Pretty Much Go Getting It…

Do not tell me that it’s August at the end of this week… I repeat… DO NOT TELL ME THAT!!  Time to update y’all on my marvelous list of summer projects I made, say, oh, in Juneish.  First an analogy… so, let’s pretend you’re going on a road trip across the United States, but as soon as you leave the driveway a tire falls off and then when you’re fixing said falled-off tire, the other 3 tires fall off and then when you’re sitting in the middle of the road having a tantrum like a 5-year-old who just got his/her trike kicked in a ditch, a big ole semi who isn’t supposed to be driving on said road anyway runs over you.  That basically sums up my progress report!  😛

My first task was such a simple one… when I broke my wrist wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy back on December 26th, I started being lax on my clothes folding/putting away when I got them out of the dryer because it took like 8000000000 more years to fold/hang up said clothing one-handed, so I’d pile them in this rocking chair next to my closet and dig through the pile when I got dressed in the mornings.  Quality first.  My goal was to declutter my drawers/closet of the clothing I don’t wear anymore and hang up my mountain of rocking chair clothing.  UPDATE:  Let’s see… yesterday I just piled 2 freshly-cleaned piles on top of the others, so I’d say I’m ahead of the game… if the game was played by an armless/legless giraffe in a baby carriage.  You win, Whitney!

Next goal… I wanted to learn how to make a tricot blanket with ruffled edges on it because I’m addicted to tricot and ruffled edges… and also I’m 4.  It started out so promising.  In June I went to the only place in town that sells tricot fabric and I bought some… I also bought a pattern that would roughly help me out with the ruffled edges.  Update:  Two months later, I tripped over the bag of tricot fabric sitting on the floor in my room and moved the pattern (still not opened) from my floor to my desk.  SCORE ONE FOR THE ARMLESS GIRAFFE!!  I’m aiming to have the bag of fabric moved next to the sewing machine by September.  And if that’s too much of a goal to muster, at least move it out of my walking path.

Wish me luck… unless there’s something else to do instead… then, by all means… do that.  I do.

Question of the Day:  Have you made any summer projects/goals?  How are yours coming along?  





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10 responses to “Pretty Much Go Getting It…

  1. You’re ahead of me, Whitney! At least you bought the materials and they are there when you are ready to use them.

    I WAS going to make a lovely, flowered, light weight, quilted sheet thingy for our bed. Didn’t happen at all. I also wanted to get our son’s old room cleared of the junk I’ve been putting in there, spackle all the little nail holes in the walls and paint. Didn’t even start it–although I DID buy a big, honkin’ tub o’ spackle and a putty knife to apply it.

    I have the time, but not the inclination this summer. Bah–it can wait. I have always tried to go by the thought of “People before things.” This summer it sure applies. Hubby is going through chemo and radiation for brain cancer. He’s taking it well with no side effects so far, but I spend most of the time I should be productive worrying about him.

    Don’t think of this as a wasted summer, Whitney! Think of it as taking the summer off to concentrate on your mind. It’s as good of an excuse as any!

    love to you–Kathy

    • Oh… I am so sorry to hear of your poor husband, Kathy… and I know it takes just as big of a toll on the partner. 😦 I’m sending you out thoughts, prayers, and hugs. Take care, sweet lady.

  2. Avster

    Uhh… kind of like you, but maybe just a teeny bit better… maybe… not sure though!
    I’m running out of tomorrows. 😉

    As for the end of the week… it’s totally going to be June.

  3. Dessawade

    The only project I have for myself is to enjoy every possible minute of summer before the snow falls once again and we get the Cache Valley inversion. Doing pretty well since I have spent alot of time on the back deck reading and staring at nature. Even been on two picnics, my second move favorite thing to do in the summer.

  4. Alena

    Well you just put perfectly into words about how all of my goal-setting goes 🙂 Although when I tripped over the bag of fabric, I would probably start thinking, “What is this? Did I buy this? I wonder why?”

  5. Louisa

    Question of the Day: Have you made any summer projects/goals? How are yours coming along?
    We hosted a teenage girl from Spain this summer. Her name was Alejandra but we just called her Allie for short.
    Wow it was a whirlwind of a summer. She was here only for 5 wks so we managed to cramm 3 months worth of activities ( typical American activities ) into those 5 wks.
    She was a beautiful girl and we had a ton of fun. Our teenage daughter & Allie became like sisters. They are really missing each other and want to Skype so they can still see each other.
    They email and send pics but want to be able to chat with video too.
    I am looking into it.

    • Hi Louisa!! Nice to see you. I was wondering if you were surviving your busy summer! It sounds like you crammed in all kinds of adventures. So glad your host girl and daughter got along so well. That’s fun to be able to learn of each other’s cultures.

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