Randomly Stoop-Id Observations…

I have a new thing to argue with the insurance company about… yep… 4 months later I’m still arguing about my broken wrist bills… which number more than the smart people in an insurance company call center.   That’s not a stereotype… it’s a scientific fact I have taken great lengths to prove after having talked to pretty much every single one of them over the last 4 months.  For the first however many months, I was arguing back and forth between the health insurance company and the auto insurance company because of the invisible automobile accident I was in when I broke my wrist… fyi scraping the ice off of your car window now counts as an automobile accident.  I wonder how much insurance company arguing I can get in this summer when I attempt to chisel off the 4 feet of bird doo on my car windows.  My new argument?  The thousand-dollar fee I was charged from seeing an out-of-network provider… which totes makes sense if I had any choice in the matter, but this out-of-network doctor I saw just so happened to be in the emergency room on the night I broke the dagnabbed thing.  And obviously, caring about which doctor was in-network when I felt like I’d been run over by a 500-pound linebacker was the first thing that popped into my mind.  “Golly gee, Mr. Doctor… you don’t live in the Blue Shield network?  I don’t think I can allow you to provide me pain relief in the form of hallucinogenic Percocet.”   Besides that, you don’t get a choice of doctor when you go to the dagnabbed emergency room… there’s one… end of story… the other option is to go see Homeless Joe on the corner for a stash of the good stuff.

So, that’s my new debate club topic.  I suck at debating with them too because my argument never comes out of my mouth as eloquently as my brain seems to think it should… it’s usually something like… DUH… well that’s the stoop-idest thing I’ve ever heard!?!?  Can you tell why I won Miss Congeniality at the Junk Yard Smelly Pageant?  This one lady the other day wasn’t quite getting the fact that I had no choice in the matter of which doctor I saw in the ER.  She kept saying that I could have asked if he was in-network and then if he wasn’t, I had the choice to leave rather than incur the thousand-dollar fee.  Sure, I had the choice to leave… my arm all bent in a weird shape like I’d decided to turn into Gumby… why don’t I run out for a burger first until change of shift.

America, the Beautiful… the home of the fries and the insurance companies trained at the Chuck-E-Cheeses!

If this comes off a little snarky it’s because my teeth have decided to turn on me and instead of eating food, they’ve decided it would be a great idea to throb painfully like I done stuck my mouth with a thorny rosebush plant.  Two dental visits/bills later and all I got was this aching gumline.  Bring it, Disneyland!

Question of the Day:  Do you enjoy debating?  Any tips?

Tee hee hee… SPRING!  No matter that it’s like we ain’t in Kansas anymore, Toto, the last 2 days and nights… there are buds!



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8 responses to “Randomly Stoop-Id Observations…

  1. Lindsay

    Sorry you have so many medical bills right now! The good new is . . . maybe you will have met your deductible at some point?

  2. jen

    I am a terrible debater so I’m no help. We have Blue Cross too and they’re difficult to work with. I filed an official appeal when they said my iron infusions weren’t medically necessary. I wrote up a big long letter with copies of lab work as proof and they still refuse to pay. So I just finished paying the 2000 for them just in time for me to need another infusion. Keep me updated on your insurance feud. That is such a silly rule they have.

    • That is just ridiculous they don’t think it’s medically necessary!? Seriously? Have they ever tried to functon on low iron? I hope you can find out some way to cut through that. Ridiculous!

  3. tjs616

    Every time you work with medical billing they are going to try and bamboozle you. Its definitely how they make their money. Just work through the story in your head and go in as confident as possible. I have bills from July that I’m still calling about because they made an error in billing. They’ve admitted that they made a mistake, but getting them to actually fix it has proven to be a challenge. Each time I call I just rehearse my message which usually starts with “Hi xxxx, let me give you my account number. I know you’re tired of hearing from me on this but…” I give them the super-nice-but-you’re-clearly-wrong attitude and it seems to be working. I’m pretty sure if the emergency room is covered by your plan it doesn’t matter which doctor sees you. it should be billed as an emergency room visit not a doctor visit. I know here in Vegas some of the health plans require you to go to Urgent Care first and get referred to the emergency room. The only time you are supposed to go directly to the Emergency room are true life threatening situations like amputation, stab wounds, etc. Actually, I just double checked Blue Cross’s website out of curiosity and “Possible Broken Bones” is listed as one of their acceptable reasons to go to the emergency room so it sure sounds like you were right in going directly there.

    • Great tips, TJ… thank you! I can’t believe you are still having an issue with something from July!? Almost a year ago? That is so lame, insurance company! I found out today that the doctor in question just got put in-network on January 1st of this year… of course he saw me 5 days before that on December 26th. Stupid red tape!

      • tjs616

        It is ridiculous! But part of the problem came from the fact that they switched their billing system around October and suddenly found things they hadn’t billed me for from July. I say “you snooze you lose”, but apparently that doesn’t work with medical bills 🙂

  4. Louisa

    Thankfully no insurance issues right now!

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