Turkey-Giving, Family, and Football…

Turkey-Giving is a time to be thankful (more on that in tomorrow’s post… if I’m less crankified), to be with family, and to eat like you won the Chuck-Up-Arama lottery.  This year, we were kindly invited over to my Uncle Phil and Aunt Melanee’s house in Ogden for Thanksgiving dinner.  I was told in advance to be on my best behavior, thus the reason I wore my favorite holey overalls with no shirt and a piece of hay sticking out my unbrushed tooth spaces.  Only the best for the family shindigs!  Yee Haw… where be the venison!?  I brung the roadkill!    

I tell you what… it was a feast of epic proportions!  There were 2 turkeys (a smoked and a baked one), of which I was told were vegetarian turkeys on account of the fact they ate brussel sprouts during their short but productive life… nice try Uncle Phil… say, I have a piece of ocean front property in Arizona I’d like to sell you.  There were potatoes and yams and stuffing and rolls and salads and veggies and corn and what am I missing… oh, pies!  There was food… let’s just put it that way.

Uncle Phil and one of his turkeys… that’s Aunt Mel in the background.  I’m very conscientious about taking pictures of people for my blog because I would hate to have my picture plastered around on anyone’s blog, so I tend to take pictures of things rather than peeps… that, and whenever I bring my camera out, there is a mass exit towards the door.

My task was a taxing one, bring the vegetable tray… cutting up those veggies took the skill of a samurai    Veggie trays are great for me, the vegetarian… but when you have so much decadent food to choose from, who is going to eat from the veggie tray?  For serious!  Needless to say, I brought home many vegetables.  Also, I hate referring to myself as a vegetarian in public places… because you know people are looking at you all gourded up like… yeah right… vegetarian my rear patookus!  More like an eat-everything-in-site-atarian!  To those people I say… SHOVE IT… don’t you dare touch my pie.

I was going for the turkey look (Pinterest idea), except it more turned out like a rainbow on account of the fact that I had none of the veggies the turkey tray required.

After dinner, someone came up with the idea that we should all head across the street to a field to play touch football…. bwahahahahahahahahahahahaha… ha… ha… ha!!   Sorry… random outbursts of insanity.  I’m also trying to remember the last time I played football… wait for it… NEVER!  Needless to say, as the most skilled football player, I was put on a team with Madre and Lindsay… the other 2 most skilled football players.  The other members of our team, cuzzin Micah, BIL Shayne, and Padre are great players… but we were like the 3 amigos of complete and utter chipped-my-nail-polish disasters!  The other team, on the other hand, was stacked with brilliant players… players whose pinkies could run circles around my entire body… fat blobules and all!  Y’all should have seen me… running, the wind flapping the bane of my existence in the breeze of nasty.  It was like poetry in motion, if poetry was written by Pee Wee Herman on a StairMaster.  All joking aside and despite the fact that every time Lindsay got the ball, she panicked and then immediately threw it to the other team, it was a fun time.  I’m glad they drug me out there, clutzy issues and all.  

Thank you, Uncle Phil and Aunt Mel for the hospitality and delicious food!  I’ll be sure to repay you in veggie trays… they’re my specialty!

Question of the Day:  How was your Thanksgiving?  Who did you spend it with?  Favorite Thanksgiving food?  

Madre’s job was to make the pies… a pumpkin, pumpkin pecan, and pear/cranberry torte we learned in our pie-making class!



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9 responses to “Turkey-Giving, Family, and Football…

  1. Lindsay

    Just so ya’all know the smoked turkey was one if the moistest and best I have tried in years! Thanks to Uncle Phil and Aunt Mel it was Delicious….we felt like orphans begging for a place to go for Thanksgiving and they lovingly had us! It was a great time! Whitney’s veggie tray was very beautiful as well!

  2. Avster

    Did anyone happen to record that game? :b

    Thanksgiving was good. I spent it with family and two extras. :b I didn’t play any flag football but did play some ping pong and foosball. My nine year old nephews almost crushed me in foosball. ~gasps~
    Nephew: “Wow! We’re doing really well! We’re beating a teen!”
    Me: “Uh. I’m not a teen.”
    Nephew: “Close enough.”
    Me: “Whatever.”
    However, I had a nice comeback and lost by just one point so I at least they couldn’t loudly proclaim that they whalloped me. However, they didn’t ask to play me again so I guess they thought they would lose if they did. :b

    • YOU WISH someone recorded the game! LOLLLL on the teen remark. One of these days you are going to be thankful for being considered younger! Give it 10 or so years… mark my words!

  3. Jen

    Those pies look delish! That football game reminds me of the volleyball game at the family reunion.

  4. Susan

    Thanksgiving was good. Hubs and I spent it with my parents and my great-aunt and great-uncle. We don’t have a lot of family so we can’t be too choosy! We had turkey and I made the no-way-in-heck-are-they-healthy mashed potatoes which are my specialty. I also made a pumpkin roll. Which is why I’m sitting here eating broccoli for lunch. I was bad. Sounds like you had a great time!


    Question of the Day: How was your Thanksgiving? Who did you spend it with? Favorite Thanksgiving food?

    We had a really nice Thanksgiving. Just us here at home ( for the first time ). We have always traveled at least 3 hrs for Thanksgiving…
    This year my mom was busy and my MIL was also busy.
    The friends we spent Thanksgiving with last year had a really sick kid – so we stayed home.
    I cooked and prepared the whole traditional feast ( veggie tray and all….lol ) for the 4 of us. Most of it I did the day before so I wouldn’t be stuck in the kitchen the whole day. I heated and glazed the ham that morning. We still had leftovers (ham, potatoes, stuffing, gravy, corn,salad ) so that was good. After the meal we settled in for a James Bond (007) movie marathon. It was fun to make a new tradition.
    I just left the desserts (pumpkin pie & apple crisp & jello fruit salad ) out on the table so everyone could help themselves. The homemade bread, veggie tray, and pickle & cheese tray got consumed pretty quick.
    The family favorite would have to be the ham.

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