Account Your Ability Here, Contestants…

Week One… whether you like it or not is done.  It’s in the books… slap a stamp on that sucker and send it to China (I think we owe them money or something…).  I’m going to let you all grown-up people keep track of your points… A.) because you’re grown-up people and 2.) because I’m lazy.  The only thing I ask is that we be honest with ourselves.  I really didn’t need to say that because I know all of you all are honest folk up in this joint!  Here’s a brief reminder of what the points entailed… and if you’re just walking into this thing and want to participate… check out this post.

Cardio –

3 days this week = 5 points
More or less than 3 days = 1 point per day

Weight Lifting –

2 days this week = 5 points
More or less than 2 days = 1 point per day

Food Logging – 

5 days this week = 5 points
More or less than 5 days = 1 point per day

Mental Health – 

First item from list = 5 points
Each additional item = 1 point each

After you put your point totals in the comments… answer the following questions:

1 – What are you most proud of accomplishing this week?
2 – What can you improve on this week?
3 – Thoughts/Comments/Frustrations/Concerns/Funny Jokes?


My answers:

Point total:  21 points

1 – What are you most proud of accomplishing this week?  Getting back to fitting in exercise.  I only did 4 days, but that is a heckuva lot better than zero days because I think I have too much homework.  Get over yourself, Whitmeister!

2 – What can you improve on this week?   Most things.  I wasn’t so gung ho about the weight lifting.  I did my minimum 2 days, but not gung hoedly (that’s a word… ask my dictionary).  I also need to up the eating less crap quotient.  I know that wasn’t a requirement, but it is my requirement and this week I did not do swimmingly at that.  I am proud that I logged the food… even if it wasn’t stellar.   I also could do more extra credit in the mental health realm… and pretty much every other realm!

3 – Thoughts/Comments/Frustrations/Concerns/Jokes?  So, this chicken walks into a bar and is like give me a beer and the bartender’s like one beer is one bawk.  Bwahahahahaha… y’all…  what’s the address to the Laffy Taffy Joke division… I just got me a doozy of a winner!

Moving on to week 2!!  Onward and upward.  Bring it!

Side Note:  A few of you had expressed interest in throwing in some money to sweeten the end prize.  Again, this is NOT a requirement, just if you want to.  A few have already sent their money… THANK YOU.  If anyone else is interested, I guess I’m just having them send me the money, I’ll tally up the total and then buy the end gift card on whatever we have total!  If you need my mailing address, email me at (please put something about FatMas in the title… I get like 8 bajillion spam emails a day!)  Again… NOT A REQUIREMENT TO PARTICIPATE!!!!  Have I made that clear yet?  Okay, good!  😛 

PS – Veterans… THANK YOU!!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, and thank you!  And after that… thank your families too will ya’?  


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25 responses to “Account Your Ability Here, Contestants…

  1. Mandy S

    My point total is 17. I only Strenght trained once. I did extra mental health a loged 6 days.
    1) I am most proud that I completely logged 6 days this week!
    2) I need to improve getting into strength training this week!
    3) I so wish there was more time in a day.. Lol…

  2. Avster

    I have forty-four points. Who would have thought that a cheerleader could accumulate so many points so quickly! 😀 I kid. :b

    I did run in place for two minutes one day… but i didn’t do it again. My ankle makes me nervous. He’s doing really well right now I’d hate to tweak him again.

    But anywho, go Whit! Way to get back in the grove and don’t forget what you said. A dvd counts as weightlifting. :b

  3. Tara (tjs616)

    Total: 17

    1 – Sleeping! I actually made a concentrated effort to get to bed at a reasonable time to ensure that I got enough sleep. I volunteered for Ragnar VERY early Saturday morning (1AM – 530AM) and I even took a three hour nap before I went and went to bed when I got back home.

    2 – Cardio – oddly enough since I thought Cardio would be the easy one. I normally walk 3 – 4 days a week with a buddy and she cancelled on me a couple times. Rather than going myself I just kept putting it off and it didn’t get done. Sunday I was supposed to get up early and go with her and I cancelled because I’ve had a killer tension headache going off and on for three weeks. Of course it kicked up very late saturday night and I couldn’t get to sleep. If I had been more dilligent earlier in the week, that wouldn’t have been a problem.

    3 – Thank you for doing this! Just knowing that I was going to do an honest check in with you at the end of the week kept me mostly on track with my goals for the week.

    • Woot woot! Go, TJ, GO! I’m glad you all had the Ragnar down in that part of the country… it is too freaking cold out this way! I hope you get rid of that nasty headache… MISERABLE!

  4. Blythe S. Berger

    I had 26.
    1 – The one I’m most proud of is food-logging. As you said, once you get going on myfitness pal, it’s actually interesting to track what’s going on. I learned that I wasn’t as lacking in the protein department as I thought.
    2 – I need to improve in the weights. I thought I’d be ahead of the game there, but just made it!
    3- A second thanks for tossin’ down the challenge, Whitney. My son said, “You don’t need to lose weight,” but at my age it’s about fitness, flexibility, and anti-flab. (Can a Republican want Michelle Obama arms?)
    I’m a bit ADHD, so my challenge is to not feel bored and drop out!

    • I am glad you are doing it for the flexibility, etc., stuff and not weight loss, Katie, because your son is totes right! You don’t need to lose weight! I agree that MFP is a good tool to tell you where you are in the mineral and vitamin category!

  5. dessawade

    I had 20 points.
    I am proud that I went to the gym at 6 AM mon-thurs and again at 9 am on friday and stayed for at least 1 1/2 hrs working hard.
    I need to be better at logging every single thing I eat.
    I was tired by the end of the week but it is a good tired I guess.

  6. Deanna

    I have 15 points. I did my cardio and strength but did not get any mental health points. Of course, I logged all 7 days as well.

    1 – What are you most proud of accomplishing this week? That I got my exercise in, despite the difficulty I was having with my knee.
    2 – What can you improve on this week? Staying under in my calories. Oh, and of course – getting my mental health points. I didn’t really take care of me well this week. Still struggling today.
    3 – Thoughts/Comments/Frustrations/Concerns/Funny Jokes? I am frustrated on a lot of levels. That’s a whole other thing though.

  7. cl2

    Finally, I started–but I’m not in it to compete. I have other reasons to get going on it. I’m listening to some show on KUTV and the doctor is talking about the different weight loss surgeries. He is talking about how it improves your metabolism. Would you beg to differ? I’ve always wondered about that–don’t starve on a diet–but STARVE with weight loss surgery.

    I need your address. I already e-mailed you about something else. Oh–I did my walk today in the CRISP freezing cold air. Instead of 3 miles like I had planned, I did my old 5 mile walk. At each point, 2 miles, 3 miles, 4 miles, I just kept on going. It felt SOOO GOOD. I’d much rather walk in the cold (though I almost turned around and went home when I started) than the heat any day. Did some weight lifting, too.

    • I would have to totally DISAGREE about surgery improving your metabolism. Initially, maybe, but that’s because I was eating like 500 calories per day… now, it’s harder to lose weight since I’ve gained and lost so much!

      Brrrrrrrrrr… I can’t believe you loved walking in the cold air. I walked this afternoon at around 5ish and am still frozen… I can’t warm up for nothing! I am proud you kept on walking, though, Colleen. That’s an accomplishment! I will email you the rest of the info!

  8. Diana Davidson

    23 points. I’m not counting walking as cardio unless it’s fast and with my heart rate up! Plus, dog walking doesn’t count for me 🙂 Logging is going well. What I’m most proud of is logging while I had my cousin visit and sticking to my plan of maintenance calories or less up til the holidays. I can improve on having more days with a bigger calorie deficit and not so close to maintenance calories. All I have to say is, “YOU GO GIRLS!”

  9. Lindsay

    12 points! I was in Texas but I exercised 5 days that week on hotel treadmill and I threw in some burpees as everyone else in the gym thought I looked ridiculous! Oh WELL! But I didn’t log a single calorie since I ate in TEXAS and everything in TEXAS is BIGGER, so there was no way I could track calories. But I took care of the mental aspect every day all 7 days that week!

  10. Jolecia

    So, I am just now joining you wonderful ladies. Which is probably great since last week was a WASH. I think I’d have like 1 point so, yeah. But I will answer the questions and I’m already racking up the points for this week.

    1 – What are you most proud of accomplishing this week?
    I started logging again, Which is really good for me because I’ve been known to slip in some questionable foodstuff when I’m not logging and then wonder why my jeans are tight lol.
    2 – What can you improve on this week?
    I didn’t workout very much last week. Aunt Flo was visiting and it was a crazy busy week at work so I gave myself a pass on the gym. But I find myself doing that a lot and I’d really like to make the gym a priority because I always feel better about life when I’m working out. So I am aiming to hit the gym 5 times this week.
    3 – Thoughts/Comments/Frustrations/Concerns/Funny Jokes?
    Great job, you are all inspiring me to step it up! Good luck to everyone as Thanksgiving approaches!

  11. LOUISA

    My score this week is a (drum roll please ) — 39

    1 – What are you most proud of accomplishing this week?
    I am getting back into the habit of logging.
    I got in more movement this week.

    2 – What can you improve on this week?
    I can log every single day – no exceptions
    I can get even more movement and get busy doing more strength training

    3 – Thoughts/Comments/Frustrations/Concerns/Funny Jokes?
    -Thanks for doing this, Whitney. I needed to be prodded.
    -Here is a joke for you:
    Why do cows wear bells?
    -Because their horns don’t work!

  12. Week one: 18 points… didn’t get to logging in everything… Wasn’t even a really busy week, but I did start leading a bible study which I spent a good deal of time preparing for… 🙂

    Most proud of- Signing up to do this! I had not planned on anything and with my crazy schedule, I’m amazed I am hanging in there!

    Improve on- Log each day/ weight training more than once.

    Frustrations – Wish my kids could do their homework with less supervision, wish the baby could hold her own bottle (well, maybe not… I do like that time with her), wish everyone picked up after themselves. Wish someone wanted to empty the dishwasher without being told, or take the trash to or from the curb, or feed the dogs, or make dinner or something. Wouldn’t that be nice! Oh yes, my husband got me flowers, which was nice… but I’d rather he have vacuumed or done the wash.

    • Way to go, Julie… fitting it in despite the busy!! I will send vibes out that way so that maybe your hubby and kids will catch some of them and take a turn with the chores!! Hang in, Lady!

  13. You remember back in P.E. when you had to call out your score? Push-ups? uh…2. What? Speak up! 2, sir, I mean ma’am. Ok, so total flash-back…my points for last week–6 (not a great start 🙂 ) The great thing about me is, I always leave room for improvement. Why start out really great when there is nowhere to go but down?

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