Things That Are Semi-Awesome…

You know that feeling when a big ole sumo wrestler wearing puppy slippers is sitting on your chest whilst you’re trying to walk up a flight of stairs?  Anyone?  That’s my definition of what it feels like when you’re out of shape (aka haven’t exercised regularly in 2+ months).  It actually doesn’t take very long to get back to that feeling of I might croak walking a city block.  The good news is… it’s reversible… glory hallelujah Gertrude and Beelzebub!  I can’t tell you how good it has felt to exercise regularly these past 3 weeks… dagnabbed good.  Of course, there will be a time when I forget that feeling… it happens… but when I do someone hire that same puppy-slipper-wearing sumo wrestler dude to come and remind me what a dimbat I’ve become… okay!?  The first thing that’s semi awesome… EXERCISE!!

Numero next thing that’s semi-awesome… this literature class I’ve been taking this semester.  I’ve never been a huge reader… PASS.  I’ve always chalked it up to time… but mostly ADD attention span.  I pretend I love to read a book on a nice summer evening out on the deck.  The truth is, I have the book open, but my mind is too busy calculating the amount of Junebugs falling from the tree limbs or the fact that Mr. Neighbor who shall remain nameless is getting into his hot tub nekked again.  Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…. don’t tell anyone.  This literature class is cool in that the literature is short stories, poetry, and dramatic plays.  So, I guess my attention span doesn’t have to be as long as if it were a 5-billion-page book.  And the stories have been interesting (coughcough… I said STORIES… pass on most of the poetry).  It also includes stuff from all different years from the 1600s to the 21st century.  I’m not going to lie… Shakespeare makes my eyes roll back into my head… but that’s just because I have to do a lot of Internet research after reading one of his poems… just to know what the helium balloons boy be talking about.  Literature class… Fun stuff!

Next thing that’s semi-awesome… The Garden!  I literally cry approximately 8 times per rehearsal… 5 of those times it’s because I’ve totally messed up the notes/words… but the other 3 times it’s legitimately because the material is powerfully beautiful… even if the name of one of my solos is What Good Will I Ever Be?  Those of you who live in the valley and need a good cryfest/feel good program, I’d totally recommend coming to the production, April 8th through 11th at Sky View High Auditorium… Tickets!!   CoughcoughShamelessPlugCoughCough… allergy season… get over it.

Things that are not awesome… my car had to be towed up to the service station tonight.  Boo Hiss… I have plenty of extra money to spend on you… this arm brace I own only cost me $15,000.00… that leaves the other million I have lying around for the car repair!  Beulah the Buick has decided it’s not in her best interest to start some of the time.  Last Thursday I had to walk home from the grocery store.  She started right up soon after though.  Today, the result was not so favorable… thus the reason she was towed.  Stupid Beulah!  She needs to be getting with the above-mentioned semi-awesome things and changing her attitude… STAT!

Question of the Day:  What’s one semi-awesome thing going on in your life right now?  




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13 responses to “Things That Are Semi-Awesome…

  1. cl2

    You had to ask. If I could tell you what my morning has been like so far and it is 5:43. Since everything else seems a bit NUTS right now–I’ll say MY DOG. My little 7 pound happy dog.

    Congratulations on the 3 weeks of exercising. I made it 2 and then haven’t been out for a week plus. It does take all that extra energy at first–can’t even lift my fingers to type exhaustion, and then I gave it up??? What??

  2. Avster

    Sounds to me as though Beulah is just trying to help you get back into shape, Whit! It’s nice that she cares! :b

    I hear you on the poetry!

    Something semi-awesome… um… my brother and s-i-l are coming up for the weekend…

  3. dessawade

    Something semi-awesome? Spring is right around the corner – it might be several different corners but it’s coming!

  4. Kittywampus

    I’m still amused about the neighbors hottub antics. Post pic of the guy on Facebook or it never happened! For some reason I imagine him to look like Ron Jeremy because that would be so much funnier. As for your car, I’ll bet you need a new starter. After a certain tilting point, my philosophy on replacement parts is that I’d rather buy a new part attached to a completely new car.

    • HA!! If there were pictures, I would pass from the accidentally sees what she doesn’t want to see stage to the creepy stalkerish neighbor stage… and there is just no way I can consciously pass into that territory! But, if you’d like to come visit one summer, I’m not saying you couldn’t visit that territory! As for the car… they said it was a faulty fuel line… which could explain the reason I’ve been smelling gas in my car for years! 😛

  5. Semi-awesome… I couldn’t think of a gift for my Dad for his birthday this year. I always get him a shirt or something like that. This year I decided to just take him out for lunch and a movie, spend some time with him. He was really excited. I’ve never spent much time with him, so I’m looking forward to it.

  6. Louisa

    Question of the Day: What’s one semi-awesome thing going on in your life right now?

    Our 15yo daughter is getting confirmed this Sunday! We are super proud of her. I bought her 2 new dresses and she is trying to decide which one to wear. For the ceremony & pictures, the confirmation kids will wear a robe over their church clothes but afterward we will take some pics in her dress too.
    She doesn’t know it yet but we got her a couple of super gifts to commemorate the event and we are taking her out to lunch.

    Our almost 12 yo son has made great strides in his new Boy Scout Troop. He has already led the troop in pledges, prayer, and how to tie knots.
    He most recently went on a hike with the troop at a conservation area without my husband or myself along. That is huge for him. We are proud of him.
    My husband had to work.
    His sister and I were riding our horses at the same conservation area but we were miles apart. He was happy to see us ride up to where they were eating lunch. He was thrilled and ready to swing up behind me on my trailhorse and head out for the truck & trailer. He had a great time on the hike and did really well. He liked getting to ride out with us too. He thought it would give the other guys something to talk about…lol. I bet it did too.

    It has been crazy busy here but I am trying to keep it together. Looking forward to some more warm days and sunshine so we can walk more.

    Oh! – since yesterday was the first day of spring we went to the farm & home store and snuggled on the bunnies and ducklings there.
    We also brought home 15 precious chicks to raise up again this year.
    They are adorable and doing fantastic.
    My bulbs are peeking through the mulch in all my flower beds.
    I love spring.

    • Congrats to your son and daughter on their accomplishments! It sounds like they are having a memorable teenage years… preteenage for your son! And yes… spring is a great time of year… if it stays… usually it goes back to winter! 😛

      • Louisa

        Funny you should say that, Whitney! We got several inches of snow on Sunday and the church services and confirmation ceremony got cancelled. The church powers-that-be are trying to reschedule it but that doesn’t help me since I have a basement full of flowers for the ceremony.
        Guess I will be re-ordering them ( sigh ).

        The snow won’t be sticking around long though. The ground here is warm and the temps have been in the upper 30’s and 40’s during the daytime with sunshine so it is melting off fast.
        My husband is happy with the snow. He got to blade some driveways ( he loves to play on the tractor ). He also is happy because he put fertilizer on the yard last week and he says snow on top of it is good for it. I guess it soaks it in as the snow melts and doesn’t run off like when it rains.
        It is a guy thing.

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