Whit-Gogh In the Dark…

There were a lot of things I could have chosen to blog about this week… several happenings… several non-happenings… several rants and raves about absolutely nothing, which is usually the case.  Instead, I’ve decided to regale you… all 2 of you… with the time, this past weekend, where I turned into Ma Ingalls from Little House On the Prairie… except without all the horse crud and children… and actual hardships… and pantaloons.  So, pretty much exactly like a day in the life… except not at all!

It all started Saturday afternoon around 1-ish with an explosion in some far away power pole, which resulted in a fire, which then resulted in 17 houses being without power for the next 5-ish to 7-ish to 800-ish hours.  I have no earthly clue what folks back in the olden days… the ones without socks and shoes who walked uphill both ways to a heater-less school… did without power!  Madre or Padre… care to regale us with a tale from your childhoods?  They must have lived like hooligans!  Because Whitney was having none of it!  Firstly without power, the refrigeration system does not refrigerate, and heck if I’m in the mood for a good ole-fashioned case of the Salmonella bug… so I found out (not through the Inter-waves, mind you… power takes that away too and my phone was invented in approximately 1925) that food is only good for 4 hours in a nonworking refrigeration system.  So, of course all-things-expiration-date police was all over that and I made everyone help me buy bags of ice and put the contents of the refrigerator into coolers that we stored outside in the 30-degree weather.

Also… for the love of all things sanity… my microwave did not wave… the bathroom was pitch black… and my afternoon of planned homework time went out the window.  Who owns actual books and paper in this day and age anyway?  Five-ish to 7-ish to 800-ish hours later, after I’d safely stored my refrigerator food and confiscated the lantern from the garage cobwebs, the power finally came back on… and I swear to you I heard angels singing the Halleluah Chorus in the backyard.  No joke.

That meant I had to dig in and do actual homework, which judging by the project I was working on was full-on Kindergarten stuff.  My Earth Science professor is nothing if not eccentric, and his assignment this week was that we geezer college students should invent an alien planet with living creatures, determine a trophic pyramid of species, and finally invent at least 20 different species and draw them into a food web.  A.)  I ain’t no van Gogh… I literally flunked the stick figure art class I took in grade school.  and B.)  Um… okay.

Four hours and much cussing later, this is what it turned out like… I only wish I could change the age from 35 to 5-1/2… but then I got to thinking, van Gogh ain’t got a corner on the art market.  I could make some big bucks with my Alien Space Food Web… let’s just call it Tentacle Night.

You bet your sweet ZotFish!  Move over First Graders… I just moved into the building.

Pretty impressed with my ability to draw straight/non-crooked lines until I saw this masterpiece.  Professor Eccentric might think I bribed a preschooler to do this piece of work!



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16 responses to “Whit-Gogh In the Dark…

  1. Louisa

    Whitney, you crack me up.
    I wonder how many others had to do their assignment without power …

    I love the pictures of the mountains and the dusting of snow in combination with the colorful leaves – beautiful!

    • Thank you, Louisa! How are you doing? Is the fam getting ready for the holee-days!?

      • Louisa

        Hey Whitney!
        Things are good here but a bit crazier than I like.
        We are putting the farm and yard to bed for the winter.
        The horses are THICK with winter fur so that tells me we are in for a cold one.
        We had 50 and 60 degree temps this past week.
        We had our first hard frost yesterday and it was 15 degrees….Brrrr.

        Our soon-to-be 16 yr old daughter is loving her high school curriculum. She is excelling in every class and we are proud of her. She is done with the community choir performances but still has two Youth Choir performances coming up in Dec. She loves the Teen Group events each month. Her Winter Ball ( formal ) is coming up in a couple wks. She is active in the Youth Group at church also and will be leading the smaller kids, with her brother, at Family Night and in the Christmas program.
        She is starting to get some driving lessons worked into her schedule too. My husband just had her hauling a full load of wood last weekend. I swear they are going to give me gray hair…
        Our 12 yr old son is watching all this with fascination, of course and can’t wait to get to do it all too. He just finished making his Christmas present with his Dad this past week. He made a trebuchet. You will have to go to this link if you want to know what that is….lol…http://www.instructables.com/id/Golf-Ball-Trebuchet/step5/Launch/
        My mother isn’t feeling well enough to come for the holidays.
        Since we are getting our daughter a car for her 16th birthday ( in January ) we are going to do the holidays a little different. No big items. Just a few small things to open, the traditional decorating & baking, the traditional food, and taking them to a live show they have wanted to go to.
        They are pretty excited.


      • Sounds like your daughter is doing super fun things, Louisa! What a great gift of a car! I know she will love it! How crafty of your son to make the gifts! I love homemade gifts… they have the most special meaning. Sorry to hear about your mom. Sending her thoughts and prayers.

  2. Avster

    I feel as though I just watched a Magic School Bus episode after looking at your chart. Autograph it and mail it to me when you no longer need it. :b

    I’m bad… I always like it when the power goes out. Makes one focus on what’s really important in life. :b

  3. I liked your drawing. Good job on getting it done. I’m glad you survived the power outage and didn’t get salmonella.

  4. Kale

    Where can I adopt a zorp zeal? It’s cute.

  5. Jessica Jensen

    I miss that beautiful valley! My kids are homesick for snow! Your pictures are great! That is a lot of work. I don’t know about you, but I think all my creative genes died when I exited high school.

    • I would be happy to send your kids every ounce of snow we get. Let me know! 😛 I am with you… my creative genes all left when I exited elementary school. After that I kind of just floated through the rest of school!

  6. Pat Mackay

    I just want to say that your photography is beautiful!!!! You have a gift. You should sell it.

  7. Alena

    Okay, I absolutely love it!!! Sorry, my comment is so slow in coming–I fell off the planet with sick kids as of late. I just wish I had landed on planet Zork :), but not to become part of the food chain per se. Now I know who to call when my kids need help with their homework 🙂
    Sorry about the power outage–it was out for a really long time! I was starting to worry about my madre.

    • Oh no!! It is that time of the year for the dreaded mumbo gumbo. 😦 I hope the family is all healed up and if not, they get there soon. Did you catch the yuckies too? There is no rest for a momma who is sick!

      As for helping your kids with their homework… Haha!! I’m sure all 4 of them could surpass my drawing skillz with one hand tied behind their backs, but it would be so fun just to hang out with them, and gain some drawing knowledge…

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