Uhhhh… Music?

First things first… I just got done reading/listening to a chapter about postmodern music in my Masterpieces of Music borebook… and not to judge or anything but these postmodern composers are approximately 37 colors shy of a box of Fruit Loops.

Prime example, there’s this dude named John Cage, who legitimately “composed” a piece entitled 4’33” (pronounced 4 minutes and 33 seconds) wherein the musician comes out onto the stage, instrument in hand, sits down in the middle of the stage and then proceeds to sit in silence for 4 minutes and 33 seconds… and that’s the gist of the whole piece.  Essentially it’s supposed to mean that we can find music in any little sound… someone coughing, a truck driving by, etc., etc., etc., nothing is ever really silent and who’s to say that those sounds aren’t music?  Um… ME!!  I say it!  Someone snorting their snot back up into their noggin space because they left their tissues at home isn’t dagnabbed music.  Some dude russling in his seat because he’s uncomfortable in the silence… NOT MUSIC!  And it’s a legitimate piece because my Masterpieces of Music textbook devoted a whole entire page to the thing.  Are they serious right now!?

That said, if no one asked questions and tried new things, we’d be at a standstill as a nation.  So, props to that half a fruit loop who decided it was a grand idea to compose a song about nothing.  Say… how’s about I write a blog post about nothing… I think that will happen tomorrow.  All joking aside, I won’t be posting tomorrow, but you all can pretend I did and read the words floating around in your brain folds.  I do it all the time.  It’s served me well!

Question of the Day:  What’s the weirdest song you’ve heard?  Do you like modern art music?  

Lucy-Fur sleeping somewhere she shouldn’t be again says… Happy weekend… FATMAS PEOPLE!  Work it… all 3 of you left!  😛



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6 responses to “Uhhhh… Music?

  1. Avster

    Go Lucy! 😀

    No, I don’t like modern art music. I’m not sure what’s the weirdest song I’ve heard… but I have heard some that have really left me scratching my head!


    Awe Lucy is pushing the limits again…lol
    ( we have two cats just like that….)

    Question of the Day: What’s the weirdest song you’ve heard? Do you like modern art music?

    Oh gosh! There is a lot of music that I don’t “get” and a bunch that I don’t like.
    I love music but it has to be GOOD music and not just random noise. I don’t like heavy metal, Rap, or some of that no-talent synthesized nonsense.
    I like to hear the music and feel the music and be moved by it.
    Yes, that means I like to rock out with the 80’s Rock, be moved by classical pieces, listen to Christian music on KLOVE, and even booty-dance in my vehicle to my kid’s newest obsession with One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful”.
    I just appreciate *real* talent. I like singers to sound good live as well as in the studio and that appears to be a rare find.

  3. Jen

    When we bought our Honda (that is now totaled), it had a CD in it. I couldn’t even tell what language the music was, but I am guessing it was middle eastern. It was very weird. The problem was that my Honda came with a defect, it wasn’t able to eject that CD so I could never get it out and listen to something else. So I will never know what it was.

  4. dessawade

    Enjoy the day off from blogging! I doubt if I would like modern art music. Just a little too weird.

  5. Faith

    I’m kind of wondering if he has copy right to that piece now. 😉

  6. Amy

    Nope. Not so into the funky stuff. At. All. I think that “composer” needs a pay cut or maybe a job working NYC sewers. Let’s see if he thinks that is music. I can’t even handle racket made by that chic who wore a swan to an award show. To me, bad music is such torture! BTW, gorgeous mountains n kitty. That lil one knows she won’t be moving any time soon. Merrrry Christmas.

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