Give Up? My Rear Patookus…

I’ve never been a video gamer.  When I was 8 years old I bought a really cheap Atari and a box of games at a garage sale… only because I had some money burning a hole in my pants pocket from my child slave labor full-time summer babysitting gig.  Stop it, Mom… it was child slave labor… let’s call a Bieber a Bieber!  When you’re 8 years old, they can get away with paying you 50 cents an hour and make you work a full 8-hour day… heckuva babysitting deal right there.  And no, 50 cents an hour when I was 8 was not a land fall… I ain’t Betty White old yet!  What was I yammering about?  Oh yes… video games.  The Atari I bought rarely to mostly NEVER got used… I just wasn’t interested in making a weird-looking alien dude jump from square to square.  Not my cup of tea… plus, you couldn’t eat it, so obvs not up my alley of expertise.

I never owned a Nintendo or an X-Box or a Doo Hickey Doo Dah… I just never did… and I never missed out on it because it didn’t interest me.  All of this backstory about how video game noninterested I was will have a point… I think… we’ll see when I get to the end of my thought process.  So, no one was more surprised than me when I got addicted to a few different Facebook games.  It started back when I broke my wrist earlier this year and I couldn’t do much else but match up jewels and shoot sparkling balls at centipedes intent on destroying the land of Bagzabah…  It’s not like I had time to do play these stupid games.  I had homework and work and all sorts of other things that could have been a much better use of my time, so what did I cut out in order to play?  My sleep time.  I already get very few hours of sleep as it is because I’m one of those weird insomniac people who’d rather paint the ceiling than stare at it waiting to fall asleep.  So, instead of getting a few more hours of shut eye, I’d spend a few hours playing Pear Saga (what the helium balloon does a pear have a saga about?) or Pet Saga or Farm Saga… there were a lot of sagas for some reason.  And then hours later, I’d scold myself for being so dagblasted stupid, delete the game apps from my Facebook page and vow never to touch another time waster game again.  Next night, I’d find the games again and start the vicious cycle all over again.   I do have an addictive personality… out of sight out of mind… but put it under my nostril hairs and fuhgettaboutit!

I just erased Farm Saga for the umpteenth time tonight… NO MORE… but I did realize why I keep coming back… it’s that stupid box that pops up every time you’re about to lose a life… the choices are usually pay money stupidly to buy some more lives because the turnip truck just delivered you to the land of clueless yesterday OR… and this is the rub… GIVE UP.  Heck if I like that phrase… I hate it… more than I hate the words moist and cornucopia… and ice and snow.  It’s like a glaring  pile of cow turds dumped on your bed as an alarm clock rig every morning (bad idea, farmers of America!)

I’m feeling defeated in the weight loss game right now… weight gain game is more like it… but even though I feel defeated, there has never, ever been the thought to give up… it’s not my nature.  That’s why every Friday night you’ll find me planning out my menu for the next week so I can have a list for the grocery store on Saturday (talk about wild Friday night par-tays, yo!)  That’s why you’ll find me in the kitchen on Sunday night marathon cooking so I can just grab and go for the rest of the week.  Most weeks aren’t successful, but there’s a glimmer of hope there that the next one will be… and that’s what keeps a person going.  You either try or you sit still wallowing in your Saga (harhar).

Moral of the story:  I’m still vowing never to play another Facebook game again and I’ve deleted them once again tonight… don’t you throw your Give Up phrase my way Pear Saga… I just might prove you wrong.

Question of the Day:  Do you consider yourself a game fanatic?  Any favorites?  




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13 responses to “Give Up? My Rear Patookus…

  1. Jen

    I’m not really a game player. I’m afraid to try one because I don’t want to get addicted. Good for you for not giving up . Excited to see you this weekend.

  2. cl2

    The only time I got addicted is to on-line solitaire. Nothing else. I have an addictive personality, too, and if I got started, I’d never work. As for dieting, I plan in my mind. I can’t go to the complex dieting. It just makes me feel overwhelmed. I’d like to lose another 30 to 35 pounds. I know I’ll never be a rail again–but I’d just like to be below 200. I’d like to by the end of September. I wish I knew how to accomplish it.

    • I hate dieting… that’s why I shy away from it… fewer calories and exercise has a different definition in my mind frame… if I can ever get there! Rooting you on, Colleen!

  3. Dessawade

    Used to play solitaire on my Ipad but now that sounds boring to me so no addiction to games for me. Don’t give up Whit!

  4. Louisa

    Question of the Day: Do you consider yourself a game fanatic? Any favorites?
    I am not into any games. My husband isn’t into them either. They just don’t hold my attention. Some of my kid’s friends will show me some game on there latest gadget-gizmo and say how great it is blah-blah-blah but it is lost on me. My kids are the same way. They will play a couple times and then they are like “ok, so… what else do you want to do”? Our kids want to be outside and playing and being creative and active. It is getting harder for their friends to keep up with them. Their friends are so used to these techie things being their entertainment for when they are alone or bored or tired that they are lost without them and think everyone is into them like they are.
    It is sad. They are going to look back on their childhood one day and not remember DOING anything but being attached to some gadget to entertain and amuse them.
    I don’t guess I have that addictive personality. I don’t get stuck on things and I am grateful for it. I have A LOT of friends that are that way though.
    I don’t like the idea of giving something else control over me. I am more of a borderline control freak but my husband is a certifiable control freak…lol.

    • That’s why I’m glad we didn’t have all the tech stuff when I was a kid… we actually did things outside and I have fond memories of the fun games we’d play around the neighborhood. Glad your kids are getting to enjoy those too!

  5. tjs616

    Its so funny how easy it is to become addicted to something so trivial yet fun. A couple years ago, I cut out 100% of all facebook games I played when I realized that I was spending so much time focusing on building cleaning fake farms, building fake fairs, cooking fake food, etc that my real life was suffering because of it. Slowly, I’ve bled back in a couple of the smaller ones that I can play very quickly when I’m bored or have a few minutes to de-stress and then move on with my day. Candy Crush Saga I play on my phone when I’m waiting in places or sometimes before I fall asleep. I’ve been doing Farm Hero Saga on Facebook but I’m not sure I actually like it more like I’m compelled to go in and just try to beat the level I’m on. I’m pretty stuck and starting to hate it, though, so I’m sure that will get dropped soon. Bubble Witch Saga was really fun for a long time, and that one is still on my phone, too, but I can’t remember the last time I played it. So I guess in summary CANDY CRUSH SAGA FOREVER! For the record, I barely even watch TV let alone play any games other than when I’m working. When I’m off work, I’ve been trying to stay as technology free as possible 🙂

    • HA!!! I used to play Candy Crush Saga too… that was until I got to a level I couldn’t beat no matter how many times I played, and then I gave it up for good! They are a good distraction for when you are waiting around for things or coughcough when you’re on a conference call for work coughcough!

  6. Alena

    Way to keep going–Never Give Up! 🙂
    Love the beautiful Spring Pictures!

  7. Avster

    Game player? Me? Ummm… I bought a Wii a few months ago… you can come play it with me. It’s lots of fun. 😀

    As for weight loss…. if you’re coming across those yellow, smiling, disembodied heads then no wonder you’re not seeing a loss! Who wants to work out when you see what you’re going to become! 😉

    Giving up is never an option for me either. I’ve always got to find a way to make it work. Always… and I will sometimes injure myself just to prove that I can do it…. sometimes it’s dumb…. and sometimes an oven explodes… though I wasn’t thinking about giving up on the oven so scratch that theory.

    • If I start kicking my yellow bloated head down the road now, I could make it to your place by next year… keep the Wii turned on!

      As for ovens… they are rarely worth the hassle. You should go back to Little House on the Prairie days and cook your food over a campfire… for serious! Although, you could singe your eyebrows that way too. Maybe you should wear full body armor.

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