Belly Laughs…

This past Thursday, Madre and I went to a comedian at the Ellen Eccles Theater.  Brian Regan… is totes hilarious, like for real!  The good thing about Brian is that he’s clean.  No inappropriateness or excessive swearing or things that you wouldn’t want your kids to hear… and he still manages to be the funniest thing on a cracker!  It’s the combination of his nerdy mannerisms and his acting out of his jokes and his delivery that get you.  If I had a GU problem, I’d best be wearing Depends at his concert, but since I don’t, I’ll spare you the details.  He came a couple of years ago to the little town of Logan as well and I went then too.  It’s a good thing to have a belly laugh every once in a while and Brian certainly delivered that… I burned approximately 3 million calories in those 2 hours!

This video wasn’t from the concert that I went to, but same bit he did at ours… his bit on toasting Poptarts!  Check it out and laugh… or else!

Question of the Day:  Have you seen Brian Regan Live?  Favorite jokes?  Who is your favorite funny man/woman?

Festive decorations…

This would be his Christmas joke portion (I took the video even though they told me not to!) where he’s describing putting lights on the Christmas tree.

And if you’re needing to waste more time in your day… his section about eating healthy, etc.



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12 responses to “Belly Laughs…

  1. Deanna

    That was Funny!! How fun you can go to all those programs with your mom.

  2. Avster

    Nope, never heard of him until today. I’d listen, but my speakers are being annoying and crackling so I can’t understand much of what he’s saying. I’ll try it again later when my speakers are in a better mood.

    Nice shot of you and your mom! 🙂

  3. dessawade

    I love Brian Regan. It’s good for your mood to get a reaaaaalllllyyyyy good laugh and that’s why I went. Liked his Christmas tree joke.


    He was really hilarious on the link and Youtube.
    Thank you for sharing it with us.
    No, I haven’t heard or seen Brian Regan until just now.
    The kids really got a kick out his routine too.
    That is a show of real talent when a comedian can keep it clean and engaging.
    A rare find but totally worth it!

  5. Lindsay

    FUN! I love that guy! I needed a good laugh last week!

  6. Amy

    Love Brian Regan. The puppet guy freaks me out a lil n he’s crude too. Look up OlanRogers on YouTube… super funny- especially the camping one n the Walmart bathroom one. I remember wiping tears away last I heard you tell about a mouse in the house n all y’all screaming n climbing furniture. My mom had a couple mouse fiascos as of late so yeah, belly laughs all around.
    Wondering on a different note, what you do to get yourself through the monotony of alfalfa sprigs n raisin skins (besides trying different recipes)? This is one of my excuses for letting my weight loss bandwagon pass me by. No doubt you have posted the solution numerous times but … just once more for the slow n flustered among us 😛

    • Totally took a note about Olan Rogers… going to have to look him up! I think I know who you’re referring to when you say puppet guy… if so, he really is crude!

      Oh… the million dollar question! Well, firstly… alfalfa sprigs will never be on my list of things to eat! And secondly, I only eat things I like. Pinterest has some awesome recipes… and if something looks like it would have too many calories in it, but I want to eat it anyway, I just find a way to cut it down so that it has fewer calories. I never deprive… that’s just silly! I think you can eat pretty much ANYTHING you love with a little bit of tweaking. For certain!

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