Newsworthy News To No One…

As a heads up… I’m going to be sporadic in my posting for the next little while.  Blogging is starting to become a chore/an obligation rather than something that’s helping me/something I enjoy… and before it gets all the way to that point, I’m going to cut back and just blog when I feel like I have something to talk about.  It may be the fact that I’m in a bad mood or burnt out or crankified to the max and back.  I can’t tell… it also may be the fact that I’ve been feeling extremely tired and draggy and achy and weak lately.  Finally solved that riddle when I had blood taken on Friday and found out my triple trifecta of lameness has returned… anemic (low iron), extremely low B12, and extremely low vitamin D.  I’m waiting for the muscle spasms from the lowness to begin before I do anything about it.  I kid… iron infusions (aka money grubbers anonymous aka hang out with old people in the infusion room at the hospital) will start soonish.   Since I don’t absorb iron in food or oral pills, infusions are the bomb diggity doo dah!

To sum it up… there may still be weeks I blog 5 days a week… there may be times I only blog 2 days a week.  Hopefully I can get my butt back to the place where it’s enjoyable rather than something I dread having to do.  Lazy is in my bones, yo!

In the meantime… Christmas is in 1 week… ONE!  Who is just starting their Christmas shopping?  (PS – could y’all pick up some presents for folks on my list… :P)  It’s amazing how fast the season goes by when you’re not even paying attention.  I spent the first half of the month oblivious in la-la land, working and studying.  Time to enjoy the last week with Christmas songs and stories and movies… and memories.  Remember that one time I got my tongue stuck to a flag pole?  What’s that you say?  That wasn’t me?  Cork it and pretend it was… it’s a good story for the young’uns!

Question of the Day:  What’s one thing you haven’t done yet this Holiday season that you want to do?  




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19 responses to “Newsworthy News To No One…


    I will miss reading your blog daily–but I totally understand. Have a Merry Christmas!!

  2. cl2

    Rest. Blog when you feel inspired!

  3. Lindsay

    Pretty pictures

  4. Avster

    Boo! Hiss! But I completely understand, Whit. 🙂

    I love that bottom photo! 🙂

    Ooh! I haven’t done a flash mob yet!

  5. Blythe S. Berger

    I think a lot of us have experienced “blog burn-out.” Haven’t updated mine in months! I agree with the rest. I’ll miss your fun insights – – but will appreciate them when they come. Take care of YOU!

  6. Louisa

    You need to take some time and take care of you and enjoy your family and Christmas.
    I know I don’t have enough time to even be on the computer right now. I think that is probably the case with a lot of people. Some have their shopping still to do. There are Christmas programs and work parties that demand our attendance. Family coming into town and all the preparations that still need to be done.
    School & kids activities coming to a close for the holidays.
    Plans to be made to go see family for some…

    This past week worn me out and I am still trying to recuperate.
    I am exhausted already today – I could easily go back to bed and it is only 10:30 in the AM.

    Question of the Day: What’s one thing you haven’t done yet this Holiday season that you want to do?
    Take the kids sledding and ride the horses in the snow.
    ( we don’t have any snow yet here )

  7. dessawade

    I understand too. Now maybe you can get to bed before 5 am 🙂 I have lots of things I haven’t done that I want to do one of which is to play Christmas duets. Hint, Hint

  8. dessawade

    I want to listen to the Messiah too.

  9. dessawade

    Oh, and I want to do some baking

  10. Whit, so sorry about the burnout and feeling cruddy 😦 I hope Christmas break and those infusions do the trick, and are right quick about it!!!
    I haven’t got to hear you sing this Christmas season and I would really like to. (probably not going to happen–boo). I wish I had made it to a Christmas concert of some sort, but I guess I will just have to turn on some holiday tunes at home instead.
    I do plan on doing some baking here in the next week–I love making Christmas goodies. I just have to remember to give most of them away 🙂

  11. Jen

    Hope your infusions go well. I know what it’s like to be low on iron and RBC’s. I wanted to take Cruz to play in the snow this Christmas but we don’t have any yet. I also am hoping to make peanut brittle.

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