Accounting Ability… ONE Week Left…

Here’s the thing… if you’re still doing this FatMas thing for the prize money, which is only about 3 or so people who are still eligible, you have to finish it out… otherwise, I’ll just assume you’ve dropped out.  So, even if you don’t post for 3 weeks and at the end you still have the most amount of points, you will be ineligible on account of the fact that you didn’t finish it out.  Perseverance is the name of the game if you want said prize money!  If you’re just doing it for kicks and giggles, it don’t matter to me if you dropped out 8 weeks ago… par-tay!  I just want to make it fair for the people who are persevering to the end, yo!  This shindig ends next Monday!

Grinchness out of the way… throw me out your point total for the week.  Since it’s Christmas Eve I won’t make anyone answer any question unless you’re totally itching to answer said questions… then, by all means… go for it!




POINTS THIS WEEK:  8 (yep, you read that right… sorta fell off the exercising train there for a minute… back on it, Whit!)

PS – Posting will be null and void this week (unless I catch a wild hair or insanity gets the better of me)!  So,




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4 responses to “Accounting Ability… ONE Week Left…

  1. Avster

    ~goes back to older posts and to post my scores~ Oh wait…

    I’m eating a bowl of oatmeal right now. For once I actually did a good job making it! ~laughs~

    Have an awesome Christmas, Whit! (And in case I forget, thanks so much for the great gifts. I think I’ll like the Peeps as I’ve had a different flavor of the chocolate dipped ones before and did like them. Not as good as a regular Peep, but it’s good as a change once in a while. :))

  2. Total from previous weeks: 93
    Total from this week: 19
    Total: 112

    So I have just said to heck with logging my food I guess. I still did okay with my choices until of course I came home on Saturday and I’ve been lounging around and eating junk with my niece. Somebody has to show the kid how to eat cake frosting out of the container and how to make peanut butter and jelly biscuits right? While I’m sure I’m going to be a questionable parent, I sure am a great aunt! If I had an aunt like me I’d probably have a couple hundred more pounds to deal with. Anyways, I rocked it in the gym last week. I woke up earlier and earlier every day so my workouts were longer and more intense as the week went by. I had some bumps when it came to getting dressed in the gym but I got it together by the end of the week. If you’re not my friend on MFP, I might as well regale you with the tales of my ridiculousness. So, I started getting dressed at the gym last week, without incident. Then, this past week on Monday, I get to the gym, workout and then I go to take a shower and I realize I’ve forgotten my towel. So, I’m like, ok, let me use this sweaty t-shirt. I pranced around the locker room, NOT covering myself at all and dried off with the t-shirt, I felt so gross all day. Tuesday, I made darn sure I had that towel, but I forgot my bra. This, I needed. I had a meeting at work and I couldn’t go in there all floppy. But I still go dressed at the gym, in everything from the waist down (I am much faster there, I think the whole strangers walking in and out while I’m naked thing lights a fire underneath my behind), then I ran home and remedied the situation. Wednesday, I made darn sure I had a bra in my bag, and somehow I forgot my towel AGAIN. Ok God, I get it, you’re getting your funnies from me because you know I’m a good sport. So repeat of Monday in the locker room, except I used my fleece jacket, which was not too absorbent. So then Thursday rolls around, I make sure that my bra is in there and pack an extra, my towel is accounted for, what I don’t have when I’m getting dressed is my underwear. So I get dressed, this is less of an emergency, commando and I are not strangers. It’s just a little rough when you aren’t planning on having that kind of party. Friday, I could finally do my celebratory harlem shake because I packed everything I needed, dried myself off with a towel and got dressed with every necessary article of clothing. It’s the little things in life guys.

    Everyone have a Merry Merry Christmas!

  3. Tara (tjs616)

    Hm not sure how I got so far behind, but it was so easy to make excuses. I’d see your post then think I would get to it later when I was the computer instead of my phone. Then it was a few days later. Then I thought that weekend I’d do both. Then I was on vacation. then then then. Eh I’m so full of excuses lately. Sorry I couldn’t be a better accountability buddy!

  4. Louisa

    Hey Whitey – sorry I haven’t been doing much in the way of logging or exercise since we had family in town and church programs, services, and choir performances to rush off to.
    Once Christmas was done…I think I just stopped to collapse for a few days.

    I was even laid-up with my back yesterday and spent the better part of the day doing nothing but laying flat on the floor.
    I plan to get back on track here soon.
    My daughter’s birthday is tomorrow – New Yrs Day – she will be the big 15!
    I can’t believe it…my little girl is going to be 15…(sigh)

    We got 3 inches of snow today (12/31) or I would have been out walking.

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