Schmappetizers and Sides, Oh My!

I’m totally pumped that so many people signed up for the Operation:  No More FatMas gig!  Let’s get this thang, motivated people!  Y’all rock it!  One of my pals brought up something in the comments and I thought I’d throw it out there.  She thought it would be cool to sweeten the pot if anyone who was able wanted to throw in 10 bucks to the prize.  I am NOT making this a requirement because I know not everyone is able.  If you have the money and want to throw some in, holler my way.  If not, we will carry on as usual!  No guilt!


Back when I had extra TV watching time (since school started I’ve scaled it back DRAMASTICALLY) I used to sit for decades on end watching cooking shows on the Food Network/Cooking Channel.  The things fascinate me.  It doesn’t matter what they’re making either.  Some chic was making haggis one time and I was all mesmerized by a sheep intestine!  I think it’s because it’s soothing to me.  Someone talking about food and how to cook it for half an hour in a hypnotic tone of voice?  YES, PLEASE!  But, let’s face it… it’s food… I once weighed 530 pounds… basically put a Twinkie on a string and dangle it in front of me for 8 hours and I’d be in full droolation mode!

So, when I have opportunity to go to a live cooking class with taste testing, I’d be a crazy jackalope to say no!  Last week, Madre and I headed to Kitchen Kneads to attend their Holiday Appetizers and Sides class!  I was unable to secure an edge seat, so I was claustrophobic the whole class, but I still enjoyed myself.  Even when I was monitoring how many times the 3 ladies teaching the class did NOT wash their hands after manhandling the food.  Of course, I’m not your best handwashing judge since I happen to wash my hands with soap after pretty much anything I touch.  It’s tedious and gives my hands that pleasant roughened, flaking leather feel, but that’s how I have to roll up here in the Psychos For Germs ward.  For the record, these chics never used soap once… not that I was counting or anything!

I didn’t get to taste test all of the recipes they made because some of them contained meat… bitter that she made a beautiful-looking salad with strawberries and craisins and sweet and spicy almonds and all sorts of yumminess and then she poured 2 pounds of bacon on top of it.  THE NERVE!!  I even, for the first time in my entire lifetime, actually enjoyed a yam… maybe because it was mixed with apples and covered in a sugary butter sauce… but STILL!  That there is progress… 7-year-old taste buds… at LEAST!

There was a delectable-looking cheese ball and a yummeriferous fruit salsa with homemade baked cinnamon/sugar tortilla chips.  There was a surprisingly yummy crustini with pears and stinky cheese and pine nuts on the top.  One of the ladies also gave a great tip on how to make your cheese ball look like a frigging turkey for the festiveness factor.  Take a slice of red pepper (for the head), secure a slice of yellow pepper for the gobbler, and then make eyes out of raisins.  The feathers are various-shaped crackers poked into the back of the rounded cheese ball.  I’d have gotten pictures, but I was too embarrassed… let me get a picture of you for my wall of creepy, lady!  

I’m thinking I’m going to up and make some of the above-mentioned recipes for meal plans throughout the holee-day season.

Question of the Day:  Do you enjoy cooking demonstrations?  Any favorites on the Food Network?  How did you do on Day 1 of the Operation?

PS- Y’all… I don’t even care who wins the election tonight… by this time tomorrow, please no one tell me they’re thinking about moving to Canada… for serious… that joke went out back when Abe Lincoln got elected!  😛  Also, I am going to be so dagnabbed happy when I never in my lifetime have to see another political backstabbing ad… PUH-LEASE… what are we… kindergartners?  Someone done peed in your sandbox?  I hate all this contention… I need someone to hold hands with me and sing Kumbaya!


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18 responses to “Schmappetizers and Sides, Oh My!

  1. cl2

    i’d be wiling to add $10, too–even if now I’ll say I’m already going to lose. We had to put down my ex’s dog yesterday–just so happens I’m the one he spent all day with since I work at home. So–I know this week isn’t going to exactly be a stellar performance.

    And haggis? Oh my! My dad had us raise sheep from the time I was in 1st grade–and my older brother was 4 years older. I’m not sure when my dad got rid of the rest of the sheep, but he had them up until not long before he died. My family doesn’t eat lamb. I can’t even watch cooking shows with lamb on them. (They were cooking lamb on The Talk the other day.) Nope–I don’t watch cooking shows. They actually make me weary.

  2. Avster

    No, actually I don’t enjoy cooking demonstrations. One would think that with my job I’d love them but I honestly find them, as well as cooking shows, incredulously boring. I’m more, “Eh, just give the recipe and I’ll throw it together without all the hoopla.”

    I’m bad, I don’t think I cheered very loudly yesterday for you guys… sooo… cl2 will be in my thoughts and prayers this week. 🙂

    Oh, and I’ll come sing with you, Whit! 🙂

  3. Blythe S. Berger

    I’m in for $10. Let us know where/when you want it, okay?
    First day was good – – -but I grit my teeth about journaling food – – knew that would be my weakness! I tend to eat about the same thing every day, so maybe that’s why I rebel. Doing weight training during “Dancing with the Stars” was actually fun!
    My daughter-in-law gave me a fantastic recipe for “apples and yams” that she uses for Thanksgiving. It is far from low-calorie (isn’t that the definition of holiday food???), but could be “adjusted,” I’m sure.
    And the election? The campaigning is DONE! Nuf said!
    Onward and upward!!

    • I bet the recipe your DIL sent you is near the same as the one I ate. It was major tastee and DEFINITELY not low calorie… but seriously… gotta live every once in a while. Weight lifting whilst watching TV is the best way to do it. Kill 2 birds with one stone!

    • I forgot to say, Katie… you may love logging food on the MyFitnessPal website then. They have an option where you can “remember a meal” and that way you can input it once and then just have it automatically populate the whole meal when you click on it. It’s super nice… and easy!


    Question of the Day: Do you enjoy cooking demonstrations? Any favorites on the Food Network? How did you do on Day 1 of the Operation?

    Yes, actually, I do enjoy watching the cooking shows on PBS – Create. I don’t get Food Network.
    If there isn’t anything good on tv or a bunch of reruns, you can probably find me on PBS. I like the Create shows. They have cooking shows ( all kinds ), interior decorating shows, sewing shows, “This Old House” (which is good for do-it-yourself types like us), and craft shows too.
    I get bored watching the craft & sewing shows but I can sit there and watch a cooking show that have ingredients I would NEVER buy….LOL…the full 30 minutes or whatever. I don’t watch a lot of tv but I can get trance-like on some of these cooking shows.
    I think I did fine on Day 1 because it was a rest day for me. I had such a big weekend and a ton of walking on Sunday that I needed that rest day on Monday. I did get in my Mental Health ( prayers, reading postitive books and 8 hrs of sleep for the day ).

  5. dessawade

    I used to watch a ton of cooking shows but not so much anymore but I do enjoy watching Ina Garten from Food Network once in a while. I logged in a WHOLE day of food this time instead of just breakfast and lunch but it wasn’t pretty. No wonder I am not losing any weight:)

  6. dessawade

    I’d be willing to put in $10

  7. I love the Food Network–although I don’t have cable, so I can no longer watch on a regular basis. Diners, Drive-ins and Dives is my very favorite. I also liked watching Unwrapped and Alton Brown’s show. I’ve never been to a live demonstration but it sounds like loads of fun, especially when you get to taste the results 🙂
    Kumbaya, Whitney, Kumbaya!

  8. Jen

    I want to get your sweet potato apple recipe if you ever make it again, blog about it. That cheese ball idea sounds like fun too. I saw tons of comments yesterday. Looks like your operation no fatmas is a success!

  9. Lindsay

    Awesome picture!!!

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