Dreams Wanted? Hard Work Needed…

A good little reminder for everybody on day numero quatro of Operation:  FatMas… but especially for the chic typing right now… namely me and the 7 pounds of chocolate I ate today… I logged every last bit of it, though… you mark my words!

There are times when I start to feel entitled and spoiled bratty and I spend too much time woe is me-ing.  Where is the magical skinny person zapper!! It dices, it slices, it butters your children!   It’s these times I get the least done.  No one who spends the day feeling sorry for themselves and their position/condition gets ANYWHERE in life.  So, you were given a bad hand… a dump truck full of manure rolled over in your bedroom.  Now what?  You have two options, sit around bemoaning your bad fortune, alienating the world OR get up off your duff, enjoy the life you’ve been given, and make the most of it.  Life is meant to be enjoyed… DO IT!

PS – I know the above-pictured craft looks like something I could have made with it’s expertly crafted plastic doily placement… but I so did not make it.  I stole it off of some poor person’s Pinterest page… and now I’ve lost the link.  So, if whomever made the plastic doilies worst nightmare craft ever comes across this post, thank you for the quotage… and the doily crafting idea.  I just need 3 more doilies and 10 more cats and I’m set as the crazy cat lady.  Oh, and a shack… I need my own shack.

Question of the Day:  What are your dreams?  How was day #4?   



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14 responses to “Dreams Wanted? Hard Work Needed…

  1. Avster

    My dreams? Eh… I think we’re out of touch. :s

  2. dessawade

    I have kept my promise to myself everyday this week so we’re on track. Just hope I can continue.

  3. jen

    Love that quote. Thanks for sharing it. Something I needed to hear.

  4. Blythe S. Berger

    You might have had a temporary slip, but you’ve inspired me to get with the program – – -even the dastardly food logging!! So take that, young lady, and move on! 🙂


    Question of the Day: What are your dreams? How was day #4?

    I have had some strange dreams lately, is that what you mean??
    This week is going pretty good.
    I am sugar detoxing ( again ) and getting in more movement so I think that is a good start. I know I can do more and just have to keep working it in.
    My daughter has a kick ball game with her teen club this afternoon so I am planning to walk the park, play catch with my son while we wait and maybe do some reading.
    I am nothing if not ambitious!
    I am logging my food on MFP, as always.

  6. My dreams- I hope to be more and more Christ centered and less and less worried about the worldly things. Day 4- excitement still up, thinking about actually cooking vs. eating frozen meals that I can count easier and take less time to make and clean up.

    • That’s a great ream to have! Yay for cooking. I can’t say enough about bulk cooking one day a week and then either freezing it or stashing it in the frig. It takes a load off for the rest of the week, and it really doesn’t take that much time when I think about it.

  7. Great quote–Thanks! The other night I dreamt of cleaning up puke and other such grossities of my children, all night long… except for the time that I actually spent cleaning up my children’s puke. Needless to say, I am not doing very good on the FatMas goals, as the stomach flu has taken up a cozy residence at my home this week. Oh, not the kind of dreams you were talking about? Oops. I do plan on getting my act together better next week on the challenge (hopefully all the germs will have left our place and made themselves at home somewhere else 🙂 )

    • 😦 OH NO! That sounds utterly miserable! And of course the momma gets stuck with the gross parts of the job! Sending you all prayers and thoughts and healing vibes! TAKE CARE! I hear cookies do wonders? No?

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