Shoe Friction…

My feet are all kinds of pleasant.  One year they gifted me with plantar fasciitis issues… and when I finally get that under control, having to wear hideous shoes that rock back and forth, they go and take up residence in Blisterville!  Not to mention that they are the size of a Mack truck on steroids.  I wear a size 10 or 11 (depending on the shoe) and I don’t know if anyone’s noticed women’s shoes in size 10 or 11 are limited, style wise.  Like, they only make the most hideous designs for that size.  Here, girl who wants to blend into the wall… wear these styling leopard-print-during-a-mass-slaughtering-pygmy-goats shoes.

Back to my woe is me-ing… gosh… interruptions suck!  I’ve recently decided that I’m going to wean myself off of the rocking horse shoes for exercising purposes and back to normal tenny-runners.  Mostly because the strap on my last pair of rocking horse shoes is approximately 35 seconds away from breaking in two.  Also, because I’ve had a perfectly fine pair of NEW tennis shoes for the past year and I haven’t dared to wear them due to the fasciitis issues.  I started wearing them last week to woggercize.  They felt fine in the beginning, but then the balls of my feet started to burn like hemorrhoids on a cracker.  Whenever I wogged on the pavement, the ball of my foot was grinding against the asphalt… and the friction was about to start a fire.  Totally a Boy Scout steel and flint thing.  I could have set my butt down in the middle of the street, taken my shoes off, started a grass fire, and roasted marshy-mallows… it was that bad.  The whole wog I was cringing… it hurt!  I wanted to get off my feet and move to Bermuda!  Not to be derailed, I put those shoeds back on the next day and went woggercizing, hoping I just had to get used to wogging in rocking horse-less shoes, but it got worse every time I’d do it.

Fast forward to Saturday.  I was at a Christmas Gift shindig, checking out all of the things that cost way too much money and I came across this booth called Happy Feet!  HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!  It was like a eeyore sent a rain cloud to smack me in the receptacle.  I hate being in front of salesmen because I have a hard time saying no, but I purposely walked into that booth and sat my butt down.  The dude put these inserts into my shoes… some gel majig that rolls across your feet from the ball to the heel, constantly massaging as you walk.  I bought ’em.  Call me Sucker Extraordinaire!  I really do think they will help my shoe friction issue since it’s most felt in the ball of my foot.  Problem solved for $40?  Time will tell… There’s a getting-used-to-period they recommend on the pamphlet I got with it… only wear them so many hours per day and up that as the days go by… so I’m following that… bring on that wogging thing!  I’m leaving my marshy-mallows home next time!

Question of the Day:  Do you have feet issues?  Do you wear inserts in your shoes? 



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16 responses to “Shoe Friction…

  1. Sandra

    Lordy Lordy do I !
    I have the same issues, plus flat feet and many bone spurs! Back last year I had major issues with blisters but finally was fitted with the correct type of shoe for those with flat feet and some minor over pronating, and low and behold finally no more blisters. I have tried so many inserts but they just make the shoe tighter and in the end I have not used them. Yes even the $300 custom orthotics never seem to help. I finally just got an arch support insert the kind that only effects that area and it seems to work fine now. I am size 11 or 12 and in my Brooks I need a 12 so if the insert is too bulking, guess what they do not have 13’s! Nor would I want to wear those ski’s !

    • Stupid feet! I’m glad your arch support is working… KNOCK ON WOOD!! I am wearing a pair of Brooks too because everyone says they are the shoe to get for exercise. I am not impressed yet. Hopefully my gel stuff works!

  2. cl2

    I actually think more people have 10s and 11s than we think. When I went to work at an “aerospace company” some 35 years ago out there in the desert, I thought I was the only one with big feet. They were 8-1/2 then (When I had twins, they went to 10). All the men I worked with–even their short wives–had bigger feet than I did. One of them told me that when his wife went to try on shoes once in California, the clerk laughed at her feet and called his coworkers over to see them.

    My blisters started yesterday. At least the asics my daughter gave me after she was done running in them–don’t give me blisters on some of my toes, which all other shoes do. The newer styles of shoes seem to have more toe room.

    Also–my skinny tall daughter has size 10/11 feet, too. Same size as her twin brother’s feet. It is even pretty sad when your boyfriend thinks he can give you his old sandals–they didn’t fit, but he must have thought my feet were big enough. How do you tell someone, Nope–don’t WANT THEM. He finally said something recently about my feet aren’t as big as he thought–where are his sandals?

    Anybody have a cure for DRY feet?

    • I can’t believe that they wouldn’t make more shoes for the bigger sizes seeing as that seems to be a big population of the people! I’m starting a petition! 😛 Dry feet… hmmmm… I use Jergen’s extra dry lotion and then put socks on so it doesn’t rub off as fast. Try that before you go to bed.

  3. Avster

    ^ I have dry feet too…

    I’ve heard that having the correct insert can be the key to foot problems. I know that one can have a mold take of their foot and have an insert made to fit one’s foot. I’m guessing that’s even more pricier than what you purchased…

    I have very high arches so I need either no arch or a really high arch. If a shoe has a small arch I can’t wear the shoes for very long, otherwise I start having horrible pain…

    Finding shoes in my size that I like can be pretty difficult too, though I’m not so certain if it has to do with my size as it does with general pickiness. :b I don’t like heels so that takes out about 60% of shoes. I don’t like enclosed shoes because me feet get *so* hot so that takes out about a 30% of shoes… and the remaining 10% is usually junk. :b

  4. Jolecia

    OMG, I have wide, flat, size 11 feet. I always have feet issues. Nothing diagnosed by an MD but it’s hard to find durable, comfortable shoes. I put inserts in everything. I’m going to have to look up this happy feet.

    • I took the Happy Feet out on a walk yesterday and they totally helped with the flint and steel issue I was having. They will take a while to get used to since it’s like I’m walking on a waterbed! Good luck chica!


    Question of the Day: Do you have feet issues? Do you wear inserts in your shoes?
    I have gel inserts in all my walking shoes, hiking shoes, snow boots, muck boots, etc…
    I have a low arch so I need the support and I especially need the gel in my heels. I just have an average size foot – 8.5.
    I used to have dry feet but when I started drinking 20+ glasses of water per day, that went away.
    Also, I made a homemade lotion with coconut oil, Vit E cream, and the cheap baby lotion from the dollar store. It works terrific on feet, hands, elbows/knees, stretch marks, face, and all over. My daughter won’t use anything else now…lol
    Here is the recipe if you want to make it ( its easy to do ) and makes quite a bit:
    I was able to refill the baby lotion bottle, the coconut oil jar, AND the Vit E cream jar with what it made.

  6. Karen

    let us know how the gel inserts work. Bruce has terrible pain in his feet since chemo. He is always looking for a solution. Keep us posted.

  7. Susan

    I’ve got all kinds of foot issues. My feet shot up to a size 11 a couple of years ago after being size 10 for 20 years. Now? My left foot is a 10 1/4 and my right foot is a 10 1/2. So, I wear an 11.

    Thankfully, I can wear casual shoes to work so I just find the most comfy and move on.

  8. I used to have foot issues, a burning pain in my heel. Thankfully that went away. I don’t use inserts, but I wear tennis shoes almost every day. 🙂 My dry heels went away when I started putting Vicks Vapor rub on them at night. Now I only put it on when I notice they are getting rough, but they are soft like a babies… and they used to be cracked. Who knew?!?

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