Here I am about to use that lame-wad word again… FOOD… I already mentioned I hate the sound of that word.  It’s so off-putting to my ear holes.  It’s like the words moist or jujubees.   A few of last week’s delectables:

Pumpkin Banana Muffins!  So, you have pumpkin and then you have bananas and they get married and become a muffin!  Sigh… so romantic!  I actually really enjoyed these muffins!  I think next time I might cut back a bit on the banana and put a bit more pumpkin in there as I could taste the banana more than the pumpkin and I’m totally an equal opportunity taster.

Coleslaw with Apples!  I’m marrying things all over the place last week!  This one married cabbage and apples, oh my!  I invented my own recipe here by adding the tomatoes and the honey-roasted peanuts (for the protein factor).  I also wayyyyyyyy cut back on the sugar in the dressing… it was still tastee.   I like the crisp tartness of the Granny Smith apple with the cabbage.  Winner winner coleslaw dinner!

Another marriage… penne pasta with garlic, broccoli, and lemon… this one was cantankered with via Martha Stewart.  Meaning, she gave a brief outline of something I might like and then I changed it up because I’m cantankerous.  Basically, cook you some whole wheat penne pasta, cut up some broccoli (to cook it throw it into the same pot as the pasta for the last 3 or 4 minutes… voila).  Get you a lemon, some lemon zest, some olive oil, and some garlic!  Throw in some Parmesan cheese… mix and serve!

FOOD!  Even if I hate the word, it sure as hades tastes good.  Dagnabit all to heck!

Question of the Day:  What are two foods that you enjoy “marrying” to make an even more delectable super food?

PS – Stay the course, FatMas people… if any people can do it… YOU CAN!  Because I said you could and I’m right 100% of the time according to the part of my brain that holds the ego portion!  DO IT!


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14 responses to “Food….

  1. cl2

    Now I’m going to have to have pasta today! As for your question, I just don’t know! Did 5 miles again yesterday. I guess I should write down my food, but doing well without eating sugar. I’m just concentrating on that. Sugar is like my heroin. I wish I could eat it sparingly–I eat some and I eat more.

  2. cl2

    I am so going to try that lotion recipe. Where do you get the coconut oil and vitamin E cream? I’ve tried all kinds of feet lotions–without much success.

    • Avster

      I’m going to have to give it a try too. I dislike putting lotion on my feet as they feel so greasy, but apparently this lotion isn’t greasy. 🙂

      Thanks so much for sharing, Louisa! 🙂


    cl2 – I get the regular baby lotion ( its $1 at the dollar store & the jar of Vit E cream there too). The coconut oil is a little bit trickier for me because I live in a rural area. Since I go to the city about once a month though, I swing by the Natural Grocers store there. I am sure you have something similar. I got the NOW solutions coconut oil ( 100 % natural skin & hair ) 7oz jar and solid
    ( not the food kind).
    Hope that helps.

    Question of the Day: What are two foods that you enjoy “marrying” to make an even more delectable super food?

    I love to mix and marry foods and I rarely stick to a recipe either, Whitney.
    I think probably fruits, vegetables, nuts, and beans are my favorite things to mix and marry to other things. I find myself always adding one or two more of these things to every recipe.

  4. Lindsay

    I had bean sprouts, brococli, wheat rice and a over easy egg at a food joint the other day, it was AMAZING!

  5. Avster

    I don’t want to think about working with food. Guess who called in “sick” for the fifth time this month. :S

  6. Yumminess!! You always make me salivate with your food posts! One of my favorite food marriages is pretzels with raspberries in jello (oh and a little cream cheese and cool whip in between). I love sweet and salty together.

    • Oh man… that jell-o/pretzel/cream recipe is like totes heavenly! Now I’m going to have to make it one week. YUM! As for your point total… you made me laugh remembering the yelling our pushups/situps out in PE. I SOOOOOOOOOO remember that!! It was humiliating! I think 6 points is a hecka good amount of points… especially for a week when the fam is all sickened and stuff! Next week you will totally get 7!

  7. jen

    Chocolate and fruit! Match made in heaven!

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