Survival Mode…

Yo yo my abandoned friends!  It is I, one-armed wilted woman here to visit my severly neglected blog!  I feel like since the holidays and specifically since I broke my arm, I have been in lamebot survival mode.  Meaning, I have just been doing the amount necessary to get through a day.  Everything takes 3 times the amount of patience and time to get through and I feel like I don’t want to add any extra to my plate.  Translation… I ain’t done no excercise, food logging, or brain using for over a month!  The pounds I have gained will need to come off and stat… and I need to get into a better routine, but I feel like I am in limbo waiting for my arm to magically heal.  I don’t know where I can find the balance when everything seems to be a time sucker with one hand and I am hoping I will be able to fall back into my previous habits when the cast comes off for good and I start to be able to use my hand again.

On the arm front, my bling has been removed! HALLELUJAH, GERTRUDE!  I now have industrial strength stainless steel toothpicks for visiting dinner guests… who wants to come for dinner?  The nurse who took my cast off so that my pins could be removed asked me if I wanted to keep the nasty old cast and I said Hell No!  She obviously  has no clue about my psychotic ways.  Too bad for her.  I initially said I didn’t want to keep the pins but I ended up taking them home in a test tube anyway.


I may have overexaggerated the size… but they were annoying suckers anyway… and the doc pulled them out with pliers like we were having shop class at the country club!!

I was going to post pictures of what the pins looked like sticking out of my skin but then I remembered that some people may be like me and have weak stomachs, so instead I will leave the links and those who are curious can click on it and those who are not can go on eating their lunch in peace.  My x-ray chic was 32 kinds of fascinated as she told me this was the first time she had seen someone with pins sticking outside the skin… that’s comforting.

This one makes me ill… but I get ill looking at a garbage can full of meat scraps!

Withered arm… new weight loss method?  Now, I just need to look into getting me one o’ them full body casts… or at least one that covers my lower half!  It is amazeballs how gross and dry an arm gets when no lotion is involved!  Especially in the winter!

The plan going forth?  I am back in a cast… purple again… I’m such a creature of habit it ain’t funny.  I am supposed to wear that until February 7th at which time they will put me in a brace and start physical therapy… aka torture!!!  I tried clipping my fingernails on my left hand with my broken side and couldn’t even manage to make a dent… it’s going to be a process!

There have literally been ZERO picture-taking opportunities in Cache Valley the entire month of January unless you enjoy looking at an inversion so thick you could call in sick on a daily basis from emphysema!  So these are from December sometime.  Did I mention how much I loved winter yet!?  😛

Not so much!

QUESTION OF THE DAY:  Any tips on transitioning from survival mode to kick butt mode?  How do you do it?



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8 responses to “Survival Mode…

  1. Natalie

    Oh I totally had to look at the pins 🙂

  2. Amy

    Getting those pins out must’ve been a new experience in pain. Makes me shudder. Ha! Your mention of refusing your cast souvenir immediately made me picture a nurse hoarder stealing all the poor lil nasty unwanted casts n cramming them away in a special part of her whole basement. Somebody call the discovery channel. Sorry. It just did.
    I don’t often kick it in the butt, but when I do, success is most often the result of seeing the amazing folks around me who did something a million x’s harder. For the especially difficult challenges, it takes very little imagination for me to loOk into my magic mirror to see down the road a ways. I look to see what the trajectory of my current behaviors will lead n get freaked out n try like the dickens to keep it from going as I imagine it could. I have had a session with the magic mirror lately n desperately need to do some serious modification instead of taking so many things for granted, especially my health. Thank you for posting such helpful, fun, honest thoughts as you have on this here blog n encouraging us folks through the last year or two. It’s sweet to see the positive n heartening to see the rest too.

  3. cl2

    I couldn’t look. Just the idea made me queasy. Well, with close to 0 degrees and bad air and then now all the snow, I don’t think you should be out exercising anyway. I keep telling myself “when the weather changes.” I do like walking in the cold, but not in the snow. I fall too easily. I fell yesterday walking to the mailbox. I don’t want to see you breaking anything else.

  4. Jen

    It’s hard falling out of your usual routine. Especially when you’re a little OCD about following routines and schedules like myself. But I have complete faith in you Whitney! You never fail to amaze!

  5. You are not just a fighter, Whitney, but you are a winner. You never give up and in the process of being so honest about the struggles you face, you inspire those around you. For your own inspiration… Write yourself a letter to be opened next February… Stating all the wishes you have for yourself, including what you wish to learn thru the journey, what new things you’d like to have learned, improved upon, etc… Look at the unopened letter whenever you need a boost. Just knowing you love yourself and want good things for yourself is a helpful reminder. Next year WILL be the present before we know it. We can have peace about our decisions or regret…its all in the choices we make right now.

  6. Avster

    Come visit me… we’ll commiserate together and then figure out how to kick butt together. :b

    Yay! That’s great that your bling is out of your wrist and no way am I looking at what they looked like poking out of your wrist. Bleck. My imagination is too vivid already. 😉

  7. Alena

    Wow–I can’t believe you had those pins sticking out of your skin! And that they just yanked them out without sedating you or something–yikes! I am so glad you took pictures–that’s awesome! I even like your winter pictures, although I am way sick of winter–boo.
    Why is it so hard to get going on a good routine and so painfully easy to stop?! Only one more week until your cast comes off!!! You can do it!! I’ll bet that you will just feel so glad to have that cast off that you will be back in the swing of things in no time. If not, let’s go be beach bums in Hawaii 🙂

  8. Louisa

    QUESTION OF THE DAY: Any tips on transitioning from survival mode to kick butt mode? How do you do it?
    Not sure what to tell you, Whitey.
    I am struggling with getting back into the routine as well.
    The holidays really derailed me this year.
    I had a nasty cold & sinus for about a week.
    My son had a pukie 2 days stomach bug that he is still working to get his appetite back from.
    The kids activities have been running me ragged.
    My husband & I had a blow out.
    The weather isn’t cooperating for me either.
    I know …excuses excuses!
    I know I would be dealing better with all of these things if I was working out regularly.
    That being said – I just need to do it.
    I have been watching what I eat and portions and drinking water.
    Walking whenever I can.
    I have been taking some new vitamins that are supposed to help my hormones.
    I have been getting more sleep.
    I did talk to a knowledgeable guy about my thyroid and plan to get my levels checked. He is going to give me the number of a good doc that can order the necessary blood work and interpret it also. FINALLY
    I have pinned some beginner Yoga & stretches off Pinterest to improve my days & nights.

    My son’s Crossover ceremony is coming up fast and we are making the cake. I know the kids get a kick out of doing it but I will be glad when it’s over.
    There will be a lot LESS running to the city for Cub Scout meetings after his Crossover ceremony because he will now be attending the Boy Scout Troop here in our small town. He is really excited and it will be A LOT less driving each month. Our Boy Scout Troop meets each week at the Park and they do a lot of things together. Once the weather changes, he wants to walk/ bike to his meetings each week.

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