Greatly Full Of Thanks!

Time for my annual grateful blog… the one where I patheticize for 5 paragraphs and then give thanks in 1 paragraph.  That seems fair.  Also, there seems to be a smudge the size of a period on my computer screen, so every time I look at it I think I’ve accidentally put 2 periods in the sentence and then I get mad at the smudge when it won’t erase with the backspace key!  Also fair.  Without further adieu… these thankfullnesses are in random order and no offense is meant if you happen to be below the one where I am thankful for the sludge at the bottom of the apple barrel.

I am thankful for the beautiful Earth we have to live on.  The nature surrounding us.  The times where a view can take my breath away.  Our Father in Heaven is quite the artist… he really done good on this one.  I refuse to be thankful for inversion season which is upcoming here in Cache Valley land, but I am thankful that once inversion season is over, I will once again be able to see my beloved mountains… right after I suffer from 52 polluted-air sinus infections.   Sorry… THANKFUL… sometimes I get sidetracked.

I am thankful for my family, my immediate one and my extended one.  I am thankful when they are patient with my germ-a-phobe ways (that doesn’t happen very often… but in their defense, I am annoying)!  I am thankful that my mom is my friend and is willing to hang out with me on occasion… even when I ask her if she’s washed her hands 52 times (52 is the number of the day)!  I am thankful for my dad and my sister, my brother-in-law, and my 2 step-nephews, my cuzzin JenJen and her family, and my countless other cousins who have been so supportive and sweet to me.  I am thankful that I have an extended family who invited me over for Thanksgiving dinner (what up Uncle Phil and Aunt Mel) even though they were in the midst of grieving a loss.  I am thankful for my aunts and uncles, of which I have several, who have ALWAYS been so present and interested in the happenings in my boring ole life.  I am just thankful for being blessed with such a wonderful extended family.  Y’all… give yourselves gold stars and pats on the back… stat!

I am thankful for my friends, far and near, and for the role they all play in my life.  I can be very isolating to people, but there are those who hang in there through it all… even when I’ve turned down 52 (there’s that number again) invitations and not reciprocated invitations.  Medals all around… the kind made of chocolate and caramel!   I am also thankful for the Internet friends I’ve met through this weight loss thing and the ones I’ve met through other Internet venues.  Y’all have become some great pals as well and I look forward to hearing about your lives.  Keep in touch… or ELSE!!

I am thankful for music… music has always played a big role in my life.  Additionally, I’m thankful I’ve been exposed to such a large variety of genre of music and that I appreciate all different kinds of music, excepting nekked wrecking ball girls and lip-syncing kitties… you will only know who I’m talking about if you follow popular music.  😛  I am thankful for the ability to sing as it has brought me much peace and comfort in my life.  During my raging teeny bopper years, I’d come home from school, lock myself in my room, turn the karaoke machine up full blast and spend hours on end belting out songs.  It was a therapeutic thing, those song belting sessions.

I am thankful for the opportunity to learn and that I’m able to work toward my bachelor’s at USU, and for the patience I’ve been able to have with myself whilst taking classes these past nearly 2 years.

I’m thankful I have a job… a roof over my head… a sweet, yet devilish kitty who has made me laugh often.  I am thankful that I have food to eat, that I’ve been able to maintain my weight loss.  Even if I still have a long way to go, keeping 200+ pounds off these last approximately 4 years I consider a success.  I am thankful I no longer weigh 530 pounds and that I have the tools and the knowledge to keep myself from ever getting back to that dire situation.  I’m not done yet… I will keep pushing along until I see a 1 before my weight.  Mark my words.

I am thankful for the ability to woggercize.  I can be having a horrible day, but when I get outside with my iPOD blaring, dodging dog feces, and breathing in fresh air, it’s a miracle how much of a perspective pusher exercise can be.  Take it in and exhale.  Life isn’t so bad after an hour in the great outdoors.

There are many more things I am thankful for, but this is wayyyy past its interesting phase (in other words, coughcoughshutupcoughcough).

Sending Love and Peace,


Meanwhile… this thing… the creepiest thing in the dagnabbed universe!!  I have nightmares!  Do not invite me to your house if you own one of these things.  His legs aren’t supposed to move that way!




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10 responses to “Greatly Full Of Thanks!

  1. Louisa

    Great thankful post, Whitney.
    We made a new tradition this year and made up a Thankful Tree. It turned out really nice.

    LOL at the dancing Santa. Disturbing.

    I think I have the same smudge on my computer screen! It is annoying!
    I can do ya one better though…snickers to self…
    17 of the letters on my keyboard are rubbed off from use. The Shift key isn’t looking so hot either and my period ( . ) punctuation mark is gone too.
    Of course, I could replace it with a new one and have all my keys visible but it is truly FUNNY to watch my kids try and send an email or type up a report. Even funnier when my husband wants to look something up on Ebay and he can’t find any of the keys. HAHAHA
    Come to think of it…it is a good way for the kids to learn where the keys are without looking.
    ( i crack myself up ) No hope that my hubby will learn them though.
    Yeh – it is one of THOSE day…

    • Haha!! I have a keyboard that looks like that too! Well used, so now you just have to hope your fingers are on the right buttons! Definitely challenging for someone who doesn’t type regularly for sure!

  2. I’m thankful for you too Whitney. That was a good blog post today.

  3. Avster

    I believe you’ve turned me down more than fifty-two times but eh, who’s counting?

    I’m thankful for you too, Whit. You bring me lots of laughter. 🙂

  4. Dessawade

    Nice job Whit! Thanks for reminding me of many things to be thankful for. I am thankful for you too Whit and for the joy (minus the germ-o-phobeness) you bring me. Thanks for being my pal!

  5. Feels great to write out what we are thankful for! BTW- I have an animated Santa, he doesn’t look creepy like the one in your photo, since mine is chubby all the way down, and his hair/beard isn’t wig material, but molded plastic like his face, hands and feet. He sings and dances, and Katie LOVES him. One of my dogs used to hate him, but ignores him now. I really love my Santa so it’s bothersome that creepy ones were made, mine is so jolly and has a deep, soothing voice as he sings carols. Happy Thanksgiving and early Christmas!

    • Awww… yours sounds much more friendly than the above Santa. I think he just weirded me out because his legs were moving at a weird angle… and then I thought he was real person for a moment there. I bet Katie’s reaction is adorable! Thank you, Julie… Happy Christmas season to you too!

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