Lucy’s Paw…

Lucy showed up one morning last week limping like she done suffered a gunshot wound in a knife fight.  When I got to inspecting things, her whole front foot/paw was swollen to the size of a golf ball and she was having a hard time putting any sort of weight on it.  Of course I was annoyed.  I don’t have money to pay a vet bill right now… are you serious, Lucita Burrita!?  Plus, the vet down the street charges like 8000000000 dollars just to open the front door.  Believe me.  Last time I got peed on by a dog in the waiting room and they still charged me.  No discounts for the dog repellers!

I decided I’d give it a day to see if it would magically deliciously fix itself.  If you have a kid, you don’t take him/her to the doctor the first time he/she coughs… good grief!  Or maybe you do and I just had a risky childhood.  The time I broke my wrist whilst skiing at the age of 14, my folks still didn’t take me to the ER even after my wrist swelled up to the size of my giganta-head and was the color of a smooshed up grape vineyard.  Shake it off, Whitney… shake it off!  They also made me carry my own skis and poles down the mountain the rest of the way.  Who hates deductibles!?

Later that night it was worse… much bigger and uglier and nastier and she hadn’t eaten anything all day or drank anything either.  Very uncharacteristic for her to spend a whole day laying around the house.  She loves to frolic.  I’d made up my mind that night that the next morning I’d take her into the vet… wearing galoshes this time… because seriously peeing animals!  Behave!

But, by the next morning some of the swelling had gone down, so I held off for another day… 3 days later it looks back to normal.  I don’t know what went down… maybe she has a mysterious peanut allergy and/or she’s allergic to Madre and her mad face.  That’s the only face she knows from Madre!  Admit it!

Question of the Day:  Happy Weekend Friends!  Any big weekend plans? 



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12 responses to “Lucy’s Paw…

  1. Rachel J.

    She could of had a thorn in it and the swelling pushed it out, so it’s getting better. I would still watch for signs of infection though.


    I would give it a good clean and disinfect to make sure.
    It sounds like possibly a cat fight/scratch and I am sure she has licked it clean to help it heal itself.
    Glad the swelling is down – that is a good sign.

    Question of the Day: Happy Weekend Friends! Any big weekend plans?
    We are up early today to get school done, dry-lot one of the horses, then off to choir, and a few errands.
    Tonight we go back into the city for the “un-official Un-Halloween Costume Party” the choir is putting on and my daughter is going as a Rodeo Queen. She is pretty excited about it. One of her friends is going as an UNO card…lol. I love the creativity.
    Saturday we are working on the fence.
    Sunday we have Sunday School, church, a meeting afterwards, and our son will be trained to be an acolyte.

    • That’s what I thought too but then she didn’t have any blood or any other injuries… it could have very well been a bloodless fight, though! Wow… double Halloween costumes! How fun! Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Avster

    I would have let her be for a couple days too, Whit, and waited to see what the paw looked like a in a few days. 🙂

    Weekend plans… nope… just maybe catch up on a few things, but other than that… same ol’

    • I was receiving that osmosis from you… that’s why I did it! Enjoy your same ole! If you want to come out this way we’re supposed to get 1-1/2 feet of snow this weekend… BOOOOOOO!!!

  4. Love the picture! Way to show some tough love to Lucy 🙂 I’m glad she is feeling better, hope the healing continues!

  5. Poor kitty! Plans? Tonight, church meeting, tomorrow morning, event at my sisters church until noon, then taking Caroline to practice at 12:30-5:30 then an evening at home doing wash and cleaning the house from the busy week. Sunday morning church, then practice for Caroline again then evening church and bingo my weekend vanished and we are onto work on Monday. That’s it.

  6. jen

    Beautiful picture. Can’t believe you got peed on at the vet. Maybe Lucy sprained her ankle? Do cats have ankles? Have a good weekend .

    • It was a big doggie too! I think it was nervous being there. That is a good question… I’m not sure if cat’s have ankles, but she very well could have injured it by falling on it wrong when she jumped down from something. You have a great weekend too, Pen!

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