonds are my favorite nut–mmm!

  8. Amy

    Peanuts!… Peanuuut, peanut butter n jelly! ’nuff said.

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