Move Over, Arnie…

Arnie as in Arnold “I’ll Be Back” Shwarzendfnsafoafoinfoeinfger… you know… before he turned creeptastic and cheaty and secret love childy… back when he was just a really bad actor with huge-mongous muscles!  This past Thursday in physical therapy (session numero 2), evil lady therapist chic decides it’s not enough that she should twist my arm around like it be torture session at the prison mixer… I told her she may have my hands tied down, but I done got two working legs to kick a hole in her head with; that hasn’t seemed to deter her torturing ways!  EVIL!!!!!!!!  Next time I’m in a really bad mood, I’m going to sign up to become a physical therapist… evil critters anyway!

Anyway… it wasn’t enough that she should do the twisting thing, so she throws in weights to build up the now nonexistent muscles in my forearms/wrist… I’m all like give me the 10-pounder… easy peasy!  She decided it’d be better to start at 2 pounds… which was cool and all, but after 2 minutes of grunting and screeching like a pound puppy stuck in a kitten farm, I hadn’t moved it.  SERIOUSLY!?!?!?  I can’t even lift a 2-pounder with ye yonder wristy thing?  She moved me down to a 1 pounder, which… and I don’t mean to brag or anything… I TOTALLY ACED!!  Yay me!  Nothing like a degrading move from 2 to 1 pound to get that confidence pumping.  I’m aiming to become a miniature weight lifter… if I keep this up, I could probably lift doll furniture for gold medal status!  BRING IT!!

In other news… weighing myself for the first time in 2-1/2 months revealed things that weren’t pretty… ugly number anyway!  At least I know and I did me some exercising today… which really goes well with my anemia… sweat dries (TMI ALERT) and then I end up shivering, bones clacking together until I can get into the hot shower.  Did I mention how much I loved cold weather!?  Where’s my tiny violin?  I actually felt pretty good about today… logged my food… did the exercise… and ate a good amount of vegetation, which has been sorely lacking the last several weeks.  No excuses… get up offa that buttocks and do it!  You have a miniature doll house lifting gig to train for!

QUESTION OF THE DAY:   How has your winter exercising routine been going?  Any fun indoor exercising inventions to share? 



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11 responses to “Move Over, Arnie…

  1. cl2

    Nonexistent is what my exercise has been. I keep trying to talk myself into it! I’m just about ready to go buy some donuts–I hope your arm continues to get better!

  2. Avster

    Love the blue, blue sky!

    You and my boss can get together and compare lifting notes. She recently had carpal tunnel surgery and isn’t allowed to lift more than two pounds. We had a good laugh because she weighed a full cup of coffee and it weighed just under two pounds!

    • I had to drive up to the high country to find that blue sky… we ain’t seen it in the valley since November!

      Haha… funny you should mention that a coffee cup weighed just under 2 pounds! That’s the exact thing my physical therapist gave an example of when I asked her how much I could pick up with my right hand!

  3. Jamie

    Great to hear you are active again and getting focussed again! Cheering from the peanut gallery! (But I’ll avoid throwing peanuts… Or throwing anything for that matter:) )

  4. Lindsay

    Way to get back going again! Just have a reminder how good you felt after finishing an exercise!

  5. Alena

    Bless you my dear! Way to get back on the food logging and vegetation and exercise!

  6. Louisa

    QUESTION OF THE DAY: How has your winter exercising routine been going? Any fun indoor exercising inventions to share?

    Hit & miss at best.
    I have big calorie burn days, like today because I have to take care of our horses with this cold and snowy stuff on the ground from our latest storm. Hauling water and hauling hay and cleaning out the barn will burn off some calories.
    Other days it is gets into the 50’s and I squeeze in a walk / playing basketball in the driveway with the kids.
    I have started doing an AM Yoga sequence and want to start doing a PM Yoga sequence also before bed. It is supposed to be beneficial (all around ).

  7. Anne Davis

    You gotta love those P.T. People. Here @ my new “home” (the acute injury rehab center), I get to spend THREE hours a day (yeah, I know you’re jealous), with my small army of torture chamber minions. It’s like they sit around & help eachother to think up new horrors to try on me each & every day. It’s SO much fun! I think the best part of my life in a hospital is having to have an assistant to go pee, poo, shower, etc, etc. And everyday I get a new one to deal with. I am becoming more independant, but they insist I’m gonna fall down & go boom, if they don’t watch me. Funny thing is I never DO (I’m not gonna either), but they insist on watching me poop. Oh the humanity!!! Thank God that you ONLY broke your wrist!!!

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