Don’t Eat the Foliage…

First things first.  Thank you all for the sweet birthday wishes!  They made me smile!  🙂  Secondly… BEST. BIRTHDAY. PRESENT. EVER!!!!

Take the above sentence and insert every single last piece of sarcasm you can possibly fit into those four words.  Starting the snow season on my birthday… not cool Nature… it was only yesterday I was frolicking through the horse manure pasture!  😛  The above picture was taken at 7:00 a.m., whilst I was in the midst of rocking back and forth screaming, WOE IS ME!!!  

Winter is coming faster than a salad shooter on turbo!  You best believe it.

Speaking of salad shooters… (that segueway was ingenious, Whit-Knit!)

So, it turns out mushrooms just up and grow in the grass.  All this time I could’ve been eating free mushrooms and here I sit purchasing mine at the penny pincher convention.

Note to self:  poison control numbers should be programmed into your cell phone.  Moving on… so, free mushrooms!  I’m actually not a huge fan of the flavor or texture of a mushroom.  But, I still force myself to eat them on occasion.  For example, the stir fry I made this week is full of the suckers.  I just clog my nose up real tight when I’m chewing… that’s what the 5-year-old next door taught me.  But only if the temper tantrum under the kitchen table didn’t quite work out.

I had vegetable soup last week… in a bread bowl.  Y’all… whomever invented the wonder that is a bread bowl should just get translated to heaven tomorrow.  Carby goodness filled with soup!?  Believe you me… a bread bowl is a lot more pleasant to eat than that glass one I tried last Tuesdee!

It really hit the spot… the spot where my carbivore bone lives.  Also, whomever invented Soup Supreme in the freezer section… THANK YOU!  140 calories is a steal for a cup of soup… just don’t look at the sodium section for very long until your eye transplant has been successful.

And who doesn’t love English muffin pizzas?   Don’t answer that… we still need to be friends!   My breakfast?

Quiche using Egg Beaters egg whites…

Note to self:  those poisonous mushrooms you found earlier would have been “kill”er in this here recipe!  I’m telling you right now!

Question of the Day:  What is your favorite kind of soup?  Do you ever do bread bowls? 


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13 responses to “Don’t Eat the Foliage…

  1. cl2

    My favorite soup? Looks like you were eating one of my favorites. You got this in the freezer section. I need to make sure to check back tomorrow to hear where you got this in the freezer section. We got a lot more snow out here in Hyrum than you did. Be grateful! We had 6 inches or so.

    • It’s called Soup Supreme and they have it at Lee’s and Macey’s (maybe other places, but those 2 for sure). I’m pretty sure it’s the soup they use at Grist Mill! The flavor I bought was Cheddar Vegetable. It’s a HUGE bag and kind of pricey, but it gives you a ton of servings… so you could either freeze the leftovers or eat it for a week straight!

  2. cl2

    Did you do something fun for your birthday?

  3. Avster

    Oh, Whit, if I could have only woken up to that on my birthday! Instead I got your fog and you got my snow! Isn’t this the second time that happened.

    Soup? I like soup. I make good soup. I’ll make you soup, but you have to come here for it. :b
    Favorites… hm… I love chicken alfredo, chicken and wild rice… potato… cheezy broccoli…

    Yup I’ve had soup in a bread bowl before and it’s good. 🙂 I wouldn’t want it every time, but once in a while as a treat is good. 🙂

    • You may or may not have forgotten that I’m also not a huge fan of our famous inversion fog, so the trade off was NOT a good one for me… but maybe next time when you’ve got you some 85 degrees we can trade!

      I’ll be right over for the soup… except you are going to need to take the feathers out of my bowl.

  4. jen

    I love soup in bread bowls. And I hate mushrooms too. We must be cousins.

  5. That food looks soooooo yummy! I don’t usually use bread bowls (I really don’t like my bread soggy), but I almost always eat bread with my soup 🙂
    I have a delicious Italian vegetable soup recipe–vegetarian and very healthy (and no mushrooms!). I will have to send you the recipe. Also, I like to make lentils. It would be very easy to make it vegetarian (I put in sausage purely for the fam, believe me it is not for my own enjoyment 🙂 )

    • Of course I’m going to NEED this Italian vegetable soup recipe with no mushrooms!! It sounds mighty tastified! You are not a sausage fan? The nerve! I used to love sausage… I think it was mostly because it had more fat per square inch than meat particles.


    Question of the Day: What is your favorite kind of soup? Do you ever do bread bowls?

    Yes, we are all soup lovers here!
    Mostly I make baked potato soup, meatball soup, cheesy potato, broccoli and rice, and chunky chicken noodle.
    I haven’t had soup in a bread bowl in …years.
    I should do that here. I know my kids would love it.
    Not sure if my Dh would though. Maybe chili in a bread bowl would be more his style…

    • Baked potato soup sounds delish!! It’s getting soup season too… winter is a knocking!

      • LOUISA

        You got me to wanting soup in a bread bowl so that is what we had for supper last night. Since I hadn’t done New England Clam Chowder in yrs and I haven’t done a bread bowl in yrs, I thought it fitting they go together.
        YUM! Big hit all around and when my MIL dropped off the kids, she even stayed and had some too.

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