Fare Thee Well, Free Time…

It is with a heavy heart that I bid adieu to my favorite friend, me time.  With a heavy heart and a contrite spirit, I pack it in a box and send it to the frozen shores of Antarctica.  I can hear all you full-time-working mothers out there telling me to suck it already.   Who’s this chick talking about free time like it exists and stuff!  I bow to you!

In unrelated news… USU fall semester starts today and let me tell you what… I am EXCITED!!!!!  Said the sarcastic chic who is known to embellish the truth (aka lie out my backside).  I’m sure I’ll get back into the groove of going straight from work to homework, and then bed… every day…. tick tock tick tock… that’s my inner time bomb… explosion set for mid terms.  I didn’t get the classes I wanted, apparently you have to be on top of things up in this here joint to get what you want.  I wanted 2 classes that were introductions to technical writing… just to make sure I am on the right path before I get to the end of it and then fall into a pile of cow muck in Botswana.  But, those 2 REQUIRED classes have a capacity of 20 students each and are only offered one class per semester.  Sleeping through my alarm clock on registration day wasn’t the best idea I’ve ever scored.  Eh well… I learned my lesson for the next registration date.  Watch out you youngsters… I aim to whipper snapper my way into them classes!

Instead, I am taking my final required general ed class… Physical Science…. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz… excuse me… fell asleep on my Z button.  I guess I should be an old hand at science by now, on account of the fact that I just took Biology last semester and loved/hated every chapter of that 5-billion page textbook.  Did you know that xeriscaping is sweeping the nation?

The 2nd course is an introductory course into Folklore, on the list of required classes for an English major.  I gotta tell you that the folks who write the course descriptions in the course catalog need to lighten up about 1500 degrees.  If they could put more boring words into a paragraph, I’d like to see them try.  The folklore paragraph was as follows:

Introduction to major genres of folklore (folk narrative, custom, folk music and song, vernacular architecture and arts), folk groups (regional, ethnic, occupational, familial), and basic folklore research methods (collecting and archiving).

Where’s the dang fireworks and explosive phrasing?  The promise of winning a billion dollars?   If you act now, we’ll throw in a brand-spanking new salad shooter!  I fell asleep when I got to the vernacular word and woke up at the archiving word.

Despite my heavily sarcasmed post, I expect that I will make the most of this semester and enjoy looking forward to the school holidays and such!  Bring on Columbus Day!

Question of the Day:  Are you a fan of folklore?  What about physical science?  

PS – Happiest of happy birthdays to my cuzzin, JenJen tomorrow!!  Par-tay it up, girl.  I’ll be up to partake in the cake that you’ll be baking yourself… right!?



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9 responses to “Fare Thee Well, Free Time…

  1. cl2

    Beautiful pictures!!! I have no interest in the above subjects–at least I think I don’t. I can barely stand working without taking on classes and I KNOW you work more than I do. Good luck!!!

  2. Avster

    Folk lore can be interesting but I wouldn’t want to take a class on it. :b Physical science… eh…

    Have as much fun as possible with your classes! 🙂

  3. Dessawade

    Don’t expect me to be able to help you with your homework in either of these classes (Like I have help you in the past – NOT). You’ll ace them just like you did last semester and you might just enjoy them too. I join with you in wishing our JenJen a Happy Birthday! Hope you know that we love you and hope you have a fabulous day.

  4. Louisa

    ooh pretty pictures!

    Happy Bday JenJen!

    I think I would rather take the Phy. Science than the Folklore…but that is just me.

    I know you will muscle through and do just fine.


  5. kittywampus!

    Best folklore book I’ve read: The Great Cat Massacre & Other Episodes in French Cultural History. Seriously, it’s a real book and it actually is academic.

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