Oh Please, Robert J. DeBry and Associates…

Firstly, thank you all for the comments last week.  The advice was much appreciated!  Y’all are some quality folks, I tell you what!  Secondly, I am so gosh durn happy that we made it through the horrid month that was January, I’d totes be willing to continue this broken arm thing for another 6 months or so!  That just happened to be the biggest lie I’ve ever told in my entire blog existence!  next time let’s switch it up and go for a broken eyelash… much better, CoverGirl!  Bring on February!  And if the groundhog could be right this year, I’d really appreciate an early spring… please and thank you!

Countdown to cast removal?  FOUR DAYS!!!!!!  I’m having senioritis and I’ve almost pulled the thing off myself approximately 80000 times the last few days.  I could pull it off myself… I’ve gotten my hand down past the wrist point, but I will wait and give them the sawing satisfaction!  After that I get a brace and physical therapy… which unfortunately does NOT mean fruity drinks and chaise lounges.

I’m pretty much mostly excited that I won’t have to duct tape a garbage sack to my arm everyday just so I can stand in the shower with my arm raised above my head to prevent waterlog!  It’s the little things we’re all about up here in this joint… even if Madre found Justin Bieber duct tape for me to use.  (side note:  I will never live the fact that I’ve mentioned Justin Bieber too many times in my blog down!  Of course I have always done it in a joking teeny bopper fashion, but now suddenly my name is synonymous with crushing on the pocket sized pint who reminds me of my nephew… NO THANK YOU!!)  I could crush him with my thumb, but that’s another blog post.

In other news… insurance companies suck (sorry Madre, insurance agent extraordinaire!)  I got a note from my health insurance saying they’ve released the total amount to self-pay (pocket change at $12,000).  Why, you might ask?  Because I somehow experienced a car accident when my wrist was broken and so the health side thinks the bill should be paid by the auto insurance side.  LAWSY, you cheap wads!  After many calls and arguments between both sides of the insurance spectrum, I’ve learned that in Utah there is some law where if you are touching your vehicle at any point of injury, the auto insurance is supposed to be liable for up to $3000 under the personal injury protection clause… blah, blah, blah.  And since I was scraping the ice and snow off my car windows when I slipped on the ice and fell on my butt, that applies to me.  I ain’t no crystal ball or anything, but I’m predicting many more phone calls to clueless insurance people in my future!  They’ve given me so many conflicting answers, I could write a book… all comes down to poor training in the call centers… period!  Rober J. DeBry and associates… I’ll give you a ring… we can sue my car and/or the patch of ice I slipped on.

I’m going to practice my punching maneuvers during physical therapy… watch your back Progressive and Blue Shield… I’m not afraid to break a fingernail or 4 in the process!!

QUESTION OF THE DAY:  How are you all doing?  Any fun stuff going down in your lives?  49ers or Ravens… or commercials?




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10 responses to “Oh Please, Robert J. DeBry and Associates…

  1. Natalie

    I wish I could say ” I can’t believe it!” But somehow, I can. Keep slapping those companies until they pay Whitney! It’s like they just wait for someone to give up so they win!

  2. cl2

    I definitely can believe it. I won’t go into my issues with insurance companies. But I have good news!?!? That I’ve waited for for months. My boyfriend got a job in Logan. No more driving to Colorado (but then I haven’t driven there since my accident in May). And if the Denver Broncos aren’t playing, I’m not watching!!! (My younger disabled brother has loved the Broncos since he was about 10 years old and he is now 47, so we all cheer for the Broncos.)

  3. Avster

    Oh, my! That’s quite the ordeal!

    I think you should have the Beibster autograph you cast and then mail it to the insurance company and tell them that’s your payment. 😉

    Doing? Um…. better… the perspective is slowly coming back. Fun stuff? Nope.

  4. Louisa

    QUESTION OF THE DAY: How are you all doing? Any fun stuff going down in your lives? 49ers or Ravens… or commercials?

    Wow – getting the cast off is big news!
    I know you are r e a d y !
    The brace and PT will be good for it and give you a bit more freedom.

    The weather here has been really weird and just like Missouri – HA.
    One day it is sunny and almost 70 degrees and two days later it is the coldest on record.
    Today, it is supposed to get up in the mid-40’s so come hell or high water we are going for a walk!

    Our daughter got her braces off last week – BIG milestone. She is loving her “new teeth”…lol and the freedom to eat without rubberbands getting in the way. She loves brushing her teeth without the braces because it is so much easier. Everyone has been noticing and commenting on how wonderful her teeth have turned out.

    Our son is going through CrossOver soon ( from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts ) and that will help out a lot. It will be different b/c they will meet each week and the meetings will be longer but they really DO stuff. He was getting bored in Cubs. This new Boy Scout Troop meets here local ( not 30 miles away ) and so we can walk, bike, or drive over depending on the weather. The meetings and activities he has been to so far…he really liked.

    That should mean that Fridays are my only crazy day ( crazy b/c we will try and cram everything we need to do in the city all in that one day ).

    I don’t have a comment on the Super Bowl b/c we aren’t fans. We didn’t see any of the commercials either. We had a nice quiet evening of dinner and movies…

  5. Karen

    There were some great commercials on the super bowl–like military and the one about the farmer. Did root for the 49ers since I was born in the bay area of CA. It turned into a good game, and no complaints
    Again typing with two hands, and am working at bending my left fingers in order to avoid physical therapy. Have two more weeks to accomplish that goal.
    Glad I enjoy my sewing machine since I am sick of smog, cold and snow. it has been a long winter without challenges on top of it.
    Hang in there!

  6. Jen Nelson

    I seriously can’t believe Blue Shield is doing that!! Outrageous! What a weird little rule to have, and of course it had to happen to you. Hope you get things sorted out.

  7. Amy

    You can slide your hand down to the wrist section of your cast?… Naughty, naughty. Maybe Dessa should Beiber tape your cast into correct position. Haha. At least that might help w/ the water-proofing. (Guess I really can’t blame ya)

  8. Julie

    Unbelievable! BCBS should be ashamed! I’m so sorry you r dealing with that! My husband is an attorney, I can’t wait to get his viewpoint on it. He’s not a personal injury attorney, but still… He’ll have a better idea of what’s what than I do. Argh!

  9. Lindsay

    4 DAYS? That’s it? Wow that went by fast …. (for me!) LOL I knew you would love me saying that! These have to be some of my favorite pictures you have ever taken! There is nothing more beautiful than blue sky and that awesome snow! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Susan

    For what it’s worth…if you don’t get some answers from either your auto insurer or your health insurer, file a complaint with the Utah DOI. I have worked in health insurance for 20+ years, mostly in compliance and regulatory positions, so I know what gets the attention of an insurer. Your auto and health carriers should be working together.

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