So, I’ve been upgraded from terrorist wrap to purple mini-club with still swollen fingers.  I guess I am supposed to learn lessons in all of this and the biggest lesson I have learned to this point is to never ever ever get back together  take my right hand for granted…..EVER!

Here are a list of things that having a right hand or two hands is beneficial for:

–  Anything having to do with bathroom activity.  Have you ever tried to shave your left underarm TMI ALERT with your left hand?  Take a minute right now to try it if you haven’t…SEE!  I might need to go to the emergency room for a blood transfusion I’m so talented at it.

–  Cooking!!!  I am living on frozen Lean Cuisines and stupid things from boxes that are gross because have you ever tried to chop with one hand, it don’t work!

–  School work.  I started school this past Monday but my hand would think that we are still on hiatus.  I spend three  times the amount of time typing and doing homework than I did pre-broken arm.  I even had to hire (NOT) my mother to type my answers in a timed quiz or else I would have finished one answer in the 20 minute time limit.

–  Working.  I work on a computer all day long for my day job.  I am thankful for patient co-workers who don’t mind that I take 1500 times longer to do one report than I used to.  It is very frustrating to all involved I am sure.

So, if those were the lessons I was supposed to learn, that having a right hand/two hands is a blessing in disguise, 2 1/2 weeks in I surrender.  Universe you win!

Forgtive my puffy fingers.  I think I will have sausage fingers for the remainder of my lifetime.

The stuff that emergency rooms are made for.

I haven’t dared venture very far out into the snow.  I am still afraid I will fall and break my other wrist and that ain’t going to be good for no one!  And the below zero temps all this week will only cement my fear even more.

I hope you all are doing okay.  Watch out for black ice and/or stay away from me unless you want to catch the clutz disease… For serious!

QUESTION OF THE DAY:  Do you enjoy winter?  What’s your favorite winter activity?

p.s. A lot have asked me how I managed to break my wrist.  I wanted to have a cool story about how I was trying to save an orphan child from being hit by and avalanche, but instead it’s the lamest possible story.  I was scraping the windows on my car the day after Christmas when all of a sudden I found myself on my butt on the ice.  Grace under idiocy!



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12 responses to “Upgraded…

  1. Jacque

    Hey Whitney, I’m still having sympathy pains for you. But you have done much better than I did. I had claustrophobia so bad tat I cut my cast off. And AMEN to all the reasons it sucks to not be able to use your right hand. I really hope you get better really soon.

  2. cl2

    I know just the feeling of finding myself on the ground while dealing with snow and cars. I feel lucky that I broke my feet rather than hands.

  3. jen

    Good idea to stay inside. It’s too dang cold and we don’t want you breaking another bone. I wasn’t allowed to exercise when I broke my hand because Seth didn’t want me falling again. I am cursed with the same clumsy genes too. Lucky us!

  4. Avster

    Nope, I can’t stand winter… 😉

    Favorite winter activity? Definitely skating!

    You get paid by the hour and not by the report, right? 😉

  5. Katbaran

    Sorry to hear it wasn’t a heroic story of danger and intrigue. I am glad to hear you’re mending nicely! I’m not fond of winter–too danged cold and snowy! I HATE cleaning the car off and scraping. Take care and soon, you’ll be as good as new!

  6. Louisa

    Looks like you are coming along, Whitney. Your fingers don’t look as swollen and as blue. Love the purple cast.

    I like the pics of everyone out sledding. Looks like fun.

    QUESTION OF THE DAY: Do you enjoy winter? What’s your favorite winter activity?
    Yes, we all enjoy winter here but are glad when it is over too.
    The ice & snow slows us down a bit but also gives us some warm snuggly stay home days too.
    I love to take pics of the kids out building snowmen, sledding, and chasing each other around the house throwing snowballs.
    I love it when my husband announces it is the right kind of snow for “snow ice cream”.
    I love it when we build a giant snow-fort as a family ( we did this about 2 yrs ago when we had a ton of snow ).
    I love to ride our horses in the snow most of all.

  7. Lindsay

    You better not be venturing out ! You might end up in the snow and freeze with your temps! Not to be morbid! But be careful you!

  8. Amy

    Yay! Your elbow is free, at last! I never have thought about the cooking difficulties one lame limb presents. I love winter in pictures. It always looks great on paper but not so much in reality. (-25??) Who, pray tell ordered that up for all y’all? Winter is wonderful when the sun hits n it looks as though the glitter factory exploded. Winter is not so bueno when that sparkle turns to gray everywhere as snow wears out its welcome. LOOOVE these USU pics? Know that you have done your very good deed for today by posting them= better than whip creamed hot chocolate. Get better. Wishing you a few hundred “better than chocolate” moments.

  9. Oh I am so sorry that your fingers are still so swollen and that you are having to navigate school and work (not to mention the bathroom stuff) one handed! Bless you!
    I do not like winter and my favorite winter activity is reading a book while snuggled up in a blanket or baking. And I sure do not miss Cache Valley winters–no, sir!
    Are you ready for Hawaii and swiss chocolate yet?

  10. Susan

    I enjoy winter when I don’t have to drive to work in the ice/snow. I live near Fort Worth and we get snow a couple of times a year. But we (collectively – the bad drivers here) have no business driving on ice, so I dislike that. I can’t complain, though – we had 3+ inches of snow on Christmas. Oh, and we had snow today. Today I didn’t like it.

    I hope you are back to your two-handed typing self soon. That must be so frustrating!

  11. Pat Mackay

    So sorry to hear about your wrist. I think singing for your profession is a great idea. I’d be happy to come and cut veggies for you!!!

  12. alex21

    Did you take the cast off?Hope you feel better and dont have any pain.

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