Chasing Rainbows…

One late afternoon last week, Madre called me up all freaking out about how I needed to get my butt outside to witness the RAINBOW extraordinaire going on up in the joint called the sky!  Of course, I’m all like… Kodak Moment, yo… and immediately grabbed my camera and took a work break!  Great times, y’all… except after 5 minutes of wandering up and down the streets looking under garbage cans and secret hidden gopher holes, I saw no rainbow!  It weren’t there.  SIGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH… I miss EVERYTHING, said the overly dramatic 13-year-old girl as she plopped herself tragically onto her bed.

I then decided to tempt fate and clocked out of work to go on a lunch break walk, camera in tow.  I was going to get a picture of this dagnabbed rainbow or my name wasn’t Cordelia!  Turns out… that’s not my name… go figure.  Approximately 30 minutes into my walk, I had yet to see a rainbow.  And believe you me, I was looking.  To a passerby I must have looked like a hoot owl on crack seeing as my head was doing 180s in an attempt to look at the whole sky all at the same time.  On my way back, a lady was pulling out of a parking lot, saw me walking, and purposely waited at the parking lot entrance until I got close enough.  Yeah, lady… that was freaky… stalker alert!  She rolled down her window and yelled, You missed the most beautiful rainbow about 5 minutes ago!  

SHUT THE FRANKINCENSE UP!    That’s 2 dagnabbed rainbows I missed in the space of an hour!!!  I might need an eye adjustment… or eye implants… or… maybe if I click my sparkly heels together 3 times and chant, there’s no place like Old Navy, I’ll grow a brain.

There’s a lesson to be learned in all of this… thou shalt not believe everything someone tells you in a parking lot.  That, and chasing rainbows is a futile pastime.  Why?  Because you miss out on everything else in the meantime.  I wouldn’t have seen this:

Brilliantly lit vegetation under a dark forboding sky… Or this:

Clouds hanging out on top of the mountains like puffs of cotton!   Or this:

Lily pads hanging with yellow leaves in a pond with duckies!   Rainbows don’t corner the market on beauty… it’s all around!

Question of the Day:  What do you use your lunch break for?  To eat?  Exercise?  Run errands?  Chase rainbows?  



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10 responses to “Chasing Rainbows…


    Gorgeous pictures, Whitney. Love all the Fall colors!

    Question of the Day: What do you use your lunch break for? To eat? Exercise? Run errands? Chase rainbows?

    I homeschool so our lunch break means I shove the kids outside to go play while I make lunch. This gives them a good break, exercise, and a chance to really unwind. I usually end up out on the deck watching them, taking pictures of them playing, or fussing with my potted plants, birds, or garden.

    I took in my Dad’s elderly cat after his passing last Fall and she has been declining in health this past month. She isn’t seeing as well. She isn’t taking care of her coat. She isn’t drinking or eating as well and has lost some weight.
    She isn’t walking as much. Her arthritis is worse. She feels cold a lot and loves to lay on my son’s lap in the evening when we are watching tv.
    I have been helping her the best that I can. I have taken over her grooming
    ( the kids help too ) to help her stay clean. I take her periodically to get a drink of water throughout the day. We carry her downstairs / outside to give her the chance to go to the bathroom. I make her a mash out of her cat food and chicken broth to get her to eat. I trimmed her claws this weekend to help her get around better. I made her a warm spot on her favorite couch with her favorite blanket ( it was my Dad’s blanket ) to sleep during the day. She has a special basket she sleeps in at night.
    I am trying to make her comfortable. I don’t know how much longer we will have her.

    • I’m sorry to hear about your dad’s kitty, Louisa. 😦 I know how important it was for you to bring him home and make him part of the family. I also know how hard it is to lose a furry pal. He will be well taken care of in his last days for sure! Hugs to you!

  2. I don’t get a lunch break… 🙂
    I LOVE these photos. I actually have used two of your past photos… as I don’t need a high resolution, since they are a background. I love them! Thank you so much for letting me use them! Your photos are doing God’s work in many ways… It’s hard not to see that this world couldn’t have been created as such without a master plan… and now your photos are adorning our church bulletins. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  3. Avster

    Ya know… sometimes I think rainbows can only be seen from one direction. :b

    I eat on my lunch break… and if it’s a busy day well… then I just sit there and try not to think about all the clean-up I have yet to do and will wonder how stiff my muscles will be once I finish eating my lunch. :b

  4. Karen

    Extraordinarily beautiful pictures.
    Need to talk to you about the Ellen show. You could write something and get us tickets. Have tried again the boring way.

  5. Amazing pictures Whit! It looks like that was definitely a lunch break well spent 🙂

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