Official “Dye”d In The Wool Old Maid…

I’ve been lamenting… as we lamenters tend to do… for years now about how my mom passed her early-grey-hair genes my way.  My mom had grey hair for years when I was a kid… for as long as I can remember.  She didn’t start dying her hair until much later in life… I think it happened around the time Lindsay constituted herself a fashionista and therefore grey-mom hair wouldn’t fly in her presence!  As for me… I’ve been pulling out grey hairs since I was 18.  I figured if I pulled them out it would be a lot cheaper than dying my hair, and now that I have approximately 3 hairs left, I’m starting to regret that decision!  It’s slowly and gradually gotten to the point where pulling the hairs out isn’t gonna cut it.  I have too many and I hate looking in the mirror at 34 years old to see grey staring me in the beady eyeballs.  Instead of actually doing something about it, I’ve just lamented the greyness… like an annoying record player stuck in the same position for 50,000 years (Kids… a record player is from back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth… carry on).

I couldn’t wrap my head around wasting money every 4 to 6 weeks to have someone dye my hair.  Plus, I had a bad experience the last 2 times I dyed my hair.  It was back when I was a teeny bopper and I suddenly had the overwhelming urge to turn myself into Anne of Green Gables.  I thought I was tres cool buying me a box of auburn hair dye at the K-M-Apart.  The morning after when I woke up, looked in the mirror and noticed my hair had turned purple, I was as cool as a socks-with-sandals wearer.  I’m sure it had something to do with the quality of the 1990s hair dye and/or the fact that I had no business trying to look like Anne of Green Gables when clearly I was a Diana Barry (three people who read this blog will know what I’m talking about… the rest of you… zone out for that last sentence).

So, I finally jumped in and just did it tonight.  I got recommendations on the best hair dye and bought me a box of it yesterday (yes, from the same exact store as my last disaster).  Madre helped me dye it tonight (since sans glasses I’m like a walking drunkard in a booze parade).  The verdict?  Eh… I still can see the silver shining through the leaves.  Madre thinks I’m hallucinating, but I think she might need to put her glasses on.  At least it’s not purple… yet.

In other happenings… at Sam’s Club yesterday I sat in the car because I didn’t need anything and I’m trying to be less spontaneous in my food purchases on account of the fact that I’m starting anew.  When one parks at Sam’s Club on a Saturday, you have 3 choices.  Park 5 miles away and walk in, drive up and down the aisles until you see someone packing their trunk to leave, or get creative.  Chic yesterday got creative.  Madre had done the drive up and down the aisles until someone backed out choice, so we parked in front of a 4-foot landscape-paved wall.  A lady with a cart absolutely chock full of all things Sam’s Club parked her cart next to my rolled-down window and started to unload it onto the 4-foot rock wall.  She had like olive oil and a pumpkin pie and woman liners and vinegar, etc., etc., etc., all lined up and down this wall.  She then hefted herself up onto the wall, walked through a rock garden, and another parking lot to where she’d parked her car 7 miles away, unlocked her trunk, and then made the trip back to the wall to retrieve her crap, repeating the process for near 20 minutes… humming all the while!  I needed a nap when she was finally done.  Of course I didn’t heft myself out my car seat to assist her… ain’t no way I and all my grace are scaling a 4-foot wall with limbs still intact.

Moral of the story… uh… I got none.  But have a great week.  It’s October on Tuesday!  Plan accordingly.




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16 responses to “Official “Dye”d In The Wool Old Maid…

  1. Louisa

    Don’t feel bad, Whitney. I had to start coloring my hair a couple yrs ago too ( and I am 44 ). I started out just having my stylist highlight so as to camouflage the grey. The grey was just coming in a little in the front on top. My hair is blonde so the grey doesn’t stand out quite as much as if I had dark hair. That worked for a time but it became more cost effective if she just did an all-over-color. As time went on, more grey was working its way in. I was hesitant to go that route but ended up doing it and it is working out fine.
    The next time you do it, it should just be a touch up of the roots and that isn’t so bad.

    • I originally thought I’d just try to do highlights to cover the grey parts because they are mostly in my front hair and bangs. Good to know that the all-over color is more cost effective! Whatever works as we age, I guess!

  2. Take it from an old broad–dying is MUCH better than the grey! I had many disasters along the way but once I settled on a color and use the same one every time, it works like a charm. You are way too young to be grey–that’s exactly why the hair color companies are in business. Dye on, my friend!

    • That makes me feel better! I guess to find the perfect fit you’re bound to have catastrophes along the way! So, dye away I will. Still sending you thoughts and prayers Take care, sweet lady.

  3. Kale

    Don’t kid yourself. You are totally an Anne!

  4. Avster

    Ooh! Ooh! I’m one of those three! Do I win anything? Or rather, do I win anything nice?

    Moral of the story: Be creative when finding ways to exercise… plus, she did provide you with some free entertainment.

  5. Jacque

    Ok it looks like Kale, Avster and myself are the three. Let’s have an Anne of Green Gables marathon.

  6. Well if the home hair dye doesn’t work you can always come back to the Beauty School in Rexburg. Ha ha!

  7. Dessawade

    If I added up how much money I have spent on coloring my hair the last several years I could probably take a trip to New York which would be alot more fun. Oh well, what’s a woman to do?

  8. Alena

    Um, hair pictures please! Oh Anne–an oldie, but a goodie 🙂

    • The beauty of me and my boring vanilla-ness is that I chose a color that matched my original hair color… so thankfully you can’t tell much of a difference. Well, until I went and told everyone I dyed it! So much for that!

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