Christmas in November…

Saturday (a week ago tomorrow) was supposed to be Snowmaggedon 2012… THE HORROR!  The weather dudes were going on and on and on and on about how we should get prepared (by like taking karate lessons or something?) for the horridible snow totals we were going to get.  They estimated approximately 1-1/2 feet in the valley.  I was not happy since I pretty much despise anything cold and snow-like… unless it’s covered in cherry daquiris (as we’ve already established in previous posts).  It especially put a crimp in my plan to head to Salt Lake to attend this huge Christmas gift show they put on every year, advertise like crazy, and then I never end up going to because Snowmaggedon is always the same weekend!  Turns out, only the evil cities like Centerville and Bountiful, et al, got the big snow fall (tee hee hee hee… it was a joke… get off your ledge, people of Centerville).  We got like 3 inches… and a way-t00-cold-coldness that made me need to put an extra blanket on the bed.  I also had to pry my winter coat from hibernating in the smellerific coat closet and wash the sucker.

Instead, Madre and I stayed around the valley and attended much smaller gift shows… like the one at the grocery store, Smith’s for example.  They’d advertised the Christmas Open House, but when we got there they had a free sip of orange juice (no exaggeration on the sip) and a hardened piece of a cupcake…  ho, ho, ho… all in the name of Christmas!

That was a wash, so we headed to the Great and Spacious Building (I’m plagiarizing the name) to attend a Christmas Gift Show.  Turns out I immediately needed everything at the show… and I’d have bought pretty much everything if I’d have been able to steal Simon Cowell’s wallet.  A LOT of the show was nifty inventions… inventions that I suddenly couldn’t live without!  For example, there was this white powdery stuff (looked like cocaine, so of course I was right on it) that as soon as you poured water into magically turned into snow.  Not quite the consistency of snow but pretty cool feeling and cold!  I bought that because I do have a need to make snow for the backyard… said the idiot with the “can’t-say-no complex.”

Everywhere I turned someone else had something that obviously would make my life much better… in prison (that’s where I bought my Happy Feet).  For example:

Who doesn’t need a flower-like ornament made out of a Diet Dr. Pepper can… coughcoughDESSAcoughcough!?  The V8 one in the back was calling my name, except for the fact that I hate V8.  Then there were these butterflies:

Talk about trash to treasure!  I guess you could make more money making these than you could recycling the suckers!  Bring it!  There were other inventions that I bought, which I’m not going to spout about because there is a high possibility it will become someone’s Christmas present in the next few weeks… I’m just saying.  The only thing I didn’t pick up?

Don’t you just wanna eat his bejeweled little head!!  FOR CA-UTE!!!!

Question of the Day:  When do you start Christmas shopping?  Do you usually stay within your budget?  

PS- FatMas friends it be the weekend.  Stay strong, finish up all your points, and get ready to be accountable come Mondee!  Most importantly, though, have a fabulous weekend!




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11 responses to “Christmas in November…


    Question of the Day: When do you start Christmas shopping? Do you usually stay within your budget?
    You are going to hate me for this but …
    I am done with my Christmas shopping and wrapped about half of them just yesterday morning. I love wrapping them almost as much as I love shopping for them.

    I have our daughter’s 15th ( doesn’t seem possible ) birthday done too. She turns 15 ( again…doesn’t seem possible ) on Jan, 1rst.

    I start shopping about August and make sure to get everything on sale or clearance and while they are still in stock. I haven’t paid full price for a single item….so YES, I stay within my budget. I squirrel the gifts away until after Halloween when I start dragging out the Fall/Winter decorations and find my wrapping paper, boxes, nags, bows, and ribbon. It isn’t long once that is all uncovered that I get the urge to do some serious wrapping.
    I will still buy a few more stocking stuffers between now and Christmas but consider me done. (check!)

    The kids & I did the Operation Christmas Child again this year. We did it once before when the kids were smaller. My daughter remembers doing it but my son doesn’t, so we did it again and they enjoyed it all over again. They each chose a boy and a girl and in the same age range ( 10 – 14 ) as they are.
    I dropped off our boxes yesterday ( before the deadline ) and did it online this time around so we can track where the boxes end up. A fun new addition.

  2. cl2

    I’m close to being done with my Christmas shopping. I am done with my twin’s b-day shopping though (next Wednesday) and I wrapped those gifts last night.

    I can’t go to those Christmas craft, etc., shows because I always find something I can’t live without and I have waaaaaayyyyyy to many decorations as it is.

    • It was good to see you tonight, Colleen! Go you for getting done with the shopping. Tell your kids happy b-day from me! I usually don’t have a problem not buying crafty things, but they had all of these inventions that I was sure were necessities!

  3. Avster

    Christmas shopping? Bah! Humbug!

  4. jen

    Did you really buy the fake snow? I want to see it.

  5. Brenda does most of our christmas shoping for the kids and grand kid !! but we try to start before Halloween! I have to buy her gifts and Im half done need pj’s and perfume left to get!

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