Operation: No More FatMas…

Challenges are for schmucks… this here thing I’m about to undertake is an OPERATION!  An operation of epic proportions… okay, that was wayyyyyyyy overly-self-importantly dramatic, Whitney… tone it back 17 notches.  This “operation” is first and foremost for me and me alone… I need it… and I need to not gain 5 bajillion pounds over the holiday season this year.  I say that because I am well aware that even though I’m extending this out to anyone else who may want a little bit of a push/accountability factor, I may well be the only one interested in committing to said operation.  And since this shindig is for me first and foremost, I’m fine with that!  So, if this ain’t your cup o’ tea, no big deal.  I won’t be offended!

That said… I did a little bit of brain wracking over the weekend… more than usual… which just so happens to be negative 8 billion on most non-work weekends.  What I came up with is a simple 4-pronged operation… kind of like a fork!!!  Oh my laws… a FORK… and you EAT with a fork.  How exciting is that analogy!  **crickets**  No one?

The 4 prongs are simple:  Cardio, Weight Lifting, Food Logging, and Mental Health.  Let’s break it down by category.

Cardio = 5 Points

The requirement is that you need to do some form of cardio for at LEAST 30 minutes a day 3 days a week.  If you accomplish said goal by the end of the week (weeks in this joint will be Monday to Sunday) you get the full 5 points!  If you only do 1 or 2 days… you get 1 point per day you do it.  Easy.

Weight Lifting = 5 Points

Requirement here?  At least 2 days a week of some form of weight lifting activity… whether it be via a DVD, at the gym, at home… blah, blah, blah…    If you do 2 days’ worth of weight lifting per week, you get the full 5 points!  If you only do 1 day… you get 1 point.

*** If you’re doing it at home and you need some routine ideas, check out this site:  GPP Fitness!  Lindsay highly recommends.  I think the guy who runs aforementioned site posts a new weight lifting routine each day… pretty good ideas up in that joint!

Food Logging = 5 Points

I’m not putting any calorie limits on this thing.  You could eat 500000000000 calories per day (though I’d HIGHLY recommend you rethink that method before you start it) and it wouldn’t matter as long as you logged your food!  Accountability for what you eat is MUY IMPORTANTE!  The requirement here is you need to log everything you eat for at least 5 days per week to get the full 5 points!  Otherwise, it is 1 point per day.  The reason I’m not putting an emphasis on calories is because this is the holiday season after all.  We’re all human and we will all eat things that have a lot of calories at some point throughout the season.  The point of this challenge is to not GAIN weight.  Maintenance is key… losing is awesome… but maintenance is goal.

*** If you need a free and extremely easy way to log food via computer or smart phone (my phone is too dumb to have apps), do not hesitate to go join MyFitnessPal… FREE, easy, FREE, and did I mention FREE?

Mental Health = 5 Points

This one is going to be up to you.  You should pick at least one thing that will help you mentally (because this thing is a full package deal).  Ideas for those struggling to come up with something:

– Prayer/Meditation daily
– Writing in a Journal
– Random Acts of Kindness
– Weekly Community Service
– Get 8 hours of sleep per night
– Reading scriptures/positive books

Just a few of the many possibilities.  Pick one, pick how often you will do it (has to at least be weekly) and then if you accomplish said mental health task you get 5 points!  If you do not accomplish said task, you get ZERO points!

Extra Credit = 1 Point Per Thing

If you’re one of those go-getters who want to get a big ole fat jump on the competition, you get extra credit points for pretty much anything you do extra… 1 point per extra thing.  So, if you exercise/weight lift more than 3 days per week, 1 point extra per day. If you log your food more than 5 days, 1 point extra per day.  If you pick another mental health item to accomplish weekly, 1 point extra.  Get it?  SIMPLE!

Once a week, maybe on Mondays since this started on a Mondee, I will post an accountability blog post wherein you can check in with how many points you mastered that week and/or explain to us how you want to move in with Richard Simmons and his fanny pack.  No one judges up in this here joint!


Whomever has the most points at the end of the shebang gets a $30 gift card to either Amazon or Wally World and an extra homemade knitted/crocheted good (which I haven’t exactly decided what will be yet).  In the event of a tie, I will draw a name randomly.  Also, if I’m the only one participating, it’s easy to randomly draw my name!  😛  Funny how that works!

This OPERATION goes from  November 5 through December 30, 2012!  

Question of the Day:  Do we have any takers?  If so, please post the mental health choice you picked and sign your name in blood in the comment section (okay, not blood… I have a germ issue!)


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42 responses to “Operation: No More FatMas…

  1. That is a great competition. I’m in! My mental health is reading scripture. Since I already do that most days, I’m gonna commit to every day and only get extra credit if I do something else on the list, like journal writing… which I’m not at all good about, but believe is a great idea. Thanks for putting this together! BTW- in regards to the prize, how about each of us who participate put in $10 and at the end, winner wins all.
    Julie F. (my signature)

    • LOVE it! As far as the prize donations, I will totally throw it out there to see if anyone is interested in sweetening the pot. I didn’t want to make it a requirement because I know there are some who would not be able to participate and I didn’t want that to be an issue… but I see nothing wrong with those who want to contribute doing so!

  2. Dale peterson

    OK, I am in also!! I am also going with reading the scriptures every day, and Im not moving in with richard simmons or his fanny pack!!

  3. Deanna

    I’m always up for a challenge–just ask my daughters. For my mental health I will do one act of kindness a week.

  4. I’m in!! 230 lbs an on my fitness pal. Richard Simmons isn’t really my best friend!!

  5. cl2

    I am in, too. It has been 2 days since I ate sugar–yay for me! That takes a lot of energy on my part. I need this challenge. I was going to pick random acts of kindness–but I think I’ll change to writing in my journal. Between now and December 30th–I have a lot of important anniversaries–twin’s 27th birthday for one. Thanks Whitney! I needed this.

  6. Avster

    As I was reading the weight lifting paragraph at first I thought you were saying whether you lift a dvd… ~laughs~

    I’ll be the cheerleader. 🙂

  7. Lindsay

    Meditation and Prayer daily!

  8. Blythe S. Berger

    I’m in. The hardest for me will be Food Logging. Not good at that. Mental Health – – -I need to quantify, ’cause I want to spend more time than I do. Half hour a day on scriptures/positive reading. Away we go!!

  9. dessawade

    I’m in too. Prayer/Meditation/scriptures.

  10. I’m in. I really need to do this, but I will say it is going to be a definite challenge. Thank you for challenging me 🙂 I’m going to have scripture reading as my mental health goal.

  11. Deanna

    I am SO in! Not so much because I want the prize, but because this is a fun way to stay motivated and keep the overall goal in mind – to stick with a healthy lifestyle especially during the most difficult times of year. SO – I am ALL in! Fun!

    I am an over-achiever, so I am going for extra credit.

    My goal(s) for mental health:

    Sleep 7+ hours or more at least 5 days per week. This is my goal to recieve my one point.

    For extra credit, I want to push myself to do yoga at least once per week. I’ve been meaning to do this and have had a hard time getting over the intimidation of yoga. For someone who is not flexible, but needs to get the stress reduction benefit from yoga – I really need to challenge myself on this one. 🙂

    • Love the over-achiever portion, Deanna! That is totes awesome! I’m glad you’re jumping on the train… and yoga sounds intimidating to me, but I guess that’s why I should do it!

  12. Tarah

    I’m in also! I’m going to shoot for the 8 hours sleeping and the scripture/motivational reading. 🙂

  13. Tara (tjs616)

    I usually don’t do competitions with people because when they become unmotivated, I typically become unmotivated. Not saying that you will, just that I swore off competitions long ago because of other people in my life. However, this competition has EVERYTHING I’ve been trying to incorporate back into my life lately. My mental health task is to get at least 8 hours of sleep four nights a week. I haven’t been getting 8+ in months and I feel so run down all the time. Count me in 🙂

    • I sooooo know what you mean, TJ! It’s not a great idea to base your motivation status on other people. But, if it helps kick our butts in the right direction… bring it! Get you some sleep, girl!

  14. Mandy S

    SO IN!! I need some major motivation!
    My mental health goal- is to do something for ME, only me, 3 times a week. (this is very hard for me to do 😦 )

  15. Anne Davis

    I’m doing all of that already. Holidays do not have to make us fat. Sugar & white flour is the devil’s pawn. I will be attending OA meetings and going to a bible class for my mental health (which I am also already doing). Now, the weight lifting thing… I guess I will start using my 2pound weights & finally start working on my flabby upper arms ;-p

  16. Jen

    Well it sounds fun and all, but I’ve decided food logging isn’t my cup of tea. Especially since I’m not counting calories. But I’ll be your cheerleader!!! It sounds like a fun competition.

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  18. LOUISA

    This OPERATION goes from November 5 through December 30, 2012!

    Question of the Day: Do we have any takers? If so, please post the mental health choice you picked and sign your name in blood in the comment section (okay, not blood… I have a germ issue!)

    I am needing this too! I have already started with the fundraiser & holiday baking ( ack!).
    Sorry it took me longer to jump on the wagon.
    I am a bit of the overachiever type also so I will be doing…

    Cardio – ( walking/ water aerobics/ zumba/ yoga/ TurboFire/cleaning stalls & riding our horses )
    Wt. Lifting/Strength ( just know that I will be grumbling the whole time )
    Food Logging – already on MFP – daily
    Mental Health- I am doing some of these already and I like it so I want to continue with:
    -Prayer/Meditation daily
    – Weekly Community Service ( nursing home visits )
    – Get 8 hours of sleep per night * I have been doing pretty well with this here lately so that makes me feel good*
    – Reading scriptures/positive book ( actually I finished one last night and I am half way through “The Shack” and started “How To Talk To Teens…”)

    Here is my bloody fingerprint, Whitney …lol

  19. 15 points for this week!! this is alot harder than i thought it would be.but I will work harder next week!

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  21. Diana Davidson

    Okay, I’m in. My mental health will be 8 hours sleep per night.

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