Of Micey Shower Heads and Drunken Men…

My shower head broke recently.  I guess you know it’s time to get a new one when the ceiling is getting more of a shower than you are.  To keep its self esteem up (the old shower head’s), I just focussed on how gosh darn talented he was, spitting out the back of his sprockets and all.  So, I got a new one… only I didn’t read the package very well because apparently I’m illiterate, and I missed the portion of the package that said it was a “water-saving” shower head.  Now, I’m all for saving water, FREE THE FORESTS… blah, blah, blah, ad nauseum, but when it takes me 14 times longer to rinse the shampoo out my hair, I don’t see how I’m saving much water.  The water pressure in this new shower head is like if I lived in the Sahara and 3 severely dehydrated baby camels (camelettes?) took turns spitting on me.  It’s like a frizzle of a rainstorm.  And, I don’t know if y’all noticed or not (and I don’t mean to brag), but my body is shaped kind of like a barge (and I ain’t talking about the 80s band, DeBarge), and I might as well just invest in one of them watering cans and tie it to the ceiling for my shower head instead of this dud of a piece.  Whomever invented this shower head must be the size of a mouse in lean times.  Oh, the HORRORS I live through!  😛

In other news, Saturday we headed up to Deer Valley in Park City, Utah (aka altitude sickness haven) to attend an outdoor concert!  My favorite band, One Republic and singer, Sara Bareilles!  Woot woot!  Last year when we attended a concert at Deer Valley’s outdoor amphitheatre we got rained out (I could have brought soap on a rope and had a more decent shower than my new shower head provides), so this year I planned ahead and checked the weather forecast for chances of rain.  It gave me a 30% chance of rain for Saturday, which in high-altitude mountain terms is pretty much 150% chance (in Cache Valley terms it’s pretty much ZERO PERCENT chance).  Sure enough, when we arrived in town at around 3:00 it started pouring rain.  Because I’m a negative nuisance, I was sure that meant we were out of a concert.  Ain’t no way I’m sitting in a puddle of mud for 4 hours.  That sounds miserable!  It rained buckets for about 2 hours, and then to my surprise, it stopped and the clouds dissipated and we had nary a drop for the remainder of the night.  GO WEATHER!!  I felt a few drops here and there, but I think it was the wine-drunken men and women behind me spitting on me.  You never can tell with the elite drinkers.

I met my friend, Rachel there.  Of course this is a horrible picture, but seriously we survived the rain from hades… and also I just realized our close proximity to the 800 outhouses in the background (aka Honey Buckets)… I should have rethought that seating arrangement.  Thanks for letting me come, Rachel.  Twas super fun times!

This was the opening opening act… some chick who wasn’t Churchill who was supposed to be Churchill but wasn’t and basically we didn’t really care.  Bring out the real dudes!

And there was blue sky!  See those condos way over yonder?  We vowed that next time we were going to rent one of those and just watch the concert from the balcony.  What could be better!?  You will also notice the lady in the yellow rain slicker tempting the rain like she’s wanting it.  Take that thing off!

That great and spacious building atop that hill… next time it’s my goal to ride the tram up there.  We couldn’t see that there were any roads that led up there… just the tram tracks.

Every singer on the stage mentioned the high altitude and you could tell it got to them on account of the fact that they were huffing and puffing in the thin air up there.   No matter… basically Sara Bareilles can SANG her patookus off and One Republic has so many hit songs, they might as well start a foundation!  Also, their lead singer, Ryan Tedder, can sing too!  Good times!

Question of the Day:  Any shower head recommendations?  Who is your favorite band?  

PS – In other other news… it finally rained last night.  We have had ZERO rain all summer… it’s a drought to be sure, but on the night we did get rain, I left the basement window wide open to cool off the basement (as I usually do at night because there is no air conditioning in this place).  Somehow the rain gutter broke off, and the water puddled up in the window well and flooded the carpet.  The carpet is now pulled up (no thanks to me) and it smells like moldy death down here.  I’m bottling it for my new perfume line if anyone is interested.



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6 responses to “Of Micey Shower Heads and Drunken Men…

  1. Avster

    ugh I always hate taking showers at hotels for the same reason, there just isn’t enough pressure to get the shampoo and conditioner out of my hair! And if you think it’s bad for you, try having long hair and getting the stuff out. :b

    Favorite band… my visiting cats. :S Not sure I’d really claim them though.

  2. cl2

    Hard to believe we actually got RAIN up here, isn’t it! And I don’t remember it being PREDICTED. I’m glad you had fun at the concert–and glad you got to see Rachel. Sorry about the flood! Been there, done that. I don’t have any advice for getting rid of the moldy smell.

  3. Alena

    Wow! That looks like a gorgeous place to go to a concert!!! Glad you didn’t get rained out 🙂
    I couldn’t agree more with you about the shower head–those wimpy ones can be sooooo annoying. Sorry about the moldy death smell–I hope you have some B&BW supplies you can inhale to drown out that smell from time to time 🙂

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