One Hand Plus Half A Brain Equals No Bueno!

Madre says I need to think of the positives of having a broken wrist and since it’s been 1-1/2 weeks to this point of cussing and bemoaning my circumstances, allow me to humor her said Negative Nora by Nature!  That sentence only took me 5 minutes to type one-handed!

I am now coughcoughTHENOTSOPROUDcoughcough new owner of a gigantic YES tattoo on my pointer finger… and by tattoo I really mean despite scrubbing daily with an antibacterial cloth it is still there!  That’s the mark the doctor made, so he’d make sure to do the surgery on the correct wrist… as if this glaring clue wasn’t enough!

Stupid invisible arm splints anyway!

– Positive numero dos… I no longer need to worry about ever using my elbow… pesky thing that it was anyway!  Who really needs to itch their nose or reach the marijuana pipe… KIDDING… CHILL!  And before you ask… yes I broke the distal radius in my wrist area, but apparently elbow here didn’t want to be left out of the arm wrap.  They gave me a bionic metal splint elbow for ez access to conk people in the face if needed!

This is my claw… I’m part Wolverine.  This was days in after the swelling had gone down dramastically… totes normal now!

– In all seriousness my positive for today is the fact that eating with my left hand slows down the shoveling movement by half  if I use silverware and even though I have been eating like a cow with emotional eating that could be a bonus for me going forward.

So there it is Madre!  My positive outlook on my wrist injury.  If you don’t like it I have this bionic elbow and wolverine claw that I can clonk you with.

P.S. The winner of the FatMas challenge by default because she is the only one who finished is Jolecia!   GO JOLECIA for perservering through all the holiday kerfuffle.   Jolecia, would you email me at with your preference of whether you want the prize money  in the form of Walmart or Amazon gift card and what email address you want me to send it to.   That would be great.

Posting will still be scarce because I have to make an appointment with my mom to help with the typing so make the best of your January.

QUESTION OF THE DAY:  For those who have experienced one handedness or one footedness, any advice?



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8 responses to “One Hand Plus Half A Brain Equals No Bueno!

  1. Avster

    Ooh! ooh! Call me! I will be your transcriber! I will even transcribe if you call me at three am… I just can’t guarantee what you tell me is what I’ll write… ~looks innocent~

    ha! thanks for the laugh, Whit. I was wondering what that yes was written on your finger for.

    One footedness… my advice is to keep your foot propped up *all* day so that the swelling goes down and you feel somewhat human the next day… oh.. I don’t think that will help you, Whit. 😦 Sorry 😦

    I *think* the distal radius is what my nephew broke last year. I recall he had to have several pins put in too. You could call him and commiserate with you, but I don’t know if that would work too well as he’s pretty shy and all he would probably say is “Yes. no. What.”

    Prayin’ for ya, Whit!

  2. Natalie

    I never needed a cast on a broken thing. Now i feel left out of all the fun! There was a kid in my daughters swimming team with a broken something or other on his arm/wrist. He started swimming after a while and his mom taped a rubber kitchen glove over it. Was that ever fun looking! He wielded it around like it was a transformer arm. While none of this information probably helps you. I wanted you to know me and Elin were wondering how you were doing!

  3. Susan

    Yikes, Whitney! I am missing your posts. I hope you heal quickly!

  4. Julie

    Looks painful! But as crazy as this is… If you look at just the right hand, not comparing it to the left… It looks like a baby’s hand… You know, the lack of knuckles, the lack of lines around the joints. Little Kate’s hands are like that, not bruised or swollen, but smooth and line free. Anyway, I’m proud of you for continuing to write these posts, even if they are infrequent. 🙂 wishing you good thoughts and praying for a speedy recovery.

  5. cl2

    WHITNEY! That looks horrible. We still haven’t heard how you did it! I have broken my feet 3 times–once at the office on February 29th–a sunday. I had my ex’s big 4 wheel drive and I stepped up into the truck and my foot on the ground slipped. Two other times (within 6 weeks of each other)–I had purchased a thick door mat. Didn’t realize it was what broke it the first time–twisted as I walked out the door. Six weeks later, broke it 1/8th inch below the first break. Wore a boot all 3 times–different feet. I broke my finger a few years ago, but was able to do speech without much trouble. I FALL all the time–so I’m rather lucky.

    So–I want to hear the story–but I suppose it is too long to type yourself. I’ll have to ask Karrie.

    And I’m SO SORRY!

  6. Louisa

    That still looks really painful, Whitney.
    How did you break it?
    You take care of it and come back strong, ya hear!?
    Love to see your posts but you have to take care of that wrist.
    Many hugs,


  7. Oh, Whitney! Bless your heart! I have been thinking lots about you! We totally should have been in Hawaii eating chocolate and this never would have happened. Sending you all the healing vibes I can muster.

  8. Deanna

    OH NO!!! Okay, unless I totally missed it (I’m going back to re-read) what happened!? How did you break it!?

    I sure hope you recover quick!

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