Piano Dudes…

Culture fest 2012 via my Masterpieces of Music course is going down in history this time.  I actually ENJOYED a concert that I can count for this class.  Some of you may remember me blogging about the previous ventures… not so much batting home runs up in those places.  But, this one… THIS one was some quality entertainment.  Some of you may have heard of the YouTube sensations… The Piano Guys!  They specialize in mashing up classical music with today’s popular music… most of the time resulting in goosebump-inducing masterpieces of chills!  I always thought it was a weird name… The Piano Guys… considering that there was only one piano guy and then a cellist.  Huh!?  But, then I had to do research on the group for my quality report on the topic and found out there are actually 5 dudes in the group (only 2 instrumentalists) the others are videographers, arrangers, etc.  The name came from one of the guys who owned a piano shop in Utah called The Piano Guys.  Oh the IRONY!

The piano dude is Jon Schmidt… freakily talented dude who can play the piano with his feet and lying upside down on the bench.  I’ve been to a couple of his solo concerts in the past, and he’s super funny to boot!  Then, there’s the cellist, Steven Sharp Nelson… freakily talented cello dude.  They were going to ask me to play the violin in the group, but then I fell out of bed and realized I suck.

There are so many cool videos, I couldn’t pick which one I liked the most (go to the link above to listen to more), so I’m putting this one here:  Bourne Vivaldi… mashing Vivaldi and the theme from Bourne Identity!

Before I go any further, allow me to apologize to Sponge Bob Wedgie Panties.  I call her that because she was wearing a yellow coat and had to have had something unpleasant lodged up the receptacle.

I have always been a cheerleader for assigned seats in concerts.  I HATE when they just have general admission and then expect you to show up 3 days ahead of time to get  a decent seat.  If I’m going to get a crappy seat, I’d rather know right when I buy the dang ticket… thank you very much!  This concert was not assigned… and we underestimated the power of the cray cray YouTube fans because when we arrived at the concert hall (30 minutes early mind you), there was already a line 2 blocks long (NO EXAGGERATION)!  We didn’t realize the line was for the concert, it was so long and so were walking our way up the side to see what was going on… which constituted “butting” in line to some people named Sponge Bob Wedgie Panties… who proceeded to give us the what for… thank you Honorable Police of Line Butting.   Please chill out and then realize we all have the same tickets and we all will get crappy seats together!  Good grief!

The concert was packed… the Piano Guys were ROCKSOME… and I’d totally go again…   PS – If anyone has the address to Sponge Bob Wedgie Panties, I’d seriously like to bring her a plate of cookies… just to piss her off even more.

Question of the Day:  Have you heard the Piano Guys on YouTube or in concert?  Favorite song?  



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14 responses to “Piano Dudes…

  1. cl2

    Vivaldi is the only classical I really like–I really enjoyed that.

    I got the lotion and vitamin E cream–but don’t know where to find the coconut oil for skin. I may have to drive all the way to GNC to see what they have here. We don’t have any natural food stores–do we, Whitney?

    Just a mention about all those jumping jacks. Depending on your weight, I was doing jumping jacks last summer and i got costochondritis–which has just recurred recently with a vengeance. I’m sure because I’m overweight and there was trauma to my rib cage.

    • That’s annoying it’s so hard to find the oil. We used some coconut oil in a cooking class I went to on Tuesdee… but I’m guessing they’re not the same thing! I don’t think we have any natural food stores… is there one by Mandarin Garden in that building set or was I dreaming it up? Shangri-La I think it was called? Yuck on the costochondritis! That is a total bummer, Colleen. I’m not a jumper jacker… I have too much flab and hanging skin for it to be comfortable.

  2. cl2

    For anyone else looking for coconut oil. I looked on GNC’s web site. Didn’t compute with their search of skin/coconut oil. I found the NOW coconut oil on Amazon–two 7 ounce bottles for just over $8.

  3. Avster

    ^ I’m lucky as there is an Amish family in my neck of the woods that runs a small bulk foods store and one of the items they carry is coconut oil.

    Yes, I’ve heard the Piano Guys before. 🙂 I love the Snoopy one they did at the nursing home!

    • Maybe you could trade them an ounce of coconut oil for an hour to watch the TV! Snoop and the nursing home is totes adorbs! They played that one and had the video with the cute older folks dancing around!

  4. dessawade

    Absolute favorite is Bring Him Home from Les Miserable.

  5. jen

    I loved that video and I would have loved to go to that concert too. Nice picture by the way. I went to Jim Brickman once and I really like him.


    Question of the Day: Have you heard the Piano Guys on YouTube or in concert? Favorite song?

    My mom sent us this one in an email. That was our first info to the PianoGuys – it is still our favorite .
    VERY talented!
    This one is amazing – this guy can play everything!

    I love this one – it would be good to fall asleep to…if it lasted for about an hour…lol

    I had to smile all the way through this one – the nursing home concert

    I would love to see them in concert.

  7. That is so awesome! Talk about coincidence–my kids came home from school this week saying that their music teacher had showed them some awesome Youtube videos and showed me how to get to them. It was the Piano Guys! We watched them for like an hour 🙂 I imagine the concert was amazing!

    • How coinky dinkal is that!? Too cool! I’m more surprised that the piano guys made it over to Behrut in your neck of the woods and all! 😛 That’s too cool they are showing it in music classes in grade school though!

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