Get Yo’ Crap Together…

The limit of stupid to the nth degree is named Knit-Whit!  I have lost my mind.  Alzheimer’s has set in at age 34 and I plan on moving into the padded wall portion of the facility as soon as the warden releases me.  BLUGHHHHH!!!  Take that and smoke it.  Why am I ranting like a lunatic?  Because it’s punishment for forgetting to do TWO quizzes before the due date these past few weeks in my Biology class.  I’m not too optimistic about my Unit 3 closed-book exam that I need to go up to the University to take by Saturday either.  It’s a combination of having too many things on my mind at once and pretty sure the other part is young-onset Alzheimer’s… what’s my name again?  Basically, I just need someone to volunteer (this ain’t no paying gig… who do I look like?  Oprah?) to follow me around 24/7 with a pen and a notebook and whap me upside the head when I need to do something.  I don’t care if your whapping is hard as long as I’m still able to sit up unassisted for at least 30 minutes.  Send your applications to someone else because I’ll misplace them and/or forget why I’m getting them.

In other news… my car, which was supposedly fixed up at the service station last week when they replaced my fuel line is once again playing that game where Beulah the Buick drives me to a place just fine and dandy, but then refuses to start when I want to drive her back home.  Does that mean she has been traumatized by my driveway?  Is she subconsciously blaming herself for when I slipped on the ice and broke my wrist whilst cleaning her windshield and now she can no longer face the pavement that it happened on?  GET OVER YOURSELF, BEULAH!!  Back up to the service station.  Note to self:  consider getting a younger less emotionally-needy car next car purchasing time.

In yet further news… The Garden opens in exactly ONE WEEK from today, which means my Alzheimeric brain best get it’s butt in gear to memorize this whole fligflabbed book of music.  It’s really a powerful program (if you pay attention and listen to the words).  If anyValleyites are still interested in coming and haven’t bought tickets, I’d recommend buying them in advance at that above-mentioned link on account of the fact that you will save a whole 2 bucks per ticket if you buy them online… and that’s enough to buy a Diet Dr. Pepper… x2… right, Madre!?  According to Madre… happiness is going to 7-11 on Saturday, filling up a cup she found in the backseat of the car with Diet Dr. Pepper hoping to get the refill price, and then getting it for free because the cup she used to refill was smaller than an average refiller cup.  Now that’s happiness… in Madre’s world.   Meanwhile, in my world happiness is discovering a half eaten bag of M&Ms in my desk drawer.  They were probably 3 years old… but they’re like astronaut food… and that meant that 3 years ago I didn’t actually scarf down the whole bag in one sitting… that there was an accomplishment for any year.  Take note of that Whitney of the year 2013… okay?

Question of the Day:  How is your memory?  What do you use to remind yourself to do something? 




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13 responses to “Get Yo’ Crap Together…

  1. cl2

    Memory? I used to have a really good memory. I have word-finding difficulties now. And I mean I can’t even think of the word, let alone get it out of my mouth. You have a lot on your plate right now–I don’t know how you keep up with it all! Also–have they changed the “solenoid?” Not sure that is how you spell it, but I had a car some years ago that would do to me what your’s is doing.

    • Thanks for the tip, Colleen. Next time I take it in I will have to mention that. He said that he tried starting ti all morning and it started every time, so I picked it up unfixed… only time will tell when it happens again.

  2. Avster

    My memory is pretty good, but not so good as it was just a few years ago. :s Somethings I just choose not to make an effort to remember!

    I think Beulah and my car are conspiring together… yesterday my car blew a whole in the exhaust… and of course it had to be on the way to where I was going so I had to endure the inanely loud noise for forty-five minutes. :S

    What do I do to remind myself? If I want to commit something to memory I generally repeat it a number of times in my head. It doesn’t always work but it generally works. 🙂

    • Stupid cars… it must be a conspiracy! Maybe you can plug up that exhaust hole with some chewed up bubble gum. I think that would only cost like 25 cents. GIve it a go!

  3. Karen

    I write everything down. Even what I need to tell someone in a phone call. I put out on the table the items I need to deal with the next day. It happens if you are going too many unrelated directions.
    You are welcome to borrow the old Lexus. We do have three cars and two drivers.

  4. Blythe S. Berger

    I am a very visual learner, so I need to write it down (Even if I never look at the paper again, it’s in my visual memory.) or picture myself actually doing whatever. But I don’t think I could forget a quiz, because my long-time recurring nightmare is missing a test in a college class. I’d be so freaked out that my nightmare was actually going to happen, the date would be indelibly imprinted.
    Wish we could be there for “The Garden.” It truly sounds wonderful.

  5. Louisa

    Question of the Day: How is your memory? What do you use to remind yourself to do something?

    I make lots of lists and I use the calendar in my phone and set lots of reminders.

  6. Alena

    My memory is awful! I take two steps and can’t remember where I am going or why I was going there in the first place. I have to make lots of lists and write things on the calendar and then I have kids that are constantly reminding me. They also wonder what I am doing wandering around aimlessly when I just told them I would do something for them 🙂

    • LOL!! We have the same genes! I think your excuse right now could be pregnancy brain, though… you are getting closer by the minute! At least you know your kids have some good memories… so far anyway! 😛

  7. I have to write things down or I forget. Can’t rely on my brain. Especially with Alzheimer’s in the family.

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