Crafting for Germ-A-Phobes…

Madre and I attended a holiday crafting majiggy the other day.  We didn’t know much about it, just that it was about holidays and crafting… and food.  We had to pre-register and pay a fee to attend, but the hours were from 10 to 2, so I assumed you could just show up willy nilly whenever the tardy bug bit.  I assumed it was a bunch of crafting booths set up and you’d walk around to each of the booths and watch a crafting demonstration and then pretend you were going to go right home and craft up a frigging storm.   Well, I assumed wrong!  At around 10:20-ish we were still sitting at home drooling out our mouths when Madre’s phone rang and the lady on the other end was wondering where we, the obvious crafting experts of the bunch, were!  I’m all like, Crafting waits for Whitney… and Whitney ain’t there.  Turns out, it was a 4-hour sit-down event where presenters would get up on a stage one by one and demonstrate their craft.  Color me 3 shades of putrid embarrassment!

We arrived at around 10:45-ish, missing out on the breakfast portion and the first 3 or so presenters.  I guess crafting doesn’t wait for Whitney.  I’m not a huge crafter (OBVIOUSNESS ALERT!) but that doesn’t mean I don’t admire the folks who do and can craft, and it was fun to see what creations they came up with.  Well, except for the chic who presented the class on how to craft on a budget.  To be fair, I didn’t really listen to most of her crafts on account of the fact that one of the first ones was how to use toilet paper holders to make stylish napkin rings!  Oh hail no!  My germ-a-phobe brain went 12 million miles a minute after that revelation!  So, you’re going to give me a napkin, which I will use to wipe my MOUTH on, wrapped up with a thing that’s been collecting toilet water spray in the bathroom for its entire life!?!?  Turns out normal people don’t think that way and it’s perfectly acceptable to wipe one’s mouth on a relic from one’s behind-wiping days… lesson learned.

They had a smorgasbord of food throughout the 4 hours, which I kept track of but ended up being like nearly 1000 calories when all was said and done.  Note to self, just because there are vegetable sticks on the tray, doesn’t mean the rest of the table is calorie-free!

We also learned about an exploding picture box, which I’m sure I’ll make just as soon as I get the blanket fabric that’s been sitting on my floor for 6 months sewed up.  And we also were introduced to Phoomph… some sort of magical crafting material one can stick fabric to and instead of sewing, you just have to be good at scissors and sticky stuff.  Too bad I can’t make my quilt out of Phoomph!  For serious!

This is my pal, Kayla, modeling my 4-H-winning ugly polka-dot shirt complete with elastic flouncy waist band that I made when I was 12.  Thank all that be holy we can’t turn back time!  Oh wait… polka-dots are in style again!  Pretty sure the skorts (aka skirt/shorts) I made to go with this winner aren’t… thank all that be holy… or are they?









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8 responses to “Crafting for Germ-A-Phobes…

  1. I look forward to Monday morning so I can read your blog. I totally agree with you on the toilet paper roll craft. But I’m a germ a phobe too and I don’t craft much either so what do I know. Maybe you could use a paper towel thing instead.

  2. cl2

    I used to craft. I found it an escape or “productive” when I had little kids. But what to do with all those crafts? You can only decorate your house so many times. I don’t even shop craft stores anymore like real deals, etc., hobby lobby. I was actually thinking of pulling out a few fall crafts yesterday, but I still haven’t. Now the kids are gone . . . it is just more work (though I do go all out at Christmas still).

    • I tend to skip over the fall crafts too… but Christmas is a must. I think the idea of crafing is a fun one, but then when you get down to all the nitty gritty it feels like a lot of work!

  3. Lindsay


  4. Alena

    You go Birthday Girl! Ya, toilet tube napkin holders are not my thing either. As much as I love cheap, germs always trump 🙂
    And as for the shirt, you not only got the pattern cut out, you actually sewed it all together, unlike some people in your 4-H group I know 😉

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