Awww, Ewww, and Durrr… The History…

The Awwwww:  An update on last week’s post on my infusion center pals, Butch and Patch…  The other day I shared the infusion room with my good ole’ boys again.  Patch is usually brought in in a wheelchair and then when he gets into the room uses this big ole long stick that he whittled into a walking stick of sorts to hobble his way into a reclining chair.  This was his norm every morning and Butch noticed that said walking stick had no grip on the bottom, so Wednesday he showed up with a rubber grip he’d taken off of an old pair of crutches at home.  Let me see that stick of yers, Patch.  And when the rubber grip would not fit over the end of the stick, he offered to whittle it down in his wood shop so that the gripper would fit on it.  I may have been hormonicizing (scratch that, I was totally hormonicizing) but that sweet little gesture brought a tear to my eye and I had to pretend I was really into the same page in the book I’d been reading for the last 2 weeks.  Same page… different day.  That’s how come I never get through a book.  Thank you, Butch, for the example.  I need to be more aware of those around me and their needs.  You don’t need to be rich to lend a helping hand.

The Durrr this week came when Madre drug me to the Bath and Body Works store kicking and dagnabbed screaming… KICKING AND SCREAMING I tell you what!  😛  LIES!!  Anyone who knows me knows that I’m pretty much obsessed with that stupid store… mainly because of their hand soaps, but that never stops me from buying pretty much everything else within grabbing distance.  Oh, a tea cozy, you don’t say… well, hell if I ever drunk a thing of tea, but I surely need me a cozy.  When we arrived I told Madre I best sit and wait in the car, knowing my history and knowing how I’ve been scrimping and saving this year to pay my bills.  Madre vowed that she’d stop me from buying anything… and I foolishly believed her.  What I didn’t take into account was the fact that Madre can also be a shop-a-holic and the willpower of 2 shop-a-holics together is like 2 calorizing diabetics at a FREE all-you-can-eat dessert shindig.  Ain’t happening.  As soon as I stepped foot into that store Madre was finding ways how I could buy things and then pay her back.  Oh, but look at that deal and you have this 10-dollar off coupon and, and, and, and…  Oh, forget it!  Between Madre and the salesperson who seemed to be following me around having me smell her favorite flavors, which coincidentally just so happened to be everything in the store, it’s a wonder I didn’t walk out of there having to rent a U-Haul to get my stuff home.  Thanks for having my back, Madre!  😛

As for the Ewwwww… courtesy of Lindsay, since she seems to be super proud and has insisted that everybody stare at this most disgusting specimen they found in their driveway.  I might vomit… and also, I will not be stepping foot in your driveway, Lindser until you send me a reciept of proof that you’ve killed every single last one of these suckers… did I mention… GAGGGGGG!!!!

That ain’t even right… puh-lease someone hold me!

Question of the Day:  Do you mind spiders?  What’s your favorite scent at Bath and Body Works (or scent in general)?  




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10 responses to “Awww, Ewww, and Durrr… The History…

  1. Katherine Baran

    First, I HATE spiders!!!! When we lived in Ogden, I saw a huge spider go under our fridge in the garage. I swear, I didn’t go near that fridge for at least 6 mos.! Yuck. Second, I’m a B&B nut too. Can’t go near the place or the website or I’m spending the grocery money, the vacation money, etc.

    • I am sooooo the same as you when it comes to spiders AND BBW! Irrationally, if it goes under a piece of furniture it stays put and I can’t go near it! Still sending you thoughts and hugs, Kathy!

  2. cl2

    I hate spiders, too. The above post reminded me of a huge spider I saw in my kitchen just after we moved in–some 27 years ago. My husband was all the way in Logan, so I called a friend who works nearby. He couldn’t come for 30 minutes and I had somewhere I had to go–so I got a broom and hit it into a bucket (it was on the wall). I put the bucket on the front porch with a board over it. Our friend came by and looked in the bucket. He was even shocked. I saw another one like it some years later on the fence. I hate anything creepy crawly. I’m not all that into BBB–but my family is. I shop their 75% to 90% off sales–on line. Just found those recently. Their newest fragrance I like is tangerines–which I bought for my daughter. I love their, is it, pine candles for Christmas and bought a bunch of them one year–still have some–but now I found another one that I like better, so I don’t have to fret about them running out.

    • Yeah… just reading about your spider story made me shutter. I’m such a whimp!! I’m glad you found another candle scent that you like just as well. My pet peeve is when you have a favorite and then they discontinue the scent!

  3. Alena

    Um, YES I mind spiders! I cannot believe that thing was in Lindsay’s driveway!!!! My favorite B&BW scent is Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin. I love the candle. I’m not sure I could wear the lotion, because I might start gnawing on my hands 🙂 I love the Patch and Butch story.

    • Dude… I LOVE me some sweet cinnamon pumpkin flavor! I am with you, though with the gnawing the hands thing! It smells so dagblasted good! I hope little piker is letting you sleep some more these days!

  4. Lindsay

    Whitney I feel honored to have made the cuts to be a blogpost and have my name mentioned and our pet spider! Thanks! I like any of the non fruity scents I like the relaxing ones like lavender, eucalyptus, orange ginger etc…

  5. Louisa

    I don’t mind spiders if they are outside.
    I kill them if they are in my house. I prefer if my husband does the killing but when he isn’t around, it falls to me. Well, in all honesty, the kids do a good job of taking care of business too ( when the need arises ).
    Our one cat thinks they are fun play-things too…lol.
    I don’t think I have ever seen one quite that big…what is that thing eating anyway?
    You grow those things pretty big there!

    I am getting back into reading your blog so you will have to be patient with me ( i just got my computer back today )…

    As for Bath & Body Works…we only have one in our Mall in the city. I don’t go in there, to be honest. All the scents give me a huge headache ( so does the department store makeup/perfume counter ) so I steer clear.

    As for scents, I like cucumber melon right now ( but I couldn’t tell you if that is a Bath & Body Work scent or not ).


  6. Avster

    Nope, I don’t mind spiders and that is one cute specimen!

    As for Bath and Body works. I think I’ve been in the store twice in my life. :b

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