The Visiting Hooker…

I get a lot of spam-a-lot comments on this blog.  Comments I have to reject or they’d make your momma blush.  Nasty computer bots anyway.  Some of them are just dang funny, though… maybe it’s because it’s late and I’m tired and I have no earthly clue what I’m typing right now, but I laughed for a good 5 minutes over this one.  Again, comedy is subjective… I warned you!

Let’s start with the left side of this sucker… the commenter… hotel hookers… so, apparently I have an evergrowing audience of women and men of the night, but that’s not the funny part yet.  The comment is next…

You’re truly a excellent webmaster.  The web site loading speed is incredible.  It seems that you are doing any unique trick.  Furthermore, The contents are masterpiece.  you have done a wonderful task in this topic! 

Pretty much sounds like he/she knows what they’re talking about right there… my unique tricks and masterpieces and excellent and wonderful… and the fact that she called me a webmaster (excuse you… I just graduated how to turn on computer last Tuesday).  But yet, that’s not the funny part… if we go to the far right and look at the post they were commenting on entitled… Durrrrrrr… which according to this particular hotel hooker is a excellent, wonderful, and unique MASTERPIECE!!  LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!

I’m dying to get the review of my next post entitled Derp!  I think I might hit geniosity status with that one!  Thank you hookers of the universe… I needed that laugh tonight!


Meanwhile… I have been writing extra credit reports tonight.  It was a lame Halloween Evening, but I did not do well on my music midterm… stupid listening skill!  They have you listen to several ancient classical pieces and then you’re supposed to pick out different things about them, like what form they’re in and who wrote them (SERIOUSLY!?!?!?  Coolio?), and blah blahblahblahblah.  I enjoy music, but I cannot for the life of me tell you whether the piece is written in sonata-allegro form or ternary form… and who wrote it when it doesn’t have words!?  Puh-lease!  And it was obscure stuff too.  Not the well known pieces of the famous composers!  We’re supposed to know their “style” of composing… underestimated this chicaroo right here, you did!  I just usually put something like BaMozBeeHayHanPurPachelbel because that incorporates a lot of the famous guys and maybe I can get like an eighth of a point or something if the name is somewhere in the word.

I did take a break to hang out with a few cute Halloween peeps… and Madre went all out on the candy because we never get many trick or treaters, so each treater left with like a bucket load and a huge bag of homemade sugary popcorny stuff with chocolate on it.  You are welcome mothers of the world!

Makayla as a mummy and Corbin as batman!  I didn’t get a picture of the other 4, but they were just as scary cute!

Question of the Day:  November!  AHHH!!!  Did you all go trick or treating?  What do you do with the candy?  Are the kids allowed to eat it all or do you donate it?  

PS – As a heads up, next week I aim to come up with a health challenge (eating and exercise) of some sort.  For myself mostly, but if anyone wants to jump in and participate as well, anyone is welcome.  Holiday time is in full force and if I can help it, I refuse to gain 30 pounds in the next 2 months!  I’ve already gained a hand full of poundages!  I’ll think on it over the weekend and get back to you!  Have a superb weekend, friends!  



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12 responses to “The Visiting Hooker…

  1. Dear Most Excellent Webmaster,

    Sorry about the music midterm… I’d suppose that no one would be able to ace that one… Maybe it will be graded on a curve?!?

    Also- I’m up for the challenge. I’ve backed out of exercise since Kate was born since she is not sleeping thru the night… but I need to get back into it! I feel mushy.

    My kids went trick-or-treating and they had a great time. I don’t make them donate the candy. It is chuck full of preservatives and lasts months. We toss the strays on Valentines Day.

    My son went out with his middle school buddies and since he’s 5’11” (towers over the other kids in his class) he was given grief about trick-or-treating… yet the other kids, same age, had no rude comments. Wish adults would ease up and realize they might be hurtful by prejudging kids who look different. Some wouldn’t give him candy, and another gave him an old pumpkin instead of candy. How rude is that? So my daughter, who is tall for her age, but not “towering”… got a lot more candy than he did.

    Happy All Saints Day!

    • That’s ridiculous that people were giving your son grief. People do not understand how much something like that affects a teenager! 😦 Give him a hug from me!

      I can’t believe your candy lasts until Valentine’s Day!! Maybe if I’d had that kind of restraint, I would never have weighed 530 pounds!


    Question of the Day: November! AHHH!!! Did you all go trick or treating? What do you do with the candy? Are the kids allowed to eat it all or do you donate it?
    Yes, it is November and here I am up way to early again.
    We had a big busy day yesterday with Halloween but it was a fun time.
    The kids are only going to want to do this for a few more years…
    U find it ODD how people are not as receptive to the older kids Trick-or-Treating. What !? Is there an age limit that I don’t know about because hey adults still dress up!
    The little kids are cute but so are the older ones that get dressed up.
    I get it when the older ones don’t even try and dress up or be creative but still go around with their Walmart plastic sacks with that entitled look like they showed up so they should get candy. Plu-eese! At least make an effort people or NO CANDY.
    I always see some terrifically clever costumes made /worn by older kids that restore my good humor though.
    My kids did get a lot of good compliments on their costumes so they are happy. That and the comments on their Trunk-or-Treat decorating ( in the back of my SUV )…lol.
    Can’t say they didn’t use their creativity this Halloween! No sireee!
    Oh, back to the question…Yes, my kids get to eat their candy.
    I make sure they eat a good hearty (early ) dinner before we head out. This puts something good in their stomachs before the onslaught of candy later. I think it helps them to not eat as much candy also.
    I have found that their systems seem to tolerate the candy better this way.
    We aren’t big candy eaters on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. A few times a year at Easter, 4th of July Parade, Halloween, and Christmas is about it for us.
    I take water bottles along too and that helps.
    They get to have anything that looks good to them. They have to fight my husband for his favorites though…LOL
    Funny thing is …they NEVER finish the candy they get. They get overloaded and the rest sits. So, after a few days of it sitting around, I bag it up and send it up to my MILs store for her to give away.

    • Sounds like a super fun Halloween at your house, Louisa. I agree that I don’t like to give the older kids candy if they show up in regular clothing. I was too self-conscious to go trick or treating after I hit 12 because I looked old for my age and people gave me grief!

  3. Avster

    See, Whit, even in your DURR moments you can still write unique masterpieces!

    Goodness, I don’t think I would be able to tell you what form the piece were written in… the only composers I’d be able to recognize would be the well-known one…

    nope, no trick-or-treating… no candy… until I go shopping for discounted candy. 😉

  4. Another Masterpiece Whitney 🙂 Sorry about the music midterm–I cannot imagine being able to do that sort of thing. I usually can’t even tell you who sings a song that I’ve been singing along with for the last 20 years–classical music is a whole ‘nother beast.
    Oh, and yes the kiddos went trick-or-treating last night and got WAY TOO MUCH candy–I can’t believe I let it get so out of hand 🙂 Who do you donate it to? Are you accepting donations?

    • Classical pieces tend to all blend together in my brain after a while… they all start to sound the same!

      LOL!!! If you send me that candy, I will send you a box with an unpleasant item in it! I hear the troops are taking donated candy and some dentist offices do (IRONIC!!) What did your cute kids dress up as this year?

    • Kayla was totally my favorite owlish animal! How cute is that? And who doesn’t like a pirate? Put all the candy in a treasure chest and drop it in a lake somewhere? Too dramatic?

  5. Jen

    We had probably 2 trick or treaters at our house, but gave out way too much candy at the trunk or treat. Your health challenge sounds fun.

    • You have the same kind of issue we do with getting trick or treaters! Cruzy pie looked too dang cute in his dino costume. You better hide him or I will steal him out from under you!

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