Beulah the Busted Buick…

Beulah the Buick had her annual safety inspection recently.  She always has something wrong with her.  She’s old.  This year I thought I got pretty lucky when they told me that I needed to replace my windshield wipers and change the serpentine belt.  Heck if I know what a serpentine belt is… sounds like a snake of some kind.  If I have snakes in my car, I’ll walk thank you very much!  To save money, my dad was kind enough to avoid shop repair costs and switch them out for me.  That resulted in a bustation of another part on the car, so Beulah sat in the driveway DOA for a week until we could get them to tow it up to the shop.  Moral of the story:  WALK!

Lucy-Fur has been at it again… She and Madre could go toe-to-toe if Lucy weighed more than 6 ounces.

I’ve totally upped my reprimanding skillz.  As witnessed by the following video, she is eager to obey… and Madre was none too happy to have to come in from 3 rooms over and remove her butt from the chair at the end of the video!

Poor, poor Lucy-Fur!  She gets no respect up in this joint!

Question of the Day:  What kind of a car do you drive?  What year?




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22 responses to “Beulah the Busted Buick…

  1. Julie

    Toyota Sienna mini van… 2000. 245,000 miles and no major repairs. Great car, great value!


    LOL – Lucy-fur is at it again!
    She is working on your whole family and wants to have full reign over the entire house.

    Question of the Day: What kind of a car do you drive? What year?
    1995 Chevy Tahoe LT with 175,000 miles – no major repairs but my hubby does all the work to keep her running smoothly.

  3. Natalie

    Poor Poor Lucy…
    Honda Civic 2010. It replaced my old Honda that went and went and went without repairs! I’d have a Prius if I could afford one.

  4. Karen

    I saw a white Lexus in your drive way. Tell your parents to give you the red Toyota. Good idea!

  5. jen

    That video was funny. I’ve been trying to teach Joey to stay off the couch lately. Is your car fixed yet? I love my new station wagon!

    • Has Joey been doing well with staying off the couch? Yay for a new fun station wagon… even if Seth doesn’t like it! It is fixed now. I drove it to Brigham City yesterday and it did well… thumbs up!

  6. cl2

    Aveo 2009. No reason I picked it except no interest loan. You know what happened to that poor car. Runs great for a rebuilt. When I was “single” in my 20s, my dad was an ag mechanics teacher and he made me buy American and purchase a new car every 3 years as he hated me driving alone–which I did a lot–and not short distances. BUT I drove some real doozies for some years there.

  7. Avster

    Poor Lucy! That spot just calls for her to come sleep there! ha ha Gotta say you sound like me. “Get off! Quick! I hear the madré coming!”

    I drive an ’02 PT Cruiser and an ’07 PT Cruiser… the ’02 has 116,000+ miles and the ’07 has 86,000+ miles…

    • They shouldn’t have soft chairs sitting around willy nilly if they don’t want the cats to sit on them… as if!! I’d say you are a fan of the PT Cruiser… one of these days I’ll get you addicted to the grandma Buick!

  8. Katbaran

    I have a 2003 Cavalier. She’s a good little car but starting to have major paint flaking issues. We think its because we live so close to the airport and the jet exhaust is settling on it and eating through the clear coat. It’s the only part flaking. She looks like she has a bad case of dry skin! I’m not the only one in our neighborhood with these issues. We have too much junk in our garage to put the cars in, so it sits outside!

    • How odd that your car’s paint is flaking!! Definitely linked to that jet exhaust if other’s in the neighborhood are having the same issues. It’s too bad cars can’t just use lotion !

  9. Lindsay

    Man, Whit, your zooming skills with that camera are OUT OF THIS WORLD! Quite amazing I say! I let lucifer sleep in the GUEST bed with me when we are there visiting so Maybe Shayne and I started it! DOn’t tell mom!

  10. Lucy is such a pretty cat and my boys found the video thoroughly amusing 🙂 I also quite like the owl pillow!
    Sorry about Beulah 🙂 I drive a Dodge Caravan, yes a minivan, and I can’t remember what year it is (fairly old, but not as old as me).
    I LOVE the beautiful fall photo! Good thing I know about the snow, or it might make me miss Cache Valley or something 🙂

    • Isn’t that owl pillow ca-ute? I enjoy staring at it whilst I’m watching paint dry. I’m glad the cutie patooties enjoyed the rebellious cat video! I hear mini vans are the bomb diggity when you have kidlets! So much easier, I’m sure.

  11. kittywampus!

    Mothership is a VW Passat wagon that was born in Emden, Germany in 2008. I’ve always wanted a volkswagen-wagon, with one of the many reasons being it’s fun to say. Interestingly, women associate wagons as being mom-cars so don’t like them, whereas for us wagons totally make sense. For guys, a mom-car is now a black SUV.

    • Now I’m curious as to why the black SUV is the new mom car? The Hollywood elite mom car? I think most moms around these parts drive a mini van or a station wagon that’s older than dirt! I like the look of the VW wagons! You’d never guess their cuzzin was the Slug Bug!

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