This Too Shall Pass…

This week is going to be light on the blog postings.  It just so happens to be midterm week (I did the math… they’re off the “middle” of the term by a week or 2… who has a college degree now, suckers) and seeing as I have approximately 8 bajillion and 2 projects due and approximately 3000000000 exams, I’m going to need all the help I can get.  Anyone know a great psychic who is particularly good at exam taking?  I’m willing to pay him/her room and board in the shed out back.  PS – I need to at least see a 90% on my tests to qualify for the privilege to sleep next to Ralphy the Rat and Matilda and the Spider family.

I’m also experiencing a mild to moderate case of depression and so am not in the mood to blog… stupid thing rears it’s ugly head near about this time of year when the days get shorter and the weather gets colder and the stress gets piled and the eating gets lamer.  The kind of depression that permeates the whole body… the heart is heavy, the limbs are dragging, and all you want to do is sleep and eat and cry… and then rinse and repeat!   I am sorry for everyone who has to be around me because I am currently an over-reactive, short-tempered BEAST!  Gonna have to get a hold on that one somehow, Whit-meister.   I wish the will to control one’s self and one’s emotions worked during Depress-a-palooza!  Paint on that smile.  This too shall pass…

I did have a few moments of genuine smiliness…

Owls everywhere!  Lindsay gave me these super cute owly things for my birthday.  Now, all I need is to get back that baby owl I once had living in my window well and I’ll pretty much be an owl connoisseur.

And if I was a 12-year-old girl, I’d be super excited to receive this here gift… COUGHBESTILLMYPERVERTEDHEARTCOUGH!

Gee… uh…. thanks, Avster?  I haven’t quite decided what the best way to thank someone for above-mentioned teenybopper dreamboat, but mark my words…  I’ll think of it!  Note to self:  You may or may not have blogged a teensy bit too many Bieber Fever references.

Madre uncovered the cross stitching project I started last year but then never figured out what to do with… it made me smile anyway… finished or not!

After a pretty rough Saturday it made me smile to help Madre make these candy skeletons for the toddlers in her nursery class.  Talk about sugar overload!   Eh… they ain’t her kids!  😛

Question of the Day:  Do you have a decorating obsession (i.e., like my owly things)?   Any cute fall/Halloween-type projects?

PS – As a heads up… the days I’ll post this week… Monday (today duh!), Wednesday (Hollow’s Ween!), and Thursdee (November already!?  What!?)  Have a fabulous week! 

PPS – Sending thoughts and prayers to those on the East Coast with the arrival of Sandy aka Frankenstorm.  Stay safe and obey!



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17 responses to “This Too Shall Pass…

  1. Diana Davidson

    Depression is a beast. So sorry you are going through it. These are the times when you need exercise the most, for a seratonin boost 🙂 I loooove your cross stitch! If you still can’t figure out what to do with it, send it to me!!

    • For sure… those seratonin boosts are definitely going to be a priority. As for the cross stitch, I seriously don’t know what I was planning to do with it, but I saw the pattern and thought it was too cute not to stitch!

  2. cl2

    Good luck on your tests and projects! My daughter is in the midst of them, too. I KNOW you will do well on them. Hang in there with the depression. This is actually my best time of year–September through the end of December. I just got past my worst time–July and August.

  3. Avster

    bwa ha ha! How can you get depressed with that guy around? ~laughs~ I see he’s on the piano… seems like a good spot for him… maybe you can teach him a thing or two about music?

    Decorating obsession! Never!

    Do you think you could do some slate-smackin’ for me, Whit? It’s good remedy when one is down. :b

  4. Karen

    It was fun to see you on Saturday. My house is full of quilts and I just change what one sees with the seasons. I do collect Willy Rayes and again change with the seasons. I am really pretty boring.
    Good luck on exams and projects. I always found going to school very stressful, so consider yourself normal. It is hard!
    Tried to talk your mom into giving you the red Toyota. Don’t think I succeeded.

    • It was nice to see you too, Karen… even if it was in the middle of the parking lot! We have one of your quilts displayed in the house, Karen. You have a great talent with that! Thanks for trying with the Toyota… I think it may take a case of amnesia!

  5. dessawade

    Owls seem to be the in-thing right now so you’ll see quite a few hanging out in the decor. Good luck with mid-terms Whit! You’ll do just fine!

  6. Sending good thoughts your way… Just know you are being prayed for and that you are very loved!

  7. What a darling cross-stitch, halloween treats, and owls! Good luck with the mid-terms– you don’t need a psychic, you’re smart and don’t you forget it! Maybe we should get together in Hawaii–I think that would be a good mood booster (we can still bring along some belgian chocolates 🙂 )

    • That’s the sanest solution I ever done heard! Bring dry ice (on account of the fact chocolate melts in the heat… and they said I wasn’t smart) and a coconut bra and I’ll meet you on the beach! 😛

  8. Deanna

    I hope you get through your tests without too much more stress. Keep your chin up girl, you are strong and will get through this tough patch like a champ! The cross stitch is adorable. I am not that crafty, or have much free time either.


    Question of the Day: Do you have a decorating obsession (i.e., like my owly things)? Any cute fall/Halloween-type projects?

    I find Do-It-Yourself stuff on Pinterest and the kids & I like to make them…lol.
    It is our newest obsession – HA!
    I recently made 3 of these ‘monster wreaths’ for Halloween. One was bright green like in the link pic and the other two were bright orange and black.

    We made Halloween costumes this year. A group costume of soda cans for my teenage daughter and her friends.
    A really good cowboy costume for my son.
    I dressed up as “batty” because I homeschool and I am….( lol ).
    A rodeo queen costume for my daughter’s costume party next week…
    We have been keeping busy!
    Oh and we can’t forget the Fall hayrides!
    We had to decorate a little for Halloween ( pumpkins, gourds, mums, straw bales, window decorations, glowing plug-in pumpkins, and wreaths).
    The kids had a blast decorating the back of my SUV for the Trunk-or-Treat at our church. They had all kinds of things in there ( a severed head on a rope, big fake bats, big fat fake spiders, spooky severed monster hands sticking out from under things, pumpkins, a zombie sitting up in there, a small scarecrow, a big Dracula, and some Halloween window-clings ).
    We got a lot of comments on their decorating…

  10. Jen

    I just found this post i missed last week. Hope your sad mood gets better.

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