Week 2 Accountability…

I’m having a hard time forming sentences that make sense for some reason tonight (stop right there with your when do they ever make sense jokes, y’all… I aim to whoop your buttocks!)  I suspect it has something to do with the fact that I spent 2 hours trying to register for classes and every other minute,  the website kept telling me it was unavailable… but I’m pretty sure I signed up for a class I didn’t want and now it won’t let me remove it because then I’d have to take a leave of absence because I’d have no classes on my schedule… but yet they wouldn’t let me sign up for any dagnabbed classes because their website was possessed by a group of technically-challenged alien beings.  It’s a whole stupid running in circles thing I’ll be glad to smack someone in the face for.  Too violently dramatic?  I rest my case!

Pssstttt… Week 2… DONE!  Are you proud or fouled?  Did you improve on last week?  Did you cook a cumquat?  I really have nothing to talk about in this here post…  Last week some of y’all forgot to add extra credit points where credit was due.  So, let me remind you that anything you do over the minimum requirement gives you extra credit of ONE point each day.

Here’s a brief reminder of what the points entailed… and if you’re just walking into this thing and want to participate… check out this post.

Cardio –

3 days this week = 5 points
More or less than 3 days = 1 point per day

Weight Lifting –

2 days this week = 5 points
More or less than 2 days = 1 point per day

Food Logging – 

5 days this week = 5 points
More or less than 5 days = 1 point per day

Mental Health – 

First item from list = 5 points
Each additional item = 1 point each

Total Points This Week:
Total Points Last Week:


1 – What are you most proud of accomplishing this week?
2 – What can you improve on this week?
3 –  What did you improve on from last week?
4 – Thoughts/Comments/Frustrations/Concerns/Funny Jokes?


My answers:

Total Points This Week:  17
Total Points Last Week:  21


1 – What are you most proud of accomplishing this week?  I think I was more aware of my cardio this week.  When I went wogging I concentrated on getting in a bigger burn.  Or maybe I was moving so fast because I usually went around 5 just as the sun was setting with no coat and froze my patookus off the whole time.  Brrrrrrrr….

2 – What can you improve on this week?  I ain’t gonna lie… this week will be hard with Thanksgiving plopping itself in the middle of it, but I’m still going to aim to get in exercise and food logging… even if it’s a disgusting amount of calories.

3 –  What did you improve on from last week?  Nothing.  Sad but true!  Oooo… take that back.  The more aware of the cardio burn thing was an accomplishment on last week.  You best believe I’m counting it!

4 – Thoughts/Comments/Frustrations/Concerns/Funny Jokes?  Can I count mental health points when I’m smacking myself in the noggin?  I’m mentally helping myself remember things… what’s more healthful than that?

All I can say is… keep on moving and thinking and being, my favorite peeps!  As long as you’re doing that you’re getting somewhere… no matter how slow the progress may be!

Yep!  It’s the truth!



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19 responses to “Week 2 Accountability…

  1. Mandy S

    Last week points total 17
    This weeks point total 23
    Points total. 40

    1) I am the proudest this week that I did all of the minimums as well as an extra day logging and 2 extra for my mental health! 🙂
    2) I will improve my time at the gym this week. I would really like to squeeze in a class somewhwere.
    3)I impoved alittle in all of it this week. Not tons but a ittle more logging, more time at the gym and more on me.

  2. Avster

    You say what? Last week is over! Sweet! I didn’t think it was ever going to end!

  3. Blythe S. Berger

    This week’s total: 30. Lots of MH points this week, as I had some opportunities for service and LOTS of scripture reading/general authorities’ talk reading to prepare for a talk.
    Thanksgiving IS a potential disaster time – – -especially when I’m cooking and sampling (more than the meal itself!) But it’s just Jim and me this year, so we’re going out. That will like save my bacon (no pun intended).
    Logging is still the hardest for me, because I tend to eat about the same thing every day. I have to say, however, that logging has helped me keep a closer eye on those carbs, and I surprised myself by getting enough protein this week!!

    • Great job, Katie!!! That is an awesome number right there! If you haven’t learned the joys of how to “remember a meal” in MyFitnessPal, you need to ask me how to do it and stat! If you eat the same thing you can just put it in once and bring it in whenever you need to!

  4. Deanna

    Last weeks total: 17
    This weeks total: 22

    Total Points: 39

    I am most proud of accomplishing my sleep goal. Sleep has always been a struggle for me. I just don’t allow myself enough time to get it in usually. I made the time this week, so it felt good.

    I still haven’t made it to yoga. I did purchase a mat, as a way to push myself to go and do it. So, it’s on my list of “Things to Improve On” this week.

    I improved on the sleep this week! I had a much better week mentally as well, much thanks to some super supportive friends like yourself! I’m feeling good and strong and mentally ready to mindfully eat over the upcoming holiday.

    • LOve the improvement, Deanna! I’m glad you are feeling some better about it all this week. Take care of yourself along the way, chica.

      • Deanna

        WAIT!!! Hold up! After reading through the point tally thing again, I realized that I actually get more points. I did 4 cardio workouts and 3 strength training workouts. Totes, that’s TWO more points! 🙂

  5. dessawade

    I was a mess this week since i had to have a tooth extracted so I was feeling sorry for myself all week. BooHoo! I am best at getting my cardio in but still need to log my food better. Also striving to do better at the spiritual thing.


    Cardio – 7

    Weight Lifting – 5

    Food Logging – 7

    Mental Health – 10

    Total Points This Week: 29
    Total Points Last Week: 39


    1 – What are you most proud of accomplishing this week? That I made it through – geesh it was a BUSY one and when I am frantic I tend to forget to make time for me. I did however finish “The Shack” book that I have been working on for awhile now. Loved it by the way, go check it out. It is excellent and it really made me think and change the way I see some important things.

    2 – What can you improve on this week? I need to get this cardio/strength workout into a habit

    3 – What did you improve on from last week? logging my food consistently

    4 – Thoughts/Comments/Frustrations/Concerns/Funny Jokes?

    Advice From A Tree:
    *Stand tall and proud
    *Go out on a limb
    *Remember your roots
    *Drink plenty of water
    *Be content with your natural beauty
    *Enjoy the view

  7. Jolecia

    Sorry for the delay in posting my stats, to grandmother’s house I have gone lol. My grandma is actually in a nursing home right now so my internets are limited lol. Even my iphone is acting out (not enough data available for it’s liking).

    But, I had a great week (let’s not talk about the fact that I’m currently sitting in Starbucks scarfing down pumpkin bread). So, drumroll….
    Total Points This Week: 22 pts
    Total Points Last Week: N/A


    1 – What are you most proud of accomplishing this week?
    I logged my food everyday!!!! Even planned some meals in advance. W-I-N
    2 – What can you improve on this week?
    Moving my booty. I got in the gym for 3 solid workouts last week which was great but I’m travelling this week and I still need to move my body. I’m trying to work that out (no pun intended)
    3 – What did you improve on from last week?
    I did much better with the logging and the exercising (yay!)
    4 – Thoughts/Comments/Frustrations/Concerns/Funny Jokes?
    I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!

  8. I am sure glad I didnt do the extra $10 !! sucked it up this week! 10 points it is this week I need to try harder all the way around ! 25 points after 2 weeks ugh!!!

  9. Didn’t want to say it, didn’t want to…5. After taking care of sickies the week before, I became one myself. The thing I am best at–Making excuses. Things that I need to work on–Everything else. Just you wait, I’ll hit the double digits yet 🙂

    • Your excuses are valid ones… who wants to sweat to the oldies when you feel like a Mack truck done run you over!?!? I hope you got in some rest and fluids and are on the mend!! Take care!

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