Convenience Minus Exercise Equals Fat Butt Syndrome…

This weekend Madre and I hightailed it down to the land of smog and fire burning (aka Salt Lake City in August) to hang out like 2 old crows.  I actually played the role of both old crows.  Madre was more a delicate butterfly on the wings of a kookaburra.  I reckon I learnt that from some poetree I read on a napkin once.   While there we met sister, Lindsay and nephew, Ethan for lunch at this joint recommended by the Studio 5 website.  They recommended it for the outdoor seating, but it was like 1:30 in August, so sitting outside in 100 degrees plus wasn’t my idea of a fabulous plan!  We parked our car in a space that required pay via a self-serve pay booth majiggy… stick your debit card or cash in and select how many hours you want to be ripped off for.  PERFECTION!  There were 2 ladies in front of us at the nearest pay booth majiggy.  I’m horrible at guessing ages, so I’ll say they were between the ages of 45 and 65 and call it a day.  Pick an age.  The one lady couldn’t get the buttons to press the amount of hours, so she was resembling a crow stuck inside a tar bin with all of her shrieking and eventually called the 800-number on the side of the pay majigger.  They walked her through the stuff again and at the same spot, she coudn’t get the button to press.  The representative on the phone suggested she walk to another pay majigger and pay there.  That’s when the hurricane hit… or the hurricane brought about by a lady allergic to exercise.   WHAT!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!  The nearest pay booth is HALF A BLOCK AWAY!!!!!!!  

She was totes exaggerating too… I could see TWO pay booths approximately 50 feet in either direction, but that didn’t stop her from ripping the representative on the line a new one.  Really!?  Over walking a few feet?  I got to remembering how painful it was for me to walk even a few feet at 530 pounds… especially in the heat.  I’d be worn out for the rest of the day after such a feat, and so I’d have to have someone drop me off right at the door to avoid the walk in from the parking lot.  That’s just a lot of weight to heft around… especially when one is so horribly out of shape.  The world’s conveniences do play a role in our nation’s weight problem.  Anymore you can press a button  and have everything done for you.  Not like the olden days where to eat supper, you had to kill your own steer, skin it, string it up, cut it, build a fire, and slave over a hot flame just to eat a dagnabbed steak.  What lazy butts we are!   Hi, Texas RoadHouse… give me the bloody bell special with a side of lard sauce.  

That lady made me want to run a marathon… but then I remembered my last attempted half marathon and put the kabosh on that thought… might as well watch one on TV instead!  😉

Question of the Day:  What is the one modern convenience that you are most grateful for?  

Obviously this is not a quality picture of the place we ate lunch at… but if you like Greek/Mediterranean food, I highly recommend this joint!   It is called Aristo’s Greek Restaurant and Cafe  and it was delicious and fresh and delicious!  I had an eggplant and zucchini, tomato, onion, and lettuce gyro with tzatziki and a side of Greek potatoes with lemon.  I wonder if they deliver the 90 miles to Logan?  😛

I also stood next to a live turkey for a good 5 minutes and did not hyperventilate once!!  This is a story I’m sure I’ve told, but I have a fear of birds (especially turkeys) after one attacked me on my grandma’s ranch, knocked me down to the ground, and sat on my chest flapping its wings at me.  Stupid birds!

Bahahahahahahahaha… just following my friendly flower garden’s orders.

For your viewing pleasure… here is Lindsay’s 20-pound cat, Harley attempting to smoosh himself into a too-small-box.  Excuse the blurry quality at the beginning… it rights itself.



August 19, 2013 · 1:00 am

12 responses to “Convenience Minus Exercise Equals Fat Butt Syndrome…

  1. cl2

    The computer/internet–so we can work at home!!!! But then again, not–as then they can send our job overseas! I hope you had a nice time. I’m SO TIRED of this heat. I hope it ends soon.

    • Amen to the computer/internet! What did we ever do without it? I mean, I remember the time without it, I just guess it kind of sucked! 😛 Hang in, Colleen. Your favorite winter is around the corner… except this year can we skip the ice part?

  2. Avster

    Hey, I had a box like that once and Izzy had a blast playing with it. Can’t fathom who sent me the box…

    ha ha I like Harley’s sigh at the end.

    I’ll go for cars as the modern convenience…

  3. jen

    Sounds like a fun weekend. Isn’t it nice to be able to walk far without trouble now? You’ve come so far. Let me know when your next marathon is.

  4. Dessawade

    I second Whit’s recommendation for this restaurant. I had chicken souvlaki with a mediteranean salad. I am in love with mediteranean salads. Thanks Whit & Linds! Had a fabulous day!

  5. Alena

    Sounds delish! Modern convenience I am most grateful for–indoor plumbing! I’m not sure I could live without it 🙂

  6. Lindsay

    This is my favorite blog post because my sweet baby kitty harley is featured ! It’s his claim to fame! I hope he becomes famous!

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