The Car Who Knew It All…

Not to beat a dead horse with a Buick, but it needs to be said.  Beulah the Buick’s done gone out of control!  I’ve mentioned previously her issues with not starting faithfully (finally got that fixed) and then there was an issue with the fuel line (the car always smelt like it was swimming in the gas tank), no problem… explosions are my specialty as the circus freak performer, Whitney the Pyromaniac.  These issues were all within the last few months because she hates me.  Her newest issues? Notice the S!  I drove 8 hours round trip this past Tuesday in 100-degree heat with the air conditioning system blowing out putridly hot air.  Funny thing that it worked just dandy the day before.  Besides that, my brights are stuck in the on position, so until I can figure out how to fix that, I shouldn’t drive at night unless people enjoy being blinded by friendly Buicks.  To round out the issues, all of the gauge hand majigs don’t work properly.  It’s a good thing I brought my GPS, Freda, or else I’d been driving 95 mph in a 75 zone regularly with the gauge telling me I was going 5 mph… and due to the gauge not working, it’s impossible to tell when I’ll run out of gas, which I almost did.  I took an exit that promised gas 25 miles after the red low-on-gas light came on, only to find out that the town’s ONE gas station was all boarded up… stupid Arco, Idaho… and the nearest gas station was 15 miles away in Downey.  It was an adventure!!  I love me a good adventure said the uptight stick-up-the-rear chic!  But the drive was worth it to attend my sweet aunt’s funeral… wouldn’t have missed it even if I’d had to ride a tricycle.  Take that to the bank!

So, the question is… pay more money than I already have this year to get those issues fixed and keep Beulah the LameWad Buick or start car shopping and get a new death trap?  Maybe I’ll start hitchhiking… that always turns out well on 48 Hours:  Mystery.

One happy note this week… we had some beautiful sunsets the last few nights due to the storm systems rolling in.  One of the nights, I went out to take pictures in the front yard and had a whole conversation with a strange guy in a suburban doing the same thing… well, sort of the same thing… he wasn’t in his front yard and was infringing on my front yard, but at least he had the decency to stop before he took the picture on his iPhone.   Note to self:  this situation could possibly be your in for your dream of being on 48 Hours:  Mystery… watch your back.


Fifteen doll-hairs to whichever Cache Valleyite can tell me where I was when taking the above picture?  The scenery ain’t the best, but sunsets don’t wait for you to find a good spot!

Happy belated 4th, y’all!

Question of the Day:  Anyone have any fun summery plans?  Any ideas for a fun cheapish day trip?  I need me a day trip!




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11 responses to “The Car Who Knew It All…

  1. cl2

    I cheated. I knew I recognized where it is, but with all the fitness places that have popped up, I had to look it up. Between Wal-Mart and Kohl’s. Beautiful pictures. I don’t know about your car! Drove my ex’s overheating Trooper to Colorado in August 4 years ago. He told me it was working fine. Had to run the heater to keep it from overheating. If you buy another car, you buy the problems with it. Maybe better to get the one you have fixed????? But I’m not so sure about that either. Day trip? Bear Lake? Drive up over Monte Cristo from Bear Lake and down to Huntsville, down through Ogden–or go over North Ogden pass. We drove from Paradise to Liberty and then over North Ogden pass the other day–but I wouldn’t do it in the car you are speaking of! I already had my fun time. Hope to go to Yellowstone in September or October.

    • You won the photo-placing contest! 😛 Wow… that sounds crazy that you had to run the heater in August!! Maybe that is the reason you have an aversion to hot weather! Thanks for the day trip tips, Colleen. You really can’t go wrong with Bear Lake.

  2. Tia

    Whitney! These photos are PHABULOUS! I think we need to coordinate efforts for a reunion….again. Thanks for taking time to post your thoughts on this here blog! XOXO

  3. Avster

    ha ha Sounds like Beulah needs to take a rest and you need to go find Myrna! 😀

    Cheap vacation? Sure, visit me! :b

    Summer plans… well.. once fair season is over maybe I’ll think about that.

    • Visitin your is cheap? You said you’d pay me to eat one of your cinnamon rolls… now I’m not a saleswoman or anything, but I’d rethink your sales strategy! 😛

  4. Dessawade

    You must have been at Walmart while taking that photo. Let me know where the day trip takes you

  5. Jacque

    So head my way for a day trip. I’ll show you some fun. And BTW, dad just bought uncle Phil’s Subaru for mom and I think he now wants to sell it. It’s a good car.

    • Would this be before or after I move into the basement of your new place!? 😛 Thanks for the tip on the car, Jacque. I would tell Uncle Gene to go forward with the selling of it because I’d be a bit off on the down payment just yet.

  6. Alena

    Sorry about the loss of your aunt and the car problems 😦 Love the photos!

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