Holy Shamoly…

This past weekend we headed down Salt Lake City way to attend the MoTab Christmas Concert and check out the Temple Square lights, which are always an impressive feat!  Whomever has to put those suckers up I do not envy!  Imagine the headache!  Firstly, I don’t think in my whole childhood we ever owned a string of lights that the whole strand stayed on for an entire season.  Usually 2/3 of them would peter out somewhere close to Christmas and then my folks would cuss and vow to never buy lights again for the remainder of said season. Secondly, putting lights evenly on trees is a task in and of itself!  Oh gracious lawsy providence… what usually happens when you get all the way to the top of the tree, you realize there is an uneven space near the bottom so take the whole thing off again and start from scratch.

Remind me to never do a job that requires that much patience… aka being a surgeon also.  A few pictures from my nonprofessional camera… at night to boot… don’t expect much!

I did not get permission for this picture so I may be banished to the cellar… as you can see it was a veritable heatwave up in that there joint!

The reflecting pool… the white statues are Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus from behind…

We had great seats… right in front of the special door where only the VIPs could come in.  I recognized a lot of famous folks, and made up that I saw a lot of others… like Elvis came… pretty sure of it… and Abraham Lincoln was there (minus his hat… that’s just rude to the people behind him!)  In all seriousness, Mitt Romney and his wife, Ann walked in with an entourage and the whole crowd was standing up trying to get pictures on their cell phones.  I could care less about politicians, so I was trying to get the lettuce leaf out of my back tooth instead.  Time well spent, Whitney… time well spent!  It was an awesome concerto!  Special guests were Alfie Boe (original Jean Val Jean from Les Miserables) and Tom Brokaw… he with the newsworthy deep voice.  They also had a special guest star, The Chocolate Bomber… the now 92-year-old Air Force pilot who garnered that name when he dropped candy to kids in Berlin during the war.   It was a super cute story told by Mr. Brokaw!  Thumbs up, SLC!  Next time I’m going to need 70-degree temperatures and a vat of hot chocolate… you hear!?

Question of the Day:  Have you been to any Christmas-related concerts this year?  What’s your favorite Christmas song?  





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12 responses to “Holy Shamoly…

  1. deannawade@gmail.com

    Beautiful pictures Whitney.

  2. Avster

    ha ha ha Sounds like something I would do if I saw a famous politician!

    Nope, no Christmas related concerts… favorite song… probably God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen.

  3. cl2

    You got tickets!!?!?! My daughter and aunt wanted them. I think my aunt was in the overflow line. I force myself to go see the lights with my daughter most years (but she went to New Orleans and Tennessee for a week before Christmas this year so I was spared the CROWDS). After my wreck this year, not into the traffic either. Beautiful pictures. I’m glad you had a good time.

    • My mom is crazy and every year she puts in about 20 family and friends names. This year we got a very small amount of what we put in, but this is the first year in years that I’ve actually been able to go as I’ve never had a ticket! I don’t blame you the crowds, etc. Hope your daughter enjoys New Orleans and Tennessee!

  4. Louisa

    Great pics! Love all the lights and the white Nativity was really cool.
    No, I would NOT want the job of stringing all those lights.

    Question of the Day: Have you been to any Christmas-related concerts this year?
    Our teenage daughter sang in the Community Messiah Chorus two Sundays in a row. It was an all adult choir. She was the youngest member at 14.
    I was able to get lots of nice pics. My husband tried to videotape the first performance but only got one song…lol. (ahem -clears throat – operator error ). Thankfully he was able to get the whole second performance.

    What’s your favorite Christmas song?
    I absolutely LOVE Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus.
    This year I have really been loving “Emmanuel, God With Us” and “For Unto Us” by Point Of Grace.

    • LOVE Hallelujah Chorus. Definitely a must listen. I’m glad your husband was able to figure out the “operator” error for the 2nd concert… at least he had a couple to practice on!

  5. Spectacular pictures! Looks like a great time! And I bet the concert was just fabulous!

  6. Faith

    Wow, what awesome colors! Great pictures!

  7. Pat Mackay

    Thanks for the beautiful video and singing!!!!!!!!!! Your pictures on temple square are amazing. So sorry about your wrist. Hope you feel better soon. Happy New Year!

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