Oh Durrr…

Thank you all for the kind words and congrats… I seriously think y’all are the BEES KNEES!  I don’t know what that phrase means… call up the assisted living center and ask them.  For those who were asking, the production is April 8th through 11th.  I am not sure where yet.

Also, just to clear things up since I don’t think I was very clear in yesterday’s post… I was clear in my mind but I sometimes forget y’all don’t live in my mind.  I somehow made it look like I was joining the production of Les Miserables!!!  This production is a LOCAL production of Michael McLean’s production, so dude is not involved at all… well, except for the fact that he wrote the material.  Just to clear that up.  So, basically it’s like that movie, The Greatest Christmas Pageant Ever, but without pageants and Christmas… and camels.

Meanwhile… there was blue sky and sunshine today and after I fainted from gleefullness, I actually went outside on a dagnabbed walk!  It was cold (3os), but I ain’t seen blue sky in the longest of times… it made me happy… and I can take all the happy I can get!  Plus, exercising is a good thing… ask Richard Simmons.  Now, snow… listen here… MELT!

Have a fabulous week, you Bees Knees friends of mine!



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4 responses to “Oh Durrr…

  1. cl2

    Have you noticed–in Cache Valley when it gets above 30, people start acting like it is in the 70s? I think the highest we got in January–all month–was 6 degrees, wasn’t it? The snow from before Christmas is still buried in there somewhere. No January thaw this year! No matter what the production is–I had a good idea what you were talking about being here in Cache Valley–but it is still amazing especially with your preparations beforehand. Shows you have the talent. I’m glad you got out and walked. I didn’t. I had been doing good last week and after working so much over the weekend and with a full house here trying to work, too, I just had to crash and burn yesterday.

  2. Louisa

    Glad to hear you got some sunshine and blue sky. That and some exercise will brighten up those spirits.
    I just spent the morning wrestling with 2 trailer tires, 3 frisky horses, the mud & muck, cold temps, and a real gusty wind.
    I took the horses to the farrier to get their hooves trimmed up and one had to get the sharp points on his teeth filed down.
    It is all done though until spring so I am happy to be back home, warm and supping on a big mug of hot tea.

  3. Dessa wade

    Cutest picture ever whit!

  4. Alena

    Yay for sunshine!!! You look great!

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