Mac And Cheese, Please…

I have that idiotic Christmas song from Biebster Fever playing on a loop in my noggin space.  I am going to go insane!  You know the one about the mistletoe and shawties hanging out underneath it?  Oh, the humanity!!!!  Not that I’m not already insane.  Why, just last week I went on a walk only to discover that I’d grabbed a pair of fluffy socks out of my drawer instead of the intended gloves… so, I wandered the streets for 45 minutes wearing socks on my hands.  You are welcome, psychiatrists who want my business!

Here are a couple of the dishes I just about died over last week…

This here is my favorite invention.  You take a can of no-salt-added diced tomatoes and mix it with a can of no-salt-added corn (drained) and no-salt-added pinto beans (drained).  Then, you liberally sprinkle cumin and chili powder, mix it up, throw it on a pita or a flat bread or whatever flips your dress in the air, and warm it up in the micro-oven…. Of course, no dish of mine would be complete without grape tomaters since I have an illness that requires me to eat them daily… shut up… it’s true…  Yummerified!

This was literally one of the best makeover,  lightened-up Mac & Cheese recipes I’d ever eaten.  It had so much flavor and it was gooey delicified!  I doctored it up because I don’t use Velveeta cheese spread (and instead used Velveeta shreds I found in the shredded cheese section).  Depending on how big the serving, this clocked in at between 350 and 450 calories… and was calorizing well spent!  For some reason, I enjoy eating peas with mac and cheese… most times I just stir them together and call it a smorgasboard… Mac and Peas with Cheese, Please!

Question of the Day:  Do you like macaroni and cheese?  Any favorite recipes? 


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6 responses to “Mac And Cheese, Please…

  1. Deanna

    Looking good! YUM! I do like Mac and Cheese, but don’t eat much of it anymore. Although, your recipe looks good!

  2. jen

    Can’t wait to trt it tonight!

  3. Avster

    Eew! Peas! No thanks! :b

    Yup, I like Mac and Cheese and the cheesier the better, but no, can’t say that I have a recipe for you. Imagine that!

  4. Karen

    mac and chesse is a comfort food. End of discussion. Ate it often when the kids were little. Not on Bruce’s favorite list.


    Question of the Day: Do you like macaroni and cheese? Any favorite recipes?

    We all do!
    I make it homemade with milk and Velveeta cheese. I haven’t made it in quite awhile. It is good as a creamy cheesy side dish and everyone loves it.
    I also like to make it and then put tuna, french-fried onions, and peas…then bake it = tuna casserole.
    I also like to make it and then add taco meat, onions, drained tomatoes, and peas -bake – is a yummy taco casserole.

  6. Amy

    That food looks gargeous! Point well taken. Thank you. Nope- not a Mac n cheese fanatic. It was a major craving though with my lil jellybean. I thought I would give birth to an elbow-roni, I wanted Mac n cheese so often. Luckily I didn’t n I’m done with eating the stuff daily.

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