If you need me, I’m over here in 1st grade making myself a rawk collection.  First grade speller of the year, yo!  In my Physical/Earth Science class, we were given the assignment to collect 10 rocks, take pictures of them, and then answer a bunch of questions about them, i.e., what the rock’s official name is, what the minerals inside of the rock are, etc., etc., etc.  You know, because I’m a geologist now.  So far, I picked up an ugly grey rock and determined his name would be Fred.  How much credit do I get for that there rock-naming extravaganza?   Pebbles and Bam-Bam seem fitting names too.  Flintstone?  Too on the nose?  As for the minerals inside?  Beats the hayfever out of me… I do know none of these rocks I done collected contain any sort of chocolate whatsoever.  It’s due tonight at 11:59 p.m., so I best start making crap up.  Any geologists out there?  😛

In other less 1st-grade-like news, I’ve determined that I need a clean slate/fresh start over in MyFitnessPal land.  It is a good tool to know where I stand each day calorie and exercise wise, and I basically haven’t been using it as consistently as I should be.  I use it once a week to figure out my menu for the week, but then I sort of forget about it for the remainder of the week and pretend I’m a svelte 150 pounds whilst eating a container of Halloween Oreos… as IF!  So, I erased all the pounds I had previously lost… those 185 pounds were a person ago… and I’m starting at 0 pounds lost as if I’m a newbie at this whole thing.  I also deleted 250 friends (no offense if you happen to be reading this and I deleted you).  I only deleted because the thought of nearing 400 friends to try to support was wayyyyy too overwhelming a task for me to take on.  Plus, I don’t have the time… and that also means I have to be greedy and self-centered and take care of myself first.  I’m good at that usually… so this shouldn’t take much of an adjustment.

If that makes you angry, throw rawks at me… but make sure when you throw them they have a name label on them.  I ran out of names 2 Bam-Bams ago.

We had a super orange 6th birthday par-tay for one of my favorite buddies, Corbin!  If you couldn’t tell orange is his favorite color!

Happy Birf-day, Buddy!




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12 responses to “Rawks…

  1. Deanna

    I’m all for fresh starts–good luck. Also I kind of like your orange buddy!!!

  2. Louisa

    Hey Whitney!

    Had to do a rock project with my kids for a school project that sounds similar. Do you have to do the softness / hardness test and the bubbling test too?
    It is harder than it sounds because most rocks you just find and pick up are a combination of different things so they can be hard to label.

    You are reading my mind about MFP.
    I haven’t been on the site in ages and to be honest, I don’t want a ton of friends to support either. Granted, 13 isn’t a ton but I am not in the same place that I was last year when I needed that support and had the time to give it.
    I am planning to reset my ticker thingy also and just start fresh.

    Now that my daughter is in high school and we are a few wks into her new curriculum and settling into a routine, I can get myself organized and refocused. She has a tough year planned but she is very gung-ho about it. She is taking Latin I, Alegebra I, Debate, Economics/American Government, Drama/Philosophy, American Lit. & Composition, Physical Science & Lab,
    My son is much more independent this year too so it all helps!

    My daughter’s cat had a stroke a few wks ago so …sigh…it just takes more time and attention.
    Some days she seems a lot better and other days she seems to hold her own ( not better but not worse).

    Happy belated birthday to your orange – lovin’ – cutie-patootie nephew, CORBIN!!


    • Howdy Louisa! I didn’t have to do the bubbling test, but I did do the softness/hardness test. Your daughter sounds like she’s got quite the class schedule planned. I’m sure she’ll do well! So sorry to hear about the cat. 😦 That is too sad.

  3. Avster

    I’d ask a question pertaining to your rock project but well…. ya know… maybe if I saw you in person I’d say it. :b

    Woot woot for starting over! Sometimes that’s the best thing to do. 🙂 You know what you’ve accomplished and you know you can do it some more, but a fresh look generally helps inspire a stronger resolve. 🙂

  4. Dessawade

    Starting over sounds like a good idea and can help you get out of a stale-mate. I think I’ll do that too.

  5. cl2

    I completely understand! I always find that the less people who are in on my efforts at weight loss, getting healthy, the better. I just do better. I don’t have so many people to watch my failures.

  6. Alena

    Here’s to starting fresh! Love the rock names–maybe you SHOULD be a geologist! Cute pictures!

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